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Murder Takes Time kindle â ebook á Nicky Fusco thought he knew right from wrong living by an oath of friendship honor with his three best friends But life took them down separate paths and the oath was broken Secrets were kept Years later they are reunited and the bonds of their friendship are brutally tested putting them on a collision course Hat rips your heart out By the time you’re done reading it you just might find yourself rethinking the definition of friendship honor even right and wrongThree boys one girl Friendship honor love betrayal It ends with murde Review by Chris PhillipsGiammatteo brings new life to the typical detective murder story He takes the time to develop a complex plot into an attention capturing tale of intrigue and friends betrayed remade and destroyed It's not the oath that makes us believe the man but the man the oath – Aeschylus This uote begins the tale of a group of friends perhaps uniue in the way all Americans can be Nicky “The Rat” Fusco Frankie “Bugs” Donovan Tony “The Brain” Sannullo Tommy “Mick” McDermott form the core of this group and Chinski Suit and Paulie finish out the gang It seems that there is a destiny for them to be “friends forever” until years later“Friendship means we look out for each other Nobody ever rats or betrays anyone else”“Honor means nobody fucks with one of us and not the others We stick up for each other And it means we don't run unless we all run”These fateful words and the conseuences of making and trying to keep childhood promises provide all the tension for the plot 20 years after these oaths are made Frankie is a detective for the Brooklyn Police department Tony is in heavy with the organized crime family in the same area Nicky is the ex con that precipitates the action Frankie gets called into investigate a series of murders of some apparently unrelated men in the Brooklyn area He begins to suspect soon that there is much going on here then just someone being murderedGiammatteo writes each chapter from either a third person perspective or from Nicky's personal accounting of his life with these friends Due to the neighborhood they grow up in they live under the scrutiny of the local organized crime family headed up by Mikey “The Face” Fagullo Tony's mother Mama Rosa and Sister Mary Thomas form the character building parts for the boys as they grow up These two major influences keep the group active and bouncing around through their teenage years Girls become something they have to consider but deal with as only kids and teens from this era and society can clumsily jerkily and very self consciously As is the case with many such friends they grow up and choose different paths They see each other but individual purposes and ambitions pull them away from each other Girls family problems and the lure of money impact the group splitting them until a crisis arises The gang maintains the oath for most of this time until one fateful day when a rival gang comes looking for trouble There are teen passions pool cues and guns involved Ultimately gun fire erupts and lives are changed foreverIn this tale there is a lot of right wrong and terribly frighteningly gray When the time comes and it is needed for oaths to be remembered they are forgotten and life is never the same The murders draw them inexorably together yet again The common thread shows how badly a betrayal of friends can mess up the men that were always supposed to be oath bound brothersThe characters are smoothly real Giammatteo takes the time to develop them naturally Each takes their fated place and struggles with the people they become Of course with this much time to cover there are details that grow in importance with each progressive revelation The tragedy of the way these lives move brought tears to the eyes of this reviewer The final betrayal is brokenheartedly realisticAlthough the switching of character and traveling back and forth in time might confuse the reader at first the progression is for the right reasons and falls into place with a gripping conclusionThe book is appropriate for adults because of the violence and language As stated at the beginning of the book this is the first in a series “Friendship and Honor” This reviewer is eagerly waiting for the next onePublished by Inferno Publishing Company wwwgiacomogiammateocom 1298 USD SRP 1298 USD Reviewer received book from author

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Nicky Fusco thought he knew right from wrong living by an oath of friendship honor with his three best friends But life took them down separate paths and the oath was broken Secrets were kept Years later they are reunited and The author of Murder Takes Time Giacomo Giammatteo may be the Mario Puzo of our timeThe story begins 30 miles south of Philadelphia in Wilmington Delaware Located on the confluence of the Christina River and the Brandywine Creek A sizeable percentage of the residents as of the 2010 census claim Italian Irish and Polish ancestry Some spoilers if you continue readingNicky the Rat Fusco Tony the Brain Sannullo and Frankie Bugs Donovan grow up best friends in the southside Wilmington neighborhood of Cleland Heights Bound by their neighborhood code of friendship and honor Nicky rushes to aid his friends in a gang fight In an effort to save Frankie's life he shoots two of the rival gang members Nicky is sent to prison for 10 yearsWhen Nicky emerges from incarceration he finds the woman he loved has married another man His best friends Tony and Frankie have moved to New York City Heartbroken and with few contacts left he moves to New York to start a new life There he finds Tony involved in the mob which as an ex con he uickly assimilates into the culture and lifestyleFrankie on the other hand is now an adept homicide detective While investigating execution style murders of mobsters he notices all the evidence leads to his old neighborhood friends He must now choose between his oath and duty as a law enforcement officer or the bond of honor forged so many years earlierIn real life nothing is easy neither is it black and white Giammatteo creates a story that involves the conflicts of reality that sometimes pull at us from both sides of the tracks The author grew up in the Wilmington neighborhood of Cleland Heights The characters are fictional but certainly are drawn from real people and actual eventsThough there are some violent and graphic depictions frank and coarse language along with some titillating sexual encounters this isn't your typical mob story It entails complex situations and life choices which illuminate the human side of the characters regardless of their transgressionsGiammatteo's debut novel is breathtaking and groundbreaking He is purportedly working on a seuel The author attributes his writing acumen to St Elizabeth's the Catholic College Preparatory High School he attended where the nuns inspired encouraged motivated and beat an education into him The nuns may have been doing God's work but this novel is a gift to the rest of us mortals eNovel Reviews

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Murder Takes Time Friendship & Honor #1 The bonds of their friendship are brutally tested putting them on a collision course set in motion long agoMurder Takes Time is not a typical murder mystery or mob story It is a thriller a romance and a coming of age story t “Murder Takes Time” by Giacomo Giammatteo is nothing short of intense Giammatteo takes many complex story lines and wraps them into a tight literary packageIn an immigrant neighborhood of mostly Italians in Wilmington Delaware Frankie “Bugs” Donovan Nicky “the Rat” Fusco and Tony “the Brain” Sunnullo are three little boys who get into whatever may come When Nicky’s mother dies Tony and Nicky become than just friends when Tony’s mother helps Nicky’s father by taking Nicky into her home and raising him like he’s her own child Their old neighborhood is full of adventure and these childhood friends often find trouble than they can handle Just like any young crew of roving boys they live to see another day and get into new predicamentsOne fateful night the boys fight another gang of boys for disrespecting one of Frankie’s sisters Fists are thrown Guns are drawn Mick and a boy from the rival gang get shot in the fray When the smoke clears Mick is dying and Frankie decides to run with Tony Nicky abides by the codes of “Friendship and Honor” and refuses to leave his dying friend No one takes that oath seriously than Nicky “the Rat” and no one is negatively affected by following that code than him His adherence to the code gets him seven years in prison From that situation “Murder Takes Time” unravels in a myriad of ways Going forward in time the lives of Frankie Nicky and Tony take divergent pathsI found Giacomo Giammatteo’s approach to “Murder Takes Time” very interesting The book covers several decades and effectively uses both first person and third person perspectives to get the reader hooked into the storyline The story continually vacillates between the past and the present Giammatteo constructed the plot of “Murder Takes Time” so that the past provides critical information that feeds scenes from the present—and vice versa Nicky “the Rat” Fusco’s perspective is told in first person while the narrator follows the other characters mostly Frankie and tells their story in the third person The women in this novel have than marginal roles in the storyline“Murder Takes Time” by Giacomo Giammatteo is a classic good vs bad tale sculpted by an outrageously creative writer It tests the boundaries of the “Friendship and Honor” oath Frankie Nicky and Tony take as boys and how that affects them as men whose lives have taken different paths This novel keeps you turning the pages because you become deeply and emotionally invested in each of the characters and how their decisions have lifelong implicationsRead the complete JoeyPinkneycom Book Review of Murder Takes Time by Giacomo Giammatteo here