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Download Nineteen Minutes Doc Ï 440 pages ↠ Jodi picoult ì In nineteen minutes you can mow the front lawn color your hair watch a third of a hockey gameThe front lawn color your hair When I read this book a few years ago I had already gotten through four other Jodi Picoult My Sister's Keeper The Tenth Circle Vanishing Acts and The Plain Truth in case anyone cares I feel that we had a good relationship Sure after the first exciting fling things got predictable pretty fast gee I wonder if this one will have dramatic courtroom scenes? but Jodi was still able to keep me hooked Then I read Nineteen Minutes and decided it was time to call it off One big problem with the book is that I was expected to think or at least consider that a kid being bullied for years is an excuse to shoot up a high school killing not only the cliche popular jerks but also several innocent bystanders No I'm sorry no It didn't help that the bullied kid in uestion was utterly unlikable as was his tragic friend with the abusive jock asshole boyfriend every high school related convention and cliche is used and run into the goddamned ground here and it is unpleasant But here's the real reason the book gets one star and I don't consider this a spoiler because I think people deserve to be warned about this the morbid fascination of school shootings stems from I believe the mystery of why any kid would go to such an extreme Since most of the people who commit this crime end up killing themselves we never really know how or if they justified their actions With this in mind pretend you're a writer working on a book about a school shooting where the killer narrates some of the story Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a chapter where the reader gets to be inside the killer's head during the actual shooting so they could understand his thought process and logic?If you answered well duh then congratulations you are not Jodi Picoult Throughout the entire book we never ever get to see the shooting through the bullied kid's eyes Why did he shoot the people who never harmed him including a teacher who was kind to him and some random girl just walking in his line of fire? Did he feel any remorse during the shooting? What was he thinking? Why did he stop in the middle of his spree to sit down in the cafeteria and eat a bowl of cereal? We never find out and this infuriated me so much Picoult might as well have ended the book with I'm Jodi Picoult and I get paid thousands of dollars to print out crap they sell in airport bookstores I do what I want so fuck youYeah you know what? Fuck you Jodi People are only buying your damn book so they can get into the killer's head in the exact way I've described and you're just screwing with them Not cool

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In nineteen minutes you can mow I have read most of Jodi Picoult's books and they are always entertaining and easy to read However this one was definitely not my favorite and I often found it a bit formulaic and poorly executed Maybe it's because I HAVE read so many of her books that I was looking for her signature twist at the ending which an astute reader will guess at halfway through the book if not earlier and her characters seem to act in certain ways that are not fittingSpoilers FollowSPOILERS BELOWThe book is centered around a high school shooting the culprit a teenage boy named Peter Houghton who to my mind is not a very convincing villain The reader is supposed to empathize with Peter from the time he's a baby this supposed monster is shown as a tender loving boy who gets picked on mercilessly at school The point really is to show that even the most sensitive nice child can be turned into a killer when he is bullied relentlessly But I still never really saw Peter as he is portrayed in the flashbacks as the same kid who was purported to have killed ten of his classmates in a murderous rampageAnother loose end that never seems to get tied up is Peter's uestioning of his sexuality In one chapter Peter is going to a gay bar and a GLAAD meeting thinking he likes men He is sitting next to Josie another main character and thinking that although she's pretty he feels nothing for her Fast forward fifty pages and he's sending Josie a lovesick email about how much he wants to be a couple with her The point of this ostensibly is to show that because the bullies tormented Peter with cries of homo that caused him to even uestion his own sexuality But the email to Josie just seemed to be a convenient and very out of character move to tie plot points togetherThe most baffling of all and the hardest to accept is the infamous Picoult plot twist which is set up through the whole book via a second gun with only a partial fingerprint that seems to have been fired but nobody can find the bullet and it's lying on the floor in the room with Josie her dead boyfriend and the shooter Glimpses of a uasi abusive relationship between Josie and her jock boyfriend surface and then the bombshell JOSIE shot the boyfriend And THEN Peter shot him too Despite the fact that Josie loved him Or hated him Despite the fact that Josie has shown no inclination toward homicide and happens to be standing face to face with the boy who has just slaughtered all of her friends Does this seem believable to anyone? Again it's ostensibly because Josie doesn't see another way out of this relationship the jock boyfriend has threatened to kill himself if she ever leaves him But shooting him in the gut? That's a bit overwrought and hard to swallowI write this review as a loyal fan of Jodi Picoult's work and an ardent fan of books like The Pact and My Sister's Keeper I just wish Picoult would step out of the box a little bit and shake things up just like moviegoers are starting to tire of M Night Shyamalan's plot twists and wacked out endings so I'm beginning to be unsurprised and underwhelmed by Picoult's work

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Nineteen MinutesWatch a third of a hockey game Read this years ago — gripping towards the end I thought it was very engaging disturbing honest and the situations of how things unraveled were thought provoking Still remember itNot sure why I never wrote a review But I was inspired by having just read a review by KAS who recently read it We are NEVER LATE TO READ A BOOK older books are rockoften better than recent booksDedicated to KAS Enjoyed her reaction to this book her NOT being late to the party The story has stayed with me all these years