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EPUB ò MOBI Daughter of the Forest î FREE Û MONEYEXPRESSCARD ☆ Lovely Sorcha is the seventh child and only daughter of Lord Colum of Sevenwaters Bereft of a mother she is comforted by her six brothers who love and protect her Sorcha is the light in their lives they are determined that she know onPed by the enemies of Sevenwaters and taken to a foreign land she is torn between the desire to save her beloved brothers and a love that comes only once Sorcha despairs at ever being able to complete her task but the magic of the Fair Folk knows no boundaries and love is the strongest magic of them al Incredible I know I've said I've been speechless when reading books before but this time I genuinely don't have the words to express what a masterpiece this novel is I actually finished this novel early today morning at around 130 but it was only at 230 ish that I actually got up to go to sleep I couldn't get this story out of my head; I simply kept thinking about it If Juliet Marillier hadn't already made a fan out of me with Heart's Blood then I'd be tripping over myself to fall at her feet for truly this book is remarkable Daughter of the Forest is known to be one of the best fantasy novels out there but it's hard to believe just how good it is until you read it From its cover it seems to be a simplistic fairy tale re telling but it's a fairy tale like no other We don't have any knights in shining armor; instead the princess has to save herself We don't have an innocent girl for whom circumstances clear up and solve her problem; we have a broken girl who has to struggle to find happiness Sorcha is the youngest of seven children six of whom are boys Thus she has grown up sheltered loved and cared for by her siblings When her father re marries however bringing Lady Oonagh a deadly sorcerer into their peaceful abode Sorcha's life is turned upside down Lady Oonagh turns her beloved brothers into swans and the only way for Sorcha to break the spell is to weave six shirts made of a prickly nettle and remain silent for her entire ordeal It is only when the shirts have been made and worn by her brothers that the spell will be broken but the journey that Sorcha will embark on will change than just her future it will change her very being and shatter her to her core Daughter of the Forest starts out slowly introducing us to Sorcha her world and her close relationship with her brothers Thus when her brothers are turned into swans we as readers feel just as much pain as Sorcha herself I could feel myself visibly wincing every time Sorcha was reminded of her past life with her brothers full of happiness and delight  Daughter of the Forest  is a dark tale A  very  dark tale I sobbed for a solid five minutes at one point in this story because of the utter horror of the situation Yet despite all the darkness there is a subtle undercurrent of hope of happiness of love It's all so beautifully interwoven that one cannot help but be reminded of life itself with its ups and downs and darkness and lightYou see Daughter of the Forest is a painfully realistic tale Sorcha has an incredible trove of inner strength I admire her immensely and she's one of those heroines I'll never forget  I could simply be in the supermarket having a bad day and Sorcha is one of those protagonists who will come to mind and I already know I'll tell myself If Sorcha could go through all that I can get through today Sorcha isn't a saint she's only human and that is felt so palpably despite the ordeal she manages to go through Thus despite the seemingly amazing feats she manages to achieve Marillier weaves this tale in such a way that she is able to convey that each and every one of these ordeals is possible to overcome just as anything is with the right dose of love faith and perseveranceNevertheless on

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Lovely Sorcha is the seventh child and only daughter of Lord Colum of Sevenwaters Bereft of a mother she is comforted by her six brothers who love and protect her Sorcha is the light in their lives they are determined that she know only contentmentBut Sorcha's joy is shattered when her father is bewitc Warning Mention of rape and discussion of such followsI gave this book four stars so obviously I did enjoy it There are actually many many enjoyable elements to this book and I promise to get to them in a momentI found myself so COMPLETELY annoyed with Daughter of the Forest though I really enjoyed the book We are treated to the terrible acts committed against Sorcha and it's rather graphic at moments Yet when it comes to consensual loving sex nothing Fade to black the moment they enter the bedroom with only a passing comment that she had a moment of fear that was passed when lovingly consoledWHY? Fuck if I know I've read this so often in so many books WHY is it okay to be descriptive of rape in books and to actually give a full account of what happens or at least close to but loving consensual normal sex is not okay If you write about that it goes in the romance genre? Is that why? Shouldn't we have examples of this kind of healthy relationship for people to read? Shouldn't healthy happy sex be prevalent in books as the norm? Not rape not gratuitous violent sex Why does sex go in the romance section and the rape get to stay out of the shelves for us to read?And the casual dismissive attitude by the Fairy characters of this book made me furiousYou are not the first woman of your race to be abused thus by men nor will you be the lastSo what you're saying is Get over it Happens all the timeMy compliments to the fairy folk for providing this opinion My only response is fuck you fairy bitches I'm not going to go into the rape aspect of this story any further than to say that the author at least did a good job of showing the after psychological effects and the long term damage that this act causes so I wasn't all pissed offThe book started slow but as I said I enjoyed it The characters were beautiful interwoven with fantasy and historical life The forest took on a life of its own as another character in the book The character of Red was great so were the other minor characters in the book Over all I enjoyed the beautiful story and the writing which was full and descriptiveIt broke my heart at the end because it wasn't all joy and not all hurts could be healed I suppose that's what made the story so sad and almost real though it was so firmly planted in fantasyWell written with a female protagonist worthy of the title heroine and an all round cast of great characters and a masterfully woven story I did actually uite like this book Its not one I would read again as it's very long I don't know if I'll have the emotional energy to pick up the second book But I'm glad I read it and that says something I supposeKat goes off to find some damn good chocolate

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Daughter of the ForestHed by his new wife an evil enchantress who binds her brothers with a terrible spell a spell which only Sorcha can lift by staying silent If she speaks before she completes the uest set to her by the Fair Folk and their ueen the Lady of the Forest she will lose her brothers foreverWhen Sorcha is kidnap “All that he had of her was his memorywhere he held every momentevery single moment that she had been hisThat was all he hadto keep out the loneliness” Daughter of the Forest is one of those booksThe ones that are scored on my heartthe ones that caused both my awe and respect for the story and for the authorFor it takes a tremendous amount of talent and soul to write such a bookI recall the tale of the Six SwansI remember being a little girl watching the animated versionand it made me so sad that the heroine had to go through so many hardships to save her brothersReading about it thoughabout Sorcha's adventures and misfortunes was something widely differentIt felt like a fairytalethe descriptions and the evil witch and the Fair Folk and the brotherly lovebut it was not oneBecause fairytales show just the tip of the icebergthe evil that is only necessary for the story to go onor else the children that crave them would have trouble sleepingIt wasn't only Oonagh the villainalthough this malicious woman casted the curse and brought misery to everyoneIt wasn't only Richard and his ambitionsIt were also those horrible men in the forestthe peasants and the household who tormented Sorchaeven the Fair Folkwho thought the mortals are toys for their amusementBut Sorcha survivedShe is one the strongest and most extraordinary heroines I have ever metSo kindso fierceso devoted and loyalShe never had second thoughts about what she had to do to save her brothersshe put her family firstExcept that one momentwhen she couldn't let Red die “Perhaps this is what the stories meant when they called somebody heartsick Your heart and your stomach and your whole insides felt hollow and empty and aching ” That is precisely how I felt during this storyespecially when she bid Red farewellThis is a romance like no othersSo tender yet so passionateso impossible yet so rightI loved Red for loving and protecting Sorchafor being patientfor being such a brave and kind manHe often brought me tearsThe way Juliet Marillier unfolds the romantic element in this novel is proof enough that extended make out sessions or sexual tension is not the only way to make a love story memorable and worthwhileHealing someone's woundsbeing there for thembeing kind when the entire world shows hatred and maliceprotecting them and putting their happiness above yoursthis is also true love “He would have told her he would have said it matters not if you are here or there for I see you before me every moment I see you in the light of the water in the swaying of the young trees in the spring wind I see you in the shadows of the great oaks I hear your voice in the cry of the owl at night You are the blood in my veins and the beating of my heart You are my first waking thought and my last sigh before sleeping You are you are bone of my bone and breath of my breath” Daughter of the Forest is a book I will always cherish deeplythat will always be a part of meThere is no better gift than that