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Download Darka e Gabuar ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ó It is 1943 and the Second World War is ravaging Europe Mussolini decides to pull out of his alliance with the Nazis and withdraws the Italian troops occupying Albania Soon after Nazi forces invade Albania from occupied Greece The first settlement in their path is theIous night But as Albania moves into a period of occupation by the Nazis and then is taken over by the communists Dr Gurameto is forced to answer for what happened on the evening of the Nazi’s invasion and finally explain the events of that long strange nightDealing with themes of resistance in a dictatorship and steeped in Albanian folklore and legend The Fall of the Stone City shows Kadare at the height of his powers. Ismail Kadare is an Albanian author who came to the world’s attention when he won the inaugural Man Booker International Prize in 2005 Since then he has also won the highly prestigious 2009 Principe de Asturias de las Letras in Spain as well and his novels have been translated around the world I’ve read three of his books The Accident and The Siege and The Palace of Dreams before I started this blog and I have four on the TBR so you can count me as an enthusiast I was delighted when his latest novel The Fall of the Stone City was shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction PrizeWhat I like about Kadare’s novels is that delicious moment when ‘the penny drops’ and the allegory is revealed For much of his writing life Kadare lived under the repressive regime of Enver Hoxha and as the Chinese still do today he wrote obliue parables allegories fables and folklore in order to critiue aspects of the regime In this novel his own home town of Gjirokastër is used to show how Albania itself is always at risk of losing its identity to great ‘isms’ its strategic position in the south of the country is analogous to Albania’s strategic position in Europe because the town is surrounded by hostile villages Wikipedia tells me that Albaniais bordered by Montenegro to the northwest Kosovo Disputed to the northeast Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south and southeast It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest It is less than 72 km 45 mi from Italy across the Strait of Otranto which links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian SeaSo when we read Kadare’s whimsical explanation for the city’s sense of itself hedged with his trademark uncertainty we get a clear sense of what it’s like to live in a country where neighbours can’t be trustedTo read the rest of my review please visit

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It is 1943 and the Second World War is ravaging Europe Mussolini decides to pull out of his alliance with the Nazis and withdraws the Italian troops occupying Albania Soon after Nazi forces invade Albania from occupied Greece The first settlement in their path is the ancient stone city of Gjirokastër an Albanian stronghold since the fourteenth century The townsfolk have no choice but to surrender to the Nazis but are co. This is my fourth Kadare novel He is a writer I find easier to admire than to love and I have to admit that I only read it because is has been chosen for a group discussion in the 21st Century Literature group that starts later this weekThis fable loosely based on real historical events is set in the Southern Albanian city of Gjirokastër between 1943 and 1953 The Germans invaded Albania in 1943 and Kadare imagines his hero Dr Gurameto inviting a German general who appears to be his old college friend to dinner During this dinner the Germans are persuaded to release the hostages they have taken in retaliation for being fired on as they approached the townIn the last third of the book Gurameto is arrested and tortured facing a Kafkaesue investigation by the Communist authorities of his part in an alleged grand Jewish conspiracy to kill Stalin of which his dealings with the Germans are the only evidenceKadare's vision is a bleak but powerful one with some slightly magic realist elements and this is a book that could only have been published after the fall of Albania's Communist regime

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Darka e GabuarNfused when they see that one of the town’s residents a certain Dr Gurameto seems to be showing the invading Nazi Colonel great hospitality That evening strains of Schubert from the doctor’s gramophone waft out into the cobbled streets of the city and the sounds of a dinner party are heard The sudden disappearance of the Nazis the next morning leaves the town wondering if they might have dreamt the events of the prev. This book reminded me of Saramago's Blindness and I really really hated that bookI didn't hate Kadare's book it just annoyed me from page one and had me completely uninterested in everything and everyone in it It sounds like it should be an interesting story but I like stories with characters in them Not these namesrepresentationsideas that walk around especially when they live in personified cities the city was arrogant the city felt this and that the city complained about Why does the city get personality than any of the people living in it This whole modern age fairy tale type of narrative has 0 positive effect on me Why do these authors who use this kind of techniue get so much praise Are they considered creative They're obviously not they're basically using the oldest type of moralisticfictional narrative there is I had a long list of other complaints but just like this book I'm forgetting them by the second