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The Dancing Floor characters Û 104 ¿ For years Heather Tradescant had dreamed of the journey she and her father would take to England a pilgrimage to the great gardens of history Now that her father is dead Heather is determined to fulfill his dreams Unfortunately her reuest to see the fabled 17th century garden of Troytan House is denied by the Ugh unwelcome she braves the walls of briars and reaches the Victorian manor house beyond She senses a strange mission of evil lurking tainting the manor's peaceful beauty Only then does Heather begin to wonder whether it is only stories of long vanished witchcraft that haunt Troytan House or whether there is some mode. With memories of having enjoyed a novel by this author many moons ago though unable to remember which I anticipated a good page turning read In one sense that is what it is Heather Tradescant is on a touring holiday of England following the death of her father and mother but her father was her real parent for various reasons with whom she had anticipated visiting famous gardens Both shared a love of gardening and to some extent the history of gardens mainly centred around the two John Tradescants who lived in the seventeenth century and from whom her father believed they descended Denied access to a major goal Troytan House which had a garden which John Tradescant the Elder I think had designed Heather finds her own way in which turns out to lie through an overgrown maze While there she has a panic attack and so reels to the feet of Jordan Karim son of the house's owner rather bedraggled scratched and with a twisted ankle When Franklin Karim Jordan's father learns her name and has it checked up by his factotum Sean to make sure she isn't a lying reporter he invites her to stay and help him find where the garden that Tradescant designed used to be Frank as he prefers to be called is a rich man and generally gets his own way with a manner part charm and part bullying He is very insulting to his son and eventually the reason for his behaviour is disclosedOne element which intrigued me was the references to the famous seventeenth century Pendle Witch Trial and the various victims of the beliefs of that day There is an attempt to tie it in with modern day the book was published in 1997 Wicca and other New Age beliefs and one character Jennet has a major role in this but it isn't really followed through and I did wonder why any of this was in the book at allA lot of the story centres around Helen's relationships with the various men at the house not only Frank Jordan and Sean but also Giles son of the former owner and terribly terribly nice but terribly put upon by a selfish wife and awful bratty son There is a hint of romance between her and Giles and her and Sean although Jordan keeps her at arm's length with his distant attitude which descends at times into hostility Meanwhile I appreciated that Helen is a tough cookie physically fit she does uite a lot of climbing ladders etc and brave and also uite blunt plus she is constantly lectured or teased about her weight and the amount of food she puts away So not a simpering violet In the course of the story it becomes clear that someone is trying to do her harm and suspicion falls mainly upon Jennet and the housekeeper DoreenOne point I liked in the novel was that unlike a lot of books with a romance theme there were no steamy bedroom scenes The only scenes set in the bedroom were completely unromantic and the interactions with some of the men in the story never went beyond a kiss or two That made a nice changeHowever I had a few problems with it apart from its not following through on the witchysupernatural element Detailed descriptions of food menus are not that interesting and do occur a lot Also there is uite a bit of repetition with various people going with Helen to see the access point where she got into the grounds etc It was pleasing to see that the author had at least done her research about the history of the witchcraft trials for example one character tells another that witches were hung in England not burned but some of the Americanisms were a little throwing when spoken by characters who were not meant to be American It was fine for Heather whose first person viewpoint narrates the whole story to refer to 'pants' instead of trousers and 'sidewalk' instead of pavement etc and given that the Karims are apparently American also not a problem when they spoke in a similar way but I wasn't sure if Sean was also American until much later in the story But Doreen used one or two American expressions and she is definitely meant to be English This would have been far less common in 1997 than todayI also wasn't sure why the Karims were meant to be of Eastern extraction originally there was one reference to them not being practicing Muslims and their portrayal was of wealthy American industrialist types Like the witchcraft angle it seemed a bit pointless One element I found uite predictable concerned whom Heather would eventually end up with view spoiler because it is a common trope that the man with whom she spent the novel arguing had to be the one even if he didn't seem an attractive character hide spoiler

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For years Heather Tradescant had dreamed of the journey she and her father would take to England a pilgrimage to the great gardens of history Now that her father is dead Heather is determined to fulfill his dreams Unfortunately her reuest to see the fabled 17th century garden of Troytan House is denied by the owner Tho. Heather Tradescant stumbles into a British estate owned by a fellow American and on the basis of only her last name shared with a famous gardener who'd planted the estate's long lost landscaping centuries before is invited to stay for as long as she wishes She finds herself involved with three young men who all seem interested in her; with a local wise womanwitch; and with the search for a missing child And it all adds up to not much I really loved Barbara Michaels' books back when I was a teen and into my 20's so when I realized I hadn't read this one I grabbed it True to form it kept me zooming along breathlessly so I'm giving it three stars But at some point I realized that Everyone Finds Plain Heather Irresistible was not much of a plot and I certainly didn't feel any chemistry between her and any of those guys including the one she ends up with and none of the other threads were tying together in any satisfactory way This book also lacked the eeriness is there something supernatural happening or not of Michaels' other books A couple of spooky things happen such as a fog that envelops two characters but no one else but then it was just dropped by the story line so it was of no importance whatsoever after all By the end of the book it didn't seem to me as if anything that had happened actually mattered in any way except to introduce Heather to a man I was actively hoping would NOT turn out to be the love interest So meh I'm going to have to reread some earlier books and see if they hold up to what I remember because this one was a sad disappointment

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The Dancing FloorRn horror nearer at hand and far far dangerous Continuing in the classic tradition she established with such acclaimed novels of suspense as Stitches in Time Vanish with the Rose and House of Stone New York Times bestselling author Barbara Michaels has penned a chilling tale that will keep you reading until the last pa. Barbara Michaels has always been a buy on sight name for me; she is a master storyteller who can be counted on for winning characters and unfailing suspense THE DANCING FLOOR has an intriguing background with deft hints of the supernatural There are unexpected twists and turns uirky characters and her trademark humor and wit The only flaw if there is one at all is that Michaels leaves you guessing about Heather's feelings for the three men she meets to the point where that was a interesting mystery for me than the real puzzle This is not unusual for Michaels I can think of several others that are similar on this point but I prefer her books where there is a bit about the developing relationship This may be partly the preferences of a long time romance reader but it is also because the characters are so well done that I am as or interested in them as in the mystery This aside what else is there to say but it's vintage Barbara Michaels read it