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Free eBook ↠ ePub The Dispossessed è ê Ursula K. Le Guin ☆ Shevek a brilliant physicist decides to take action He will seek answers uestion the unuestionable and attempt to tear down the walls of hatred that have isolated his planet of anarchists from the rest of the civilized universe To do this dK must make the unprecedented journey to the utopian mother planet Urras to challenge the complex structures of life and living and ignite the fires of chan 4 maybe 45 stars This classic SF novel kept me glued to my chair the whole time I was reading it Granted I was on a cross country airplane flight from Washington DC to Utah but still It's very thought provoking SF set in the same universe as Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness but even politically inclined Almost 200 years earlier a group of rebels left a highly capitalistic society on the planet Urras to form their utopian government on the moon Annares Now a man named Shevek a physicist from this voluntary communistic society leaves his barren world where life is difficult but mostly fair to go to the neighboring planet to work with the physicists there Life on Urras is much pleasant and luxurious but gradually Shevek comes to realize the dark underside of that capitalistic society The uestion is can he escape the bind he's gotten himself into? The Dispossessed is one of the earlier examples of dual timeline storytelling in the SF genre the chapters alternate between flashbacks of Shevek's life on his home world of Annares and his current experiences on Urras with the propertarians heh The Dispossessed thoughtfully examines the best and worst in these two political systems Though Le Guin's choice of the better society is clear it's laudable that she realistically handles how even good intentions can go awry because of human weaknesses like selfishness fear and pride Some might find this novel slow going but if you're interested in contrasting political and social systems I'd highly recommend itEven though this novel is 4th in the Hainish Cycle it's actually first chronologically for reasons that become apparent late in the novel and are somewhat spoilerish so I won't get into them here

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Shevek a brilliant physicist decides to take action He will seek answers uestion the unuestionable and attempt to tear down the walls of hatred that have is First of all if you haven't already read The Dispossessed then do so Somehow probably because it comes with an SF sticker it isn't yet officially labeled as one of the great novels of the 20th century They're going to fix that eventually so why not get in ahead of the crowd? It's not just a terrific story; it might change your life Ursula Le Guin is saying some pretty important stuff hereSo what is it she's saying that's so important? I've read the book several times since I first came across it as a teenager and my perception of it has changed over time There's than one layer and I at least didn't immediately realize that On the surface the first thing you notice is the setting She is presenting a genuinely credible anarchist utopia Most utopias are irritating or just plain silly You read them and at best you shake your head and wish that people actually were like that; or likely you wonder how the author can be uite so deluded This one's different Le Guin has thought about it a lot and taken into account the obvious fact that people are often selfish and stupid You feel that her anarchist society actually could work; it doesn't work all the time and there are things about it that you see are going to cause problems But like the US Constitution one of my favorite utopian documents it seems to have the necessary flexibility and groundedness that allow it to adapt to changing circumstances and survive She's done a good job and you can't help admiring the brave and kind AnnarestiAnother thing you're immediately impressed by is the central character Shevek Looking at the other reviews everyone loves Shevek I love him too He's one of the most convincing fictional scientists I know; I'm a scientist myself so I'm very sensitive to the nuances Like his society he's not in any way perfect and his life is a long struggle to try and understand the secrets of temporal physics which he often feels are completely beyond him I was impressed by the alien science; she gives you just the right amount of background that it feels credible but not so much that you're tempted to nit pick the details You're swept up in his uest to unify Seuency and Simultaneity without ever needing to know exactly what they are And his relationship with Takver is a great love story with some wonderfully moving scenes There's one line in particular which despite being utterly simple and understated never fails to bring tears to my eyes As you also see in The Lathe of Heaven Le Guin knows about loveWhat I've said so far would already be enough to ualify this as a good book that was absolutely worth reading What I think makes it a great book is her analysis of the concept of freedom There are so many other interesting things to look at that at first you don't uite notice it but to me it's the core of the novel What does it mean to be truly free? At first you think that the Annaresti have already achieved that; it's just a uestion of having the right social structures But after a while you see that it's not nearly as straightforward as you first imagined Real freedom means that you have to be able to challenge the beliefs of the people around you when they conflict with what you yourself truly believe and that can be painful for everyone But it's essential and it's particularly essential if you want to be a scientist; I know this from personal experience Another theme that suffuses the book is the concept of the Promise If you can't make and keep promises then you have no influence on the future; you are locked in the present But promising something also binds your future self There are some deep paradoxes here The book folds the arguments unobtrusively into the narrative and never shoves them in your face but after a while you see that they are what tie all the strands together the anarchist society the science the love story the politics It's a much deeper book than you first realize As I said it might change your life It's changed mine

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The DispossessedOlated his planet of anarchists from the rest of the civilized universe To do this dangerous task will mean giving up his family and possibly his life Sheve When I started this novel I was a little worried because the prose seemed clunky and I was having a hard time settling into the novel After a few pages that all changed either I adjusted to her writing style or the writing smoothed out If you experience this hang in there it is well worth sticking with this book I see some reviewers think of The Dispossessed as an anti Ayn Rand book I didn't come away with that impression at all I thought LeGuin did an excellent job of showing the fallacies of capitalism and socialism The reason that any system does not work is always because humans are all too human Bureaucracy consolidation of power judgment and ineuality always start to wiggle their way into the social matrix regardless of the intent of the society Shevek the main character talking about his home planet Anarres a socialist framework society You see he said what we're after is to remind ourselves that we didn't come to Anarres for safety but for freedom If we must all agree all work together we're no better than a machine If an individual can't work in solidarity with his fellows it's his duty to work alone His duty and his right We have been denying people that right We've been saying and often you must work with the others you must accept the rule of the majority But any rule is tyranny The duty of the individual is to accept no rule to be the initiator of his own acts to be responsible Only if he does so will the society live and change and adapt and survive We are not subjects of a State founded upon law but members of a society founded upon revolution Revolution is our obligation our hope of evolution Pretty heady stuff Actually Ayn Rand could have wrote that statement People find themselves on what seems to be polar opposites of politics Republican Democrat Socialist Capitalist but in actuality all of them have in common than they would ever admit We all want the same things that is in my opinion the most freedom possible and still sustain a safe society The difference is what system do we use to achieve those ends Whatever system that the majority chooses to follow will eventually start to devolve into a facsimile of the original intent Sometimes revolution as abhorrent as it is can be the only solution to wipe away the weight of centuries of rules and regulations that continue to build a box around the individual with each passing generation I am not an anarchist but I understand how people become an anarchist The book certainly made me think about my place in the universe and about the aspects of my culture that I accept as necessary truths that on further evaluations prove to be a product of our own brainwashing Too many of the governing parts of our lives that we accept as necessary truths have never really been uestioned and weighed in our own minds Why do so many of us work for other people now when a generation ago so many of us owned our own businesses? Walmart though not the only culprit has had a huge negative impact on communities destroying what was once vibrant downtown areas and forcing so many small businesses to close that it actually changed the identity of small towns We were complicit in this destruction We valued cheap goods and convenience over service and diversity The capitalist swing currently is towards big corporations and I can only hope that eventually the very things we lost will eventually be the things we most want again So okay I have to apologize for pontificating about subjects seemingly unrelated to The Dispossessed This novel is about ideas and regardless of how shallow a dive you want to take on this novel you will find yourself thinking invariably about things you haven't given much thought to before