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Read ↠ Ourselves The Homeschoolers Series Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Ourselves the fourth volume of Charlotte Mason's Classic Homeschooling Series is a character curriculum book written directly to children Book I Self Knowledge is for elementary school students; Book II Self Direction is for older stUsed by some private schools and many homeschooling families is gentle and flexible especially with younger children and includes first hand exposure to great and noble ideas through books in each school subject conveying wonder and arousing curiosity and through reflection upon great art music and poetry; nature observation as the primary means of early science teaching; use of manipulatives and real life application to understand mathematical concepts and learning to reason rather than rote memorization and working endless sums; and an emphasis on character and on cultivating and maintaining good personal habits. Another home run with Charlotte MasonThis book focuses on ourselves and obtaining appropriate habits I enjoyed her comments especially about sloth and over eating She says about food Never think of your meals till they come and while you are eating talk and think of something amusing than your food pg 13 in Book 1 of Ourselves which is in the fourth volume in the series She also discourses on not letting our taste buds rule usShe references several times to the value of the novel She states how they are what teach us about morality and how to live She says The characters in books we know become our mentors or our warnings our instructors always pg 72 in Book 2 of OurselvesThere are many things to be gleaned from this wonderful series These books will be read and reread in my homeNote Charlotte has a few theological points she discusses These points are not in line with my beliefs but you can still glean great truth from the principles she discusses through out the book

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Ourselves the fourth volume of Charlotte Mason's Classic Homeschooling Series is a character curriculum book written directly to children Book I Self Knowledge is for elementary school students; Book II Self Direction is for older students Self Knowledge discusses our human desires and appetites; the helpers in our minds such as intellect sense of beauty imagination and reason; the ways in which we feel and express love for others including sympathy kindness generosity gratitude courage loyalty and humilty; and truth justice and integrity; and ends by encourages children to develop the habit of being useful Self D. Some thoughts Charlotte Mason wrote Ourselves for young people but it really is a book that anyone from about the age of twelve and up can benefit from I can see that reading it as a teenager might have helped me be careful about the habits and thought patterns that I allowed myself to form But then again I might not have been so open to her advice and cautions at that age ;Ourselves is also an excellent book to read if you need clarification about her views on The Way of the Will and The Way of Reason two of her 20 Principles that I personally have struggled to understand She really fleshes them out in Book Two of Ourselves and also helps us to understand how a liberal education assists the Will and Reason to act rightlyIt is well to remember that in all our relations of life our books and friends our politics and our religion the act of choice the one possible act of the Will has always to be performed between ideas It is not that ideas stand for things; but things stand for ideas and we have to ask ourselves what we really mean by allowing this and that by choosing the one or the other We must bring wide reading reflection conscience and judgment to bear upon our opinions if it be only an opinion concerning a novel or a sermon upon our principles if they affect only the ordering of our day Ourselves Book II pg 150I also appreciate how she keeps the focus on the objective self rather than the subjective self we learn about the powers and perils of Mansoul in general but are not encouraged to either use this knowledge for self aggrandizement or as a tool for introspection and self reproach In the area of art appreciation for exampleIn this as in all the labours of the conscience seeking for instruction we are enriched by our efforts; but self culture should not be our object Let us approach Art with the modest intention to pay a debt that we owe in learning to appreciate So shall we escape the irritating ways of the connoisseurAnd concerning self focus vs an outward focusGive the Will an object outside itself and it will leap to service even to that most difficult of all service the control of the forces of Mansoul It is not by one grand fiat but by many ordered efforts of Will that we overcome those failures in self restraint self control self denial which are the misery of our lives and which we know to be sin by the wretchedness they bring upon ourselves and others and the separateness from others which they set up in our hearts It is not self ordering but an object outside of ourselves leading to self forgetfulness and a certain valiant rising of the will to which we must look for a cure for the maladies that vex usMiss Mason and I do not see eye to eye on everything of course The influence of the Higher Criticism of Scripture in her day is seen in the chapters about the Bible and Theology I think she was doing the best she knew how to defend Scripture in light of those attacks and she does appear to be sound in the essentials of the faith but I found her arguments and conclusions in those chapters often unsatisfactory And her uestioning of the moral fiber of expats in the chapter on Loyalty in Book I felt uite frankly like a slap in the face It's probably a subject for another post that I have yet had the courage to write but although I can see the drawbacks to living in a foreign country I have also seen how God has used that often difficult situation to grow my faith in Him and stretch me in ways I would not have been had I not moved so far from the place in which I was born and raisedBut overall it was an excellent thought provoking book that I will probably read again myself and that will be on my children's reading lists during their teenage years

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Ourselves The Homeschoolers SeriesIrection is an in depth discussion of the conscience and virtues such as temperance chastity fortitude and prudence; the will and self control; and the soul and its capacities such as prayer thanksgiving faith and praise Charlotte Mason was a late nineteenth century British educator whose ideas were far ahead of her time She believed that children are born persons worthy of respect rather than blank slates and that it was better to feed their growing minds with living literature and vital ideas and knowledge rather than dry facts and knowledge filtered and pre digested by the teacher Her method of education still. At the beginning I thought this would be my least favorite of Charlotte Mason's books It is written to children and the whole concept of Mansoul seemed a little silly to me However it turned out to be a wonderful book and worthy of the time of any child or adult who is interested in education particularly self education