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Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù When Siddalee Walker oldest daughter of Vivi Abbott Walker Ya Ya extraordinaire is interviewed in the New York Times about a hit play she's directed her mother gets described as a tap dancing chiRets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood As Sidda struggles to analyze her mother she comes face to face with the tangled beauty of imperfect love and the fact that forgiveness than understanding is often what the heart longs f. To borrow an expression from the book this sucker is Trés ya ya no How can a writer so obsessed with small town aristocracy manage to slip in so many references to peeing in one's pantsI never manage to abandon books once I've started them even when they're utter and total tripe Thank goodness this reads fast so I didn't waste any of my life on itI seem to be missing the Chick Lit Gene I just flat out do not understand or identify with this kind of writing I'm not like this My friends aren't like this My mother thank Heaven is not like this Our lovely Louisiana friends are not like this I don't know anyone who is like this I'm beginning to suspect that nobody is like this except in pulpy pseudo literature written by women with juvenile Scarlett O'Hara fantasies I would be ashamed to be this kind of feminineThis is the story of Sidda a dull spineless immature 40 year old with no identity of her own and her malicious self absorbed alcoholic racist mother Vivi who appears to be taking out on everyone around her the frustrations of a lifetime of being a legend only in her own mind One gets the impression that Vivi needed the Ya Yas so she could be notorious somewhere since she doesn't have the class or discipline to accomplish anything of genuine valueIt's badly written the dialogue is clumsy and I think it must hold some kind of world record for wallowing in self pity Wells is also an unbearable reference dropper River Road Recipes interspersed bayou French Cajun fiddle Community Coffee etc Apparently the divine secret is that this bunch of self centered superannuated teenagers chose to flash freeze their high school lives and mentalities at the expense of emotional adulthood their marriages and their children Yeah there's going to be drama and hardship in your life if you react to every little thing as if it's a catastrophe and use it as an excuse to drink and dope yourself into a stupor Complex needs to stop being a literary euphemism for manipulative self serving toxic and narcissistic Ironically Vivi is the least likable and least interesting of the four Ya Yas though she's supposed to be the luminaryI guess it says something that Ms Wells has lived in Washington state for the past 25 years If she loved Louisiana so much why did she leave and then write boring mindless novels about it

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Vi disowns Sidda Devastated Sidda begs forgiveness and postpones her upcoming wedding All looks bleak until the Ya Yas step in and convince Vivi to send Sidda a scrapbook of their girlhood mementos called Divine Sec. I am so tired of this sort of storyline A group of Southern women who form a timeless bond of woman ness and Southern ness and triumph in the face of all hardship because they are delicate as blossoms yet strong and fierce That said when entering a genre so well covered and sticky sweet one must do something to make one's work stand out I believe Rebecca Wells does an above average job at this and her book was a fun and easy read It was hardly ground breaking nor did I find it moving and I didn't shed a tear or laugh out loud I just wrinkled my nose at the way everyone just wrapped up their lives with a nice bow at the end and no one walked away with residual hurt feelings or misunderstandings then put the book down and decided to write this review before I promptly forgot it entirelyIf you watched Steel Magnolias or Beaches and thought they were profound you'll just love this book

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Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya SisterhoodWhen Siddalee Walker oldest daughter of Vivi Abbott Walker Ya Ya extraordinaire is interviewed in the New York Times about a hit play she's directed her mother gets described as a tap dancing child abuser Enraged Vi. Rebecca Wells can think up a few succulent stories but her writing is absolute fast food It left me depressed to think that women are encouraged to read so called chick lit on the basis that they only need a few sentimental tales about love friendship andor family to satisfy them no matter how infantile the writing style or half baked the arguments view spoilerOf COURSE the story had to end with a big white wedding That signifies catharsis in every woman's life right By the end of the book I was ready to scream if I had to read one description of what brand of clothing every female character donned in each scene When she branched out beyond fashion Wells's metaphors were mixed and repetitive if not cliché And when she did touch on several potentially provocative issues such as love loss racism poverty domestic abuse and religion in each case she only tapped the tip of the iceberg threw in some dramatic action like an Indian campfire or arson in a Catholic school and tried to let that pass for profound literary philosophyHer treatment of Southern racism made me terribly uneasy Only twice does she express outright disapproval In the case of her showing how the working class treatment of black servants in Louisiana was superior to the high society approach in Georgia she once again seemed to be superficially addressing an issue that for me needed attention and in depth analysis sheerly to avoid controversy With the crux of her story orbited by the ever lasting loyalty among the Ya Ya's she also completely failed to address the fact that it is generally abnormal and unhealthy to remain in a cliue from high school on into senility It usually signifies a failure to branch out explore and learn Considering the uality of the book maybe the author proves this point therein hide spoiler