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In this classic book Madeleine L'Engle addresses the uestions What makes art Christian What does it mean to be a Christian artist W. This book was recommended to me and I ordered it from the library promptly; I'd liked reading Madeleine L'Engle and I've often discoursed on the relation of faith and artI was a bit disconcerted when the book arrived however; it was a smaller volume than I'd expected and when I started reading it seemed rambling disorganized and not terribly helpful Had I found the low point of L'Engle's workAs a writer and a Christian I have of course been challenged internally and externally by the unfortunately common But you should do Christian art Trouble is I really dislike most modern Christian art which is almost entirely knock off sellout schlock The art of previous eras has been filtered by time so that better examples are preserved which helps My own arguments that all Truth is of God and real art is Christian even if it shows only a part of the story were valid to me but incompleteAs I got further into this book however I began to find it and relevant L'Engle takes risks in telling us of her own journey in discovering truths of art and she takes some potentially unpopular stands on the nature of art and its audiences She defends art as something just as vital or so than science while simultaneously emphasizing the glorious art and truth of science she points out the differences between fact and truth she talks about the artist's experience of losing control of both oneself and one's story including the oh so familiar disconcerting sensation of having the characters take over and do something wholly unplanned and incontrovertibleShe also challenges both artists of all varieties and the complacent Christian community in fulfilling our roles as co creators in the image of God honoring truth and story and allowing ourselves to serve the storyI found myself pausing at periods to ruminate on what I'd just read and I suspect I'll be buying a copy of this to keep for myself It's for Christian artists yes but it's also for Christians for artists for anyone who enjoys art of any form and for any open minded person seeking truth in the world

REVIEW Walking on Water Reflections on Faith and Art

Walking on Water Reflections on Faith and ArtHat is the relationship between faith and art Through L'Engle's beautiful and insightful essay readers will find themselves called. I remember the first time I read Walking on Water Reflections on Faith and Art It was an eye opener for me – and a book I became completely absorbed in Since then it has been read numerous times It is one book of mine that has multiple paragraphs and sentences highlighted or underlined as well as pages turned down at the corners Yes that’s shocking I know to some people but that‘s what I do when a book is a useful tool This book certainly was for me Some of the pages are so highlighted it is mostly all blue or yellow or whatever colour highlighter was to hand at the time Much of the yellow highlighter has faded over the years but the message of the book has not faded This book as the title suggests in not specifically about writing as it deals with various forms of art In it Madeleine L’Engle one of my favourite writers talks about the need of the artist to be ’obedient to the work’ That means not being prescriptive about being in control and trying to make the work go the way we want it to but being open to let the work dictate the story and form At a conference a woman said to Madeleine L’Engle about her Newbery winning A Wrinkle in Time ‘I read A Wrinkle in Time when I was eight or nine I didn’t understand I but knew what it was about’ Madeline L’Engle goes on to say ’As long as we know what it’s about then can have the courage to go wherever we are asked to go even if we fear the road may take us through danger and pain’ For some of us that may mean drawing on memories we would rather not dredge up or being ready to take a risk in our writing or trusting that the work knows what is needed better sometimes than our rational mind does‘The artist must be obedient to the body of the work knowing that this involves long hours of research of throwing out a month’s work of going back to the beginning or sometimes scrapping the whole thing’ Or how about this one a few sentences later ‘when the words mean even than the writer knew they meant then the writer has been listening’ How often have you had someone see something in your work that you were unaware of yourself Or that you didn’t know you felt until or remembered or held that view until after the words were written downI don’t feel I can give an adeuate review of this book It’s one each of us needs to read for ourselves I wrote most of this review for another blog but once I had the book out from the bookcase I couldn't help but re read it It's still an absorbing book that has a lot to say about the writing craft particularly when combined with a stance of faithOne last uote to leave you with ’When the work takes over then the artist is enabled to get out of the way not to interfereBut before he can listen paradoxically he must work Getting out of the way and listening is not something that comes easily either in art or in prayer’ These words are worth thinking seriously aboutAs in any Madeleine L’Engle book I find there are lines that will challenge thinking and some aspects I will disagree with That doesn’t matter because at least it has challenged me and got me thinking about the uestion enough to formulate my own responseFirst published in 1980 this book is still as relevant insightful and encouraging or challenging today as it was when I first read it I hope I’ve convinced some of you who haven’t read it to give it a go and I’d love to hear your responses to it

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CHARACTERS î Walking on Water Reflections on Faith and Art Ð In this classic book Madeleine L'Engle addresses the uestions What makes art Christian What does it mean to be a Christian artist What is the relationship between faith and art Through L'Engle's beautiful and insightful essay readers will find themselves called tTo what the author views as the prime tasks of an artist to listen to remain aware and to respond to creation through one's own art. It is not a perfect book and I certainly don't agree with everything but oh it is wonderful Such insight and presence and goodness Thank you L'Engle for this book My mind and heart are larger for reading it My ears open Familiarity to some of her fiction will help but is not mandatory however regardless if you read this you should read Wrinkle simply because it is A Wrinkle in Time and that book in itself is close to the heart of life and God