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Erville Mall to do it And between keeping track of her fountain splashing havoc wreaking sister finding a new copy of Sylvie’s poems andoh yeahdealing with the blue eyed guitar playing majorly swoon worthy Jaden Briar who keeps popping up everywhere she goes Alice wonders if she will ever finish deciphering in ti. This book was a good reads win and such a treat So cute from beginning to end The way it is written allows you to form a little bond with the characters I like the message in it and would really love to read about these characters Loved it

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Alice in EvervilleA poem can seem like a labyrinth a maze of words you can lose yourself in The key is to find a thread to hold on to to guide you in your reading to lead you into and out of a labyrinth of words Alice Little thinks she’s read every word the world famous poet Sylvie Plate published before her untimely deathuntil sh. Though I don't usually review short stories I was interested in reading this one because of its play on Sylvia Plath's name and the code that Alice discovers in this Sylvie Plate's poems The book is short a little over 170 pages but a lot happens during Alice's day at the mall She spends the day alternately trying to discuss her discovery with her English teacher and trying to decipher the rest of Sylvie Plate's code all while taking care of her exuberant younger sister dodging mall security and making friends with her long time crush The idea that a hidden message can be found in a poet's last works is a thrilling one and I was just as excited as Alice to see what the message would uncoverThere are a lot of parallels to be drawn in this story the biggest being that Sylvie Plate was known to have committed suicide leaving behind her young children whereas Alice's mother had attempted suicide in the past something that their family hasn't completely gotten over Seeing Alice work through this as the day goes on is ultimately satisfying I don't want to give anything away but I'll say that when Alice finally finds the final message it is eual parts shocking and enlighteningI think what I really didn't like about the book was the way Alice's parents were portrayed and the overwhelming amount of puns I like puns and in fact found some of them funny The mall store called Never 22 made me laugh out loud But there were so many of these that it felt overdoneAs for her parents Alice's mother is described as not being of sound mind and therefore not always able to take care ofbe with her daughters while her father seemed unwilling to even help Alice take care of Jillie In fact it was comments such as the uote below that made it seem as if Jillie who is described as having to go to a special school although we don't know what her diagnosis is was Alice's responsibility through and throughIt's fine I said uickly she can come There was no way Dad would let me leave him alone with Jillie again so this was the best solution Alice In Everville by SC LanggleOverall I think Alice in Everville is a cute story perfect for a day at the beach or for any middle grade peeps It's got humorous elements as much mystery and adventure as you can find in a shopping mall and inspires an interest in poetry in a uniue wayI was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis review was originally published on my blog See the full post at The Reading Fever

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review Alice in Everville ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A poem can seem like a labyrinth a maze of words you can lose yourself in The key is to find a thread to hold on to to guide you in your reading to lead you into and out of a labyrinth of words Alice Little thinks she’s read every word the world famous poet SyE discovers a coded message hidden in Sylvie’s final collection of poems a message that may explain the poet’s mysterious demise All she has to do is decipher the code and she knows she can convince her beloved English teacher Miss A that Sylvie’s message is real Unfortunately she only has one manic day at Ev. I’m not exactly sure how to pinpoint what I didn’t like about this book I didn’t really care for the book It felt too rushed I’m assuming that Alice’s mother's depression is from having Jillie turn out the way she did but it’s never explained very well Actually the book never comes out and says she has depression From hearing her symptoms I’m assuming she does Also the book is never clear about what is wrong with Jillie I’m not sure if she was an overly hyper child had ADHD some form of mental illness or something completely different The thing that bothered me the most were the knock off pop culture references Sylvia Platt was Sylvie Plate Forever 21 was Never 22 There were a lot of things throughout the book like that I’m not sure if the author did it for legal purposes or not but it annoyed me The only thing I liked about the book was Sylvie’s message at the end The message was powerful and struck a chord with me I probably won’t be picking up any of the author’s future works