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read mobi µ Frame-Up!: The Untold Story of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Hardcover Æ For the first time in twenty five years one of America's top investigative reporters reopens the case of Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle a man accused of murdering a girl named Virginia Rappe People remember him as Irl They may not know he was one of the highest paid talents of his time and that he was completely innocent 27 photograph I felt this was a very good even handed and objective account of Roscoe al his friends called him Roscoe never Fatty Arbuckle's lifeThe real reason the whole escapade about one party happened was that the studio wanted Arbuckle to do some promo appearances for the latest movie on that holiday weekend Roscoe said no he had plans to go up to San Fran with a bunch of friends and just relax So the studio decided to make an example of him and set up a scandal Virginia Rappe was in San Fran for an abortion anyway so they told her to go to that party Unluckily for her she had an infection from that botched abortion and would have died anyway whether she went to that party or not Arbuckle was ordered by his lawyers not to tell the real whole story about that weekend For one thing no one would have believed all of it and for another it would have opened up a whole can of worms with the studio and abortions and everything else As a side note Arbuckle was a good singer and included singing in his latter career making public appearances Also he was very strong and fit regularly swimming in the ocean

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For the first time in twenty five years one of America's top investigative reporters reopens the case of Roscoe Fatty Arbu I recently read I Fatty and Wolves at the Door This is probably the best book of the 3 but unfortunately still lacking as it presents a slanted perspective Much of the information comes from interviews with Minta Durfee Arbuckle Roscoe's first wife You will find that they generally agree with events in I Fatty but from Minta's perspective If the other books and material can be believed her perspective is also a bit slanted Serious folks will probably read multiple accounts as I did but if you are only going to read one book I recommend this one It would be great if the multiple accounts could be reconciled and presented chronologically with the various points of view Unfortunately even then you wouldn't get the full story While the author certainly has a point of view and identifies support for that position this book still has plenty of facts to make it a worthwhile read My tendency is to agree with Mr Edmond's point of view

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Frame Up The Untold Story of Roscoe "Fatty" ArbuckleCkle a man accused of murdering a girl named Virginia Rappe People remember him as the fat comedian who raped that young g Several decades ago I found myself talking to someone named Arbuckle Uncommon name I thought so I took a shot Related to Fatty by any chance? Yes indeed she was Fortified by the ignorance of youth I ventured an opinion that he must have weighed a ton to kill that poor victim with his sheer weight The vehemence with which she rose to his defense still rings in my ears a good and decent man totally innocent railroaded Respecting family loyalty as much if not than most I figured Good for you But my wholly uninformed opinion that the guy was guilty remained unchanged Andy Edmonds wants you to know if you couldn’t guess from her exclamatory title that Roscoe Arbuckle didn’t do it Truth be told it’s not an especially well written book No footnotes no bibliography unsourced speculation And legal wrangling — which is what the book is ultimately about — is a bit beyond her grasp Still it’s a uick read and there’s no reason to think her biographical sketch of Arbuckle is inaccurate All but abandoned by a scummy abusive father essentially orphaned at 12 and fending for himself when his mother died Amazingly resilient he rose to the very top of the nascent film industry rivaling Chaplin for popularity and wealth before it all crashed down in a San Francisco hotel So then what about Virginia Rappe’s death? She likely died of either complications from an abortion or a pre existing illness Arbuckle didn’t kill her but an overly ambitious prosecutor relying on highly uestionable witness statements and not much else sought to try him for murder Why let the absence of adeuate proof stand in the way of career advancement? Eventually trial was held on a manslaughter charge The first jury hung 10 2 for acuittal the second 10 2 for conviction Arbuckle thus missed a prison sentence by a hair Edmonds’ supposition for the different jury reactions is that Arbuckle testified at the 1st trial but not the 2nd Maybe but I don’t exactly trust her judgment which isn’t to say that I have a different and better theory Third time was the charm Not only did the jury return a verdict of acuittal in what must be record time Edmonds says less than 5 minutes; wikipedia 6 but most of that brief time was spent composing a relatively lengthy statement In part “Acuittal is not enough for Roscoe Arbuckle We feel that a great injustice has been done him We feel also that it was only our plain duty to give him this exoneration under the evidence for there was not the slightest proof adduced to connect him in any way with the commission of a crime He was manly throughout the case and told a straightforward story on the witness stand which we all believed The happening at the hotel was an unfortunate affair for which Arbuckle so the evidence shows was in no way responsible We wish him success and hope that the American people will take the judgment of fourteen men and woman who have sat listening for thirty one days to evidence that Roscoe Arbuckle is entirely innocent and free from all blame”That’s not the end of the story not uite As Edmonds’ sensationalistic title suggests she wants you to think that he was framed by Adolph Zukor the dour and avaricious owner of Arbuckle’s studio who resented Arbuckle’s steep contract his independence Edmonds offers little but wild speculation It is certainly true that Zukor had all the leverage Arbuckle none; and that Zukor than anyone else was responsible for refusing to allow Arbuckle back on his feet William J Mann tells this story marvelously as an important sidelight to unraveling the mystery of the murder of director William Desmond Taylor in “Tinseltown But this was a function of Zukor’s fear over the rising cries for censorship Arbuckle’s misfortune was one of timing Taylor’s murder along with the drug deaths of other celebrities caused a national furor over Hollywood’s impact on morals The death of starlet Rappe under at least uestionable circumstances with intimations of an alcohol and drug fueled orgy added uite a bit of tinder to the censorship fireEdmonds does add a detail which she says is based on her “personal interviews” Unsourced to be sure; first hand witnesses? who knows? And so this detail is highly suspect nonetheless it is that while horsing around with Rappe Arbuckle’s knee reflexively “shot up” into her abdomen Perhaps that’s what caused her fatal internal injury Edmonds says and it’s incontestable that that wouldn’t have been a criminal act Regardless Arbuckle presided over a 2 day party during most of which Rappe lay in utter agony True they summoned medical help which was absolutely abominable But perhaps had he and they been in something less than an alcohol haze help would have sought aggressively Doesn’t make Arbuckle guilty of a crime but it does make him guilty of poor judgment Nonetheless I owe his relation an apology