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read kindle ✓ Ink author Damien Walters Grintalis Õ Paperback ✓ A tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor ink is the last thing on his mind but he's hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go under the needle SailNder the needle Sailor’s work is extraordinary though and the griffin tattoo is a thing of beauty leaving Jason with no cause for regret Until he hears the flutter of wings in the night Finds drops of blood staining h Ink is a slow burn kind of horror story where you know pretty much right from the start that something bad is going to happen but the uestion of when that bad thing will come is drawn out to prolong the tension This can end up failing because if nothing happens for too long the story can lose the tension it's invested But Ink manages to dole out just enough of a sense of dread so that it never loses that building edge When it finally peaks and starts to reveal the monsters the tension is aided by a sense of real investment in the charactersInk is the story of Jason a man whose wife has just left him Worse Shelley left him for her best friend Nicole but with her departure Jason is feeling relief than anger Their marriage had been all wrong long before the start of the story making him feel trapped in a loveless relationship Now that she's left he's gone out to celebrate his freedom This is how he meets John S Iblis in a bar who Jason soon nicknames Sailor for his rolling walk John talks Jason into getting a tattoo to celebrate his freedom A pity then that getting the tattoo is doing the exact oppositeSoon after he gets the tattoo Jason is having nightmares Then he starts finding dead animal parts left on his doormat and the next door neighbor's kid is giving him funny looks From these smaller disasters larger ones blossom and explode and through it all Jason is left wondering if he's going mad He keeps insisting that his situation can't be real until finally he is unable to deny that his tattoo is alive and it is hungry for fresh fleshThere's a lot to like in the story with the details of the building John occupies described in an other worldly way that contrasts with the banal blandness of Jason's home and neighborhood The scenes with Jason and his family and coworkers are often capped with shorter scenes of John watching and waiting for his latest victim to snap and come begging for help In between these are moments of new love found with Mitch a fan of tattoos who seems to come out of nowhere and give Jason a new sense of purpose after his wife has walked out on him And all of this combines to form a nicely woven tale that starts of in the most mundane was and slowly escalates into violence and insanityI give Ink 5 stars and recommend it to fans of horror and dark fantasy

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A tattoo can be a work of artor a curse When Jason Harford meets the tattoo artist he nicknames Sailor ink is the last thing on his mind but he's hurt and angry from a recent loss and makes an impulsive decision to go u This would have made a nifty short story if it didn't stretch its already paper thin concept over hundreds of pages and if I hadn't already read that same story half a dozen times From Bradbury's The Illustrated Man to movies like Ninja Scroll Elektra The Rage Carrie 2 The Tatooist Comforting Skin episodes of The X files to a dozen other borderline plagiarism riffs especially William Friedkin's Tales From The Crypt episode On A Deadman's Chest which INK blatantly steals from chapter to chapter even down to gooey seuences in which the tattoo in that case a snake bursts free from the lead character's flesh and tries to attack him in the finale Only this version was better because it was shorter and at least had some gritty sexuality to itIt's well written no denying it but it's all so tired None of the characters are particularly interesting either especially the lead female who seems to serve little purpose other than emotional page filler because the male lead is so paper thin And I don't know if I'm the only one but if I read yet another Devil's Bargain you should have read the fine print story I'll pull my hair out Plot move for plot move I picked everything coming and each time this happened it looked better in my head than what was revealed on the page The moment I met the devil I knew the book would end with some kind of epilogue in which it forebodes his evil continuing this is but one of many many by the number mechanisms wrought through this messSadly this is the first miss that I've read on the Samhain Horror line It angered and frustrated me and even with the boredom I only finished it because I wanted to know if every plot move I'd predicted eventuated And they did INK is a waste of its namesake Come on Samhain you can do better

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Ink author Damien Walters GrintalIs sheets Sees a brick wall where the tattoo shop should be The truth is as sharp as a monster's talon and if Jason can't find a way out everything he knows will be destroyed and everyone he cares about will pay the pri Wow And this is supposed to be her debut I say kudos Ms Grintalis is an amazing talent INK sets in deep with a tail that is farfetched yet as any great writer can do pulls you in and makes this nightmare real I was pulled in fast and hard the way a great book especially in the horror genre should work I will from here on avoid any tattoo artist that says “the devil’s in the details” I never give away anything in my reviews so just let me tell you the end of this book had me spinning in my chair racing to the end in the best possible way and I was not disappointed I’m happy to have read such a great book from Samhain Publishing This is what I expected to find when the head horror honcho at Leisure Books took on the same role for Samhain’s Horror line I am officially a salivating member of the DWG fan club I cannot wait to see what this talented writer offers up nextIn conclusion if you were ever a member of the Leisure Book Horror Club YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK If you like great writing and scary stories you will love this book Trust me buy it now