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Download The Hearts Ashes Book · Dark Secrets ä Angela m. hudson õ Death never leaves us Once it's touched our souls it hungers for our return waiting for us to fall And if it finds Ara again she will have no way to escapeMoving on from David was hard forgetting the abduction and torture was almost impossEs everything She must ask herself if it's right to love one monster then hate the one who tried to destroy her In all her searching the promise of immortality will finally be renewed but sold at a price Ara's not sure she's willing to pay Is love enough to make her submit to this new role or will it fail her once again and leave her reaching back for the grasp of death AM does it again in book 3 of the Dark Secrets Series I fell in love with book 1 could not wait for book 2 and finished book 3 with the burning desire for book 4 If it sounds like I am addicted to this series you NAILED First I would like to Thank Mrs Hudson for the privilege to read and review the ARC version She is amazing she knows exactly how to grab her readers and keep them grounded and chained to their seats with book in hand and never able to think of anything but what they are readingUsually in the beginning of a 3rd book of a series the Author spends so much time back tracking from book 2 in this case book 2 and 3 blend so wellthat there is no need to either back track it or if it has been awhile between reading 2 3 some may go back and reread the last few chapters of the book before No need here She creates the characters like she has actually lived their lives AM writes about each one as if she feels what they feelYou can connect with the characters so easily you either like them or you don't Ara Dealing with many teen issuesTorn between Mike her best friendchildhood love and David her Vampire who she is madly in love with But she made a choice to marry Mike She did not want immortality I mean how can a girl not want to live eternity with a Vampire and a HOT vamp like David Ara sometimes makes you want to just scream other times you totally understand her feelings and think God please help her make the right choiceDavid amazingly hot Vampire who is willing to do anything for Ara including risk unfathomable torch er David you love him right from the start and totally wish you could find a Vamp of your ownJason Davids twin and now enemy also wants revenge on David for his actions in the past and will get his revenge Jason is so easy to hate and you will find that you love hating him but then boom you second guess yourselfAs I read this book I found that I was actually playing out the characters in my headand in my heart I felt the joy and the agonizing pain too But oh the surprise's in book 3 I was not expecting but welcomed them with open arms This for me was the BEST of the 3 so farThere is so much to come and I look forward to what's next on this journey of Dark Secrets So many new characters and some old that will blow your mind as to the roles they take on Thank You AM for letting us travel through the world of DARK SECRETS with you it is an amazing journey

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Ows where David went after he lost Ara but she can only hope he's the one leaving subtle clues for her to discover and it makes her desperate to find him desperate enough that she would risk her life hanging out with an informant who means to kill her What truths she is told about David's dark past though will threaten to change her heart and destroy the way Ara perceiv It was my honor to embark on the journey of Ara Rose An amazing addition to this already addictive story lineand characters The Heart's Ashes will entrap you in its web hold tight till the last word is read as you stare unable to turn from the book hoping that if you don't put it down the story will continue I was connected with my own soul to read and have nothing else exist only to feel a tear roll down my own cheekThen do it to save your life for me because what he will do to you if you don't will be far worse than my death sweetheart Don't let me die with that thought please?Feelings of desperation joy tormentto say a few that you will feel while traveling through their lives Ms Hudson has the wonderful ability to keep you on the emotional roller coaster with the characters as if every thought was your own every tear or heartbreak rips your own heart from your chest Ara Mike Emily and David blossom into so much than young confused adults in the latest addition They live a thousand lifetimes of sorrow and happiness carrying you to their world where nothing is ever how it seems Who do they trust what path will the heart follow and where will it lead?Will they find a way to live and find their eternity or be torn apart to live a life of despair?With out a doubt my new favorite series and author already salivating for book four

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The Hearts Ashes Dark Secrets #2 Death never leaves us Once it's touched our souls it hungers for our return waiting for us to fall And if it finds Ara again she will have no way to escapeMoving on from David was hard forgetting the abduction and torture was almost impossible but nothing as devastating as the thought that now because of her David might face the horrific punishments of the Set No one kn I want to swear so badly right now because saying this book is good just doesn't cut it But I have never sworn in a book review before If I had the ability to write the way that this author does then I would be able to find much better words to say what I feel But I can't so I'm just going to go with the words that I have The Heart's Ashes is so Fcking AMAZINGI love this series and I love this author Angie Hudson has this incredible gift The ability to create these characters that have become a part of me The ability to weave a story that has touched me with so many different emotions There were times while reading this book that I had to put it down and walk away to gather my thoughts and feelings at the turn that the story had taken The completely unexpected twists that had the tears rolling down my face or grinning with pure joy The way that the author can so perfectly describe a scene so that you can picture it as if you are seeing it on a TV screenI LOVE these characters They live in my head and my heart long after I've finished reading about themDAVID I love him Unconditionally He can do no wrong in my eyes Everything that we learn about him just adds to how much I adore him And this book has cemented that for meARA There were times that I was so frustrated with her that I wanted to throw the book across the room but as the story unfolded and things became so much clearer to me I was completely blown away by her strengthMIKE He found himself a special little place in my heart reserved just for him in this book I'd never really been able to get what everyone on Team Mike saw before But I got it in this bookERIC He's a new character we get to meet and I love him for his honesty and for the most part that he tells it like it is Oh and he's hot so that sure doesn't hurt JASON Now that's a hard one So much whirling around my head about him but I can't tell you without giving things away so for the moment I have to keep it all to myself But once you read the book I'm sure you'll get what I meanEMILY Ara's friend plays a much bigger role in this book There were times I loved her Times I felt such emotion for her and times I just felt like I wanted to give her a good shakeThe Heart's Ashes does not disappoint at any stage Take the next part of the journey with Ara David Mike and Emily But be prepared for your heart to break Be prepared for your heart to be filled with joy And if you haven't already be prepared to fall completely in love with these characters and Angie Hudson's writing because The Hearts Ashes is by far the best book in the series so far and I feel incredibly honoured to have had the chance to review it before it's release