The Claim Italian Knights #3 review È 3

review The Claim Italian Knights #3

The Claim Italian Knights #3 review È 3 ï Rocco Mamione has possibly the best wingman in the world—his grandmother He had no idea that when his nonna was fired from the job she’d had for thirty years she’d demand the best employment lawyer in London And that lawyer just happens to be his ex girlfriend His Nonna had been giving him the D having those with was Anna To get her back will be the ultimate challenge but Rocco is nothing if not Sicilian resilient Anna Taylor is not an Ice Princess She was just burned pretty badly and anyone can talk about it if they want a biro in their eye Smart enough to avoid further heartbreak and a potential conviction for murder Anna is sure that nothing will take her down the Mamione path again. I adore this author The first 2 books in this series were great BUT this one just wasn't up to snuff It wasn't as funny and the main characters with the exception of Nonna just weren't that engaging As for the villain The main cause of the romantic discord I just wasn't satisfied with that individual's comeuppance or lack thereof Just a disappointing read considering the last two books I'm not sure I'll buy the next book I love the Beppe character BUT I'm not convinced Ms London will be able to do him justice Hope she proves me wrong

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Definitely not his crazy grandmother or her crack addictive cakes Not Rocco’s hard body underneath those tailor made suits And absolutely not the fact that she’s still in love with him The truth could just about do it The third book in the Italian Knights series encompasses a good sponge endurance redemption and letting go so you can get what you need If he happens to be Sicilian then so be. That green eyed monster is the devilImogen Barnes was supposed to be Anna Mills' best friend until she did the unthinkable Or so Anna thought What I don't get is how could Anna forgive Imogen and not Rocco She did not even dig deep to find out what a really happened It was six years of separation and Elizabetta Nonna Mamione Rocco's grandmother who forced Anna to take a deeper look at the situation She realized that Rocco was just trying to protect her by letting a lie stand until he was determined to win the love of his life back In the process Anna found out just how deceitful her so called friend Imogen was She felt so stupid by not using her instinctive senses to understand what was going on Thanks to Nonna Mamione and her employment fiasco with Enzo Vitale Anna and Rocco made up for six years of lost time Nonna is a force to be reckoned with in her own Even DS Norcross found out how gangster she was He had three strikes and now he was out permanentlyBilly wrote an interesting story about how a lawyer crosses between two worlds to protect the ones he loves and to what extinct he'll go to to protect his Tempesta Anna Anna stood her ground and made him earn her back but when she actually found out what actually happened she was all in for them to get their HEA back no matter what other people would sayor think

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The Claim Italian Knights #3Rocco Mamione has possibly the best wingman in the world his grandmother He had no idea that when his nonna was fired from the job she’d had for thirty years she’d demand the best employment lawyer in London And that lawyer just happens to be his ex girlfriend His Nonna had been giving him the “where are my great grandbabies goo goo eyes for some time now The only person he’d ever imagine. It wasokay In Windows book 1 Billy London really showcased her humour her attention to detail her ability to write a story that had a strong dose of tension her skill at erotic writing while giving her readers a relationship that was loving as well and her adeptness at really building a world Nick was a great hero and Gina a good heroine They were both characterised really well and three dimensionally as were all the secondary characters I especially liked SophiaIn The Claim though all that falls to the wayside I still don't know what Anna looks like I remember what Rocco looks like from the first two books and I have no idea what race Imogen isthough I infer she's white and Mimi's black But the point is all that meticulousness Billy achieved wonderfully in the first book is gone All that three dimensionality disappeared This book was tedious Anna read like a stock character She curses a lot and comes off as the angry black woman The epilogue was jam packed And the book was thin The ending read like a means to tie in the first two books in the series and their characters And throughout there is little tension In short after such a fantastic well developed read in Windows I am disappointed I think Billy can do much better than this Bring back the sarcasm and wit the acerbic archness and the sweetness the sexiness and the romance and above all the STORY