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2017 By Olga SlavnikoIsregard for nature and the disasters created by insatiable greedOlga Slavnikova stuns with this witty engaging and remarkable tale of love obsession murder and the lengths people will go to get. Brilliant book A poetic mix of thriller cum spy novel science fiction novel love story Siberian fairy tale It takes the reader through the harsh realities of contemporary Russia its economicsocial miseries its mind boggling politics but also its beauties its people The plot is very well thought through The book gets truly gripping after page 100 Highly recommended

characters 2017 By Olga Slavnikova

characters 2017 By Olga Slavnikova ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Professor Anfilogov a wealthy and emotionless man sets out on an expedition to unearth priceless rubies that no one else has been able to locate His expedition reveals ugly truths about man’s disregard for nature and the disasters created by iWhat they want Her biting prose is brought to life vividly and faithfully by acclaimed translator Marian Schwartz With 2017 Slavnikova takes up the mantle of Russia’s unrivaled literary heritag. This novel brought together so many disparate ideas aesthetics and contradictions it felt liable to tip into absurdity at any of a dozen different points But it never ever did testimony to author’s intelligence and keen handle on the proceedings Her descriptions of Russian wilderness are a highlight and carry with them an authentic pagan glow something you don’t find outside old Nicholas Roerich paintings Gotta give a shoutout to translator Marian Schwartz too her translation is just gorgeous Recommended for sure

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Professor Anfilogov a wealthy and emotionless man sets out on an expedition to unearth priceless rubies that no one else has been able to locate His expedition reveals ugly truths about man’s d. It's true what they say that this is part of that genre of books of social criticism of current events that are disguised as near future books But it's also the case that this book owes a lot to 1984 another book that could be described that way since at the center of this book are the lovers Ivan and Tanya Krylov and Ekaterina The thematic work of the book is like it is with Winston and Julia to show how love is impossible against this backdrop Slavnikova adds some new elements to her critiue there's a developed thread about authenticity which seems indebted to Baudrilard in a way that Orwell wouldn't recognize and there are specifically Russian elements to this as well and the vague kind of belief in despoiled nature that a retreat from the cities is possible and at least potentially desirable This is also one of those huge ambitious books that attempts to really put its stamp on the present moment to make you see something in a new light and it mostly succeeds the urban landscape here is effectively transformed for me as I think about spectral locations as possible meeting places for trysts for the two lovers of this bookBut really as much as I admire the conceptual reach of this book what most sort of blew me away was the writing which is almost unforgivably dense except for the fact that it is also luminous and beautiful I know it's fashionable lately to uote Edith Grossman and complain about anyone who talks about the uality of a translation without understanding and comparing the book to the way it appeared in the original language to which I say bullshit That's a ridiculous and arbitrary standard; you might as well ask how the book appears on the page compared to its presence in the writer's head The issue here and in other translations is what effect is rendered by the words and here the effect is one of strangeness which I think suits the story very well the sentences are long and multi parted and I think this is intentional but they often have dangling if not outright ambiguously placed modifiers which has the effect of multiplying the possibilities of what you are reading it feels a little like translating actually when you are listening to someone in a language you only partially understand and you're scrambling to keep up knowing you are always a step behind and a little off That's what it feels like reading this book which might it's true be an enjoyable experience for everyoneBut I loved it I wasn't totally sold on the ending I felt like Tanya's turn at the end was almost too well prepared for making her seem programmatic rather than real when previously she'd been surprising and I felt the same though it mattered less about Tamara I'm committing a reductive fallacy here but Slavnikova does not write like a woman this is on at least one major level a techno thriller with a traditionally mopey male protagonist and her women are well a little opaue in a novel that purports to value transparency But that kind of complaint while I can't help but lodge it didn't change my appreciation of all the other things the novel does well the early haunting by the spy for example is nearly perfect This is a novel stuffed full of stuff like this review is becoming and I greatly appreciated the chance to spend some time unpacking it