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The Twenty (Barronlands Trilogy, #1) Read & Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007SEZCSImagine living in a time when infertility runs rampant and babies are no longer being born The world is crumbling around you as people start talking about the end This is the world HaBut she soon learns that change is not without conseuence Rumors are brewing about a government cover up and Hazel finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time So begins the unraveling of secrets that uncover things from her past and rattle her future Hazel is determined to seek the truth and promises herself to do whatever it takes to succee. I received this book in a GoodReads first read giveawayThe Twenty takes place in a dystopian future where infertility is the result of an epidemic plague call the Affliction Just when it appears mankind may be going extinct twenty young girls become pregnant and the government takes them into the Capitol city ward to protect them during their pregnancies They are referred to as ‘The Elects’ Main character Hazel and her sister Netty are chosen to go to work for the government at the Antitoch Centre in the Capitol city ward – Hazel as a nurse assistant to one of the Elects and Netty as a cafeteria worker They leave behind their useless father who has become an alcoholic since becoming a widow after Hazel and Netty’s mother dies from the Affliction Hazel also leaves behind a ‘guy friend’ named Shane who she’s kindasorta but not really in a relationship with He wants to protect and help her He makes her heart do flipflops After she “accidentally” overhears a couple of key conversations Hazel discovers some of the government workers at the Centre may be up to no good and corrupted surprise She realizes she knows things things that make her a target and soon she is physically threatened and now she KNOWS her life is in dangerEnter Luka hubba hubbaHe’s a security guard for the Antitoch Centre who also knows the government is corrupt and he is trying to find proof of their wrong doings He likes Hazel and wants to protect and help her He makes her heart do flipflops tooThis balances out the love triangle nicelyIt’s time to get the hell out of Dodge aka the Capitol city when it becomes apparent Hazel and her sister are on the government’s hit list Resulting in Hazel Luka and their small group of rebels breaking out of the Antitoch Centre in search of safety and ultimately the answers to what the government is up to what their role was in the plague that killed so many citizens and what their nefarious plans are for the ‘Elects’I found there to be than a few plot line and character similarities between The Twenty and The Hunger Games and possibly even Divergent a little too Maybe it was how the future United States was divided into different wardsdistricts and each area being known for certain characteristics andor helpfulness or usefulness to where ever the Capitol city is Although to be fair there is a fertility issue and young pregnant girls in this book so that’s completely different but then that part reminds me a little bit of The Handmaid’s TaleI’m not sure if any parallels were on purpose or coincidental but I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter in the end Similarities to other books aside I actually liked The Twenty Overall it was well written and paced nicely I liked the characters and the story kept me interested the entire time If we were allowed to give half stars I probably would have gone with a 35 instead of the 4 Because I liked it as much as I did and I think this series has a lot of potential and room for improvement I rounded upFor some reason I didn’t realize it was the first book in a trilogy so I started getting pretty nervous toward the end trying to figure out how the author was going to wrap things up when there were so few pages left in the bookNeedless to say it ended on a fairly nail biting cliffhanger so now I’m going to be carrying a worry around for the fate of these characters until I can get my hands on and read books 2 and 3 in this series LOLI think this series will be VERY popular among YA readers

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Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B007SEZCSImagine living in a time when infertility runs rampant and babies are no longer being born The world is crumbling around you as people start talking about the end This is the world Hazel DeSales grew up in After her mother dies from a mysterious cancer Hazel finds herself taking care of her younger sister N. The Barronlands is divided into wards and all of the tyrannical Officials rule out of First City in Ward 8 located at the center of the domain Each ward beyond encircles the previous one and the farther you get from the center the worse conditions get Hazel and her younger sister Netty live with their dad in Ward 7 and things wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t become a drunkard after their mother passed away from the cancer known as “The Affliction” that swept through the Barronlands when they were children killing off large chunks of the population and leaving surviving women unable to conceive childrenThe inability to conceive children is causing the population to dwindle so everyone’s starting to wonder if the human race is even going to survive Meanwhile Hazel is forced to sell off as many of her family’s belongings as possible just to put food on the table and she ventures into Ward 1 to purchase a gun to protect her family from thieves Life in Ward 7 isn’t supposed to be this hard But just when things are getting desperate for the human race and for Hazel’s family twenty women are miraculously found in the Barronlands that have conceived children and they are taken to the Antioch Center in Ward 8 to receive proper medical care from the best of the best As a trained nurse Hazel receives a job offer to care for one of the the twenty women at the Antioch Center and her sister receives a job offer to work in the kitchen there but she’ll have to leave behind her father and the mysterious Shane a boy she’s developed feelings for over the past few monthsOnce there things seem to be looking up Hazel makes friends and starts getting close to Luka the Lieutenant of security at the Antioch Center But strange things start to happen Hazel accidentally overhears bits of information that seem to point to the Officials being involved in shady business including causing The Affliction This puts her and her family in a grave situation and she has to decide whether she’s going to stand up for what’s right or keep uiet to protect her familyI had a lot of conflicting thoughts throughout this book but overall I really did like it and I look forward to the release of the next installment in this series I’m giving this a strong 35 stars and I would definitely recommend it to lovers of dystopianRead the full review at

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The Twenty Barronlands Trilogy #1Etty and alcoholic father It's not until twenty women known as the Elect become pregnant all across the Barronlands when things start looking up Hazel and Netty apply for jobs working as domestics in the Antioch Center where the Elect will be taken care of and protected Hazel feels change in the air and her outlook for the future starts to improve. Full review and author interview here found The Twenty to be an absolutely captivating read When I read the blurb the first thing that came to mind was The Children of Men by PD James There's something about a society that's been decimated by infertility and the prospect of human extinction that I find fascinating The characters in this book are so well rounded and likable I immediately liked and respected Hazel She is selfless and will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about She's self assured and amazingly strong willed and when things get tough she suares her shoulders and marches ahead even pushing everyone else behind her Her sister Netty while still a likable character is much passive and even a little coddled I love our two male characters Shane and Luka It's not often that I am faced with a love triangle where I don't immediately know which guy I want the girl to end up withactually I don't think that's ever happened Until now I love them both Shane is uiet and laid back yet he's extremely passionate about what he believes in Luka on the other hand is demanding and controlling but he definitely has a softer side They are both amazing characters The action and mystery in this book had me completely enthralled and the ending left me begging for SeriouslyI begged The Twenty is the first book of the Barronlands Trilogy and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the next thrilling story so I can see where Hazel and her friends end up and what forces they are up against