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Jack Olsen's true account traces the causes of the tragic nig. Obviously Olsen is uite taken with Glacier National Park and the first section of the book is devoted to a close examination of the flora and fauna of that region before he delves into the habits of Ursa Horribilis otherwise known as the Grizzly Bear They are huge creatures standing erect sometimes close to eight feet tall and despite their size can run faster than you’ll ever hope to Their habitat has been under pressure for decades “ the destruction of the forests in which he could hide the plowing of the plains on which he grazed the stringing of thousands of miles of barbed wire and the pervading unpleasant stink of man who only smells good to himself and his fellow man and not always then The grizzly of the plains as was his custom backed into the final suare miles of American wilderness avoiding a fight He is holed up there today his numbers reduced to less than 1000 perhaps as few as 500 his range restricted or less to a few states Montana Wyoming”Grizzlies had been living in Glacier National Park for decades and their relationship with humans had been a comfortable one each leaving the other alone In 1967 however an emaciated bear was seen foraging in garbage cans around Kelly’s Campground The permanent residents noticed his strange behavior and warned the rangers that this bear was not acting normally standing his ground when yelled at instead of running awayThe Park Service was torn clearly it had a rogue grizzly on its hands yet the ethic was to leave the wildlife as intact as possible The visitors didn’t take numerous warnings seriously and the end result a combination of negligence and procrastination coupled with some rule violations and insouciance resulted in two deaths and a maulingSeveral years ago my wife and I went horseback riding in Glacier National Park We had been told there had never been an attack on a person while on horseback Just the following week a group of riders ran into a large grizzly on the same trail we had been riding When one of the children fell off his horse and attracted the interest of the bearone of the guides reflexively charged the bear on “Tonk” a huge horse part Percheron and 18 hands high I owned a large Arab that was 16 hands and he was big that must have terrified the bear for he took off The horse and wrangler made it on Letterman The Letterman show can be seen at writes well and I must say the scenes describing the humangrizzly interactions are the stuff of nightmares

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Night of the GrizzliesIstance apart were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bea. Allow this review to take you back to simpler times when it seemed like the biggest problem facing America would be a sudden and terrifying upswing in grizzly bear attacksActually that kind of cuteness does a disservice to the book which is a pretty straightforward and compelling account of a tragedy that would have been completely preventable at least in its particulars Step by step Olsen lays out the factors and incidents that led to the night of August 13 1967 when two separate grizzly bears brutally and fatally mauled two separate female campers at two separate locations in Glacier National Park For months the Park Service had been systematically ignoring reports about erratic and unusually aggressive grizzly behavior grizzly bears hardly ever attacked people and they hadn't killed anyone in decades so why worry about one that was persistently chasing people up trees and destroying campsites it would have ordinarily avoided At one point a park ranger nonchalantly observes that yep that bear's been chasing people all summer and an irate guy asks what they're going to do when the bear catches someone which garners this response Well I don't know he hasn't caught anybody yetThey were also ignoring and arguably tacitly encouraging the feeding of the bears at a particular park chalet Although the park's official position was ABSOLUTELY DON'T FEED THE BEARS it was a well known fact everywhere within the park that bears came out to feast on the garbage at the chalet; it was a big attraction for the park guests who expected and got what they wanted Meanwhile in a ruthless set of logical connections the bears got used to expecting food at a particular place and they overcame their instinctive fear of humans; elsewhere a hot summer and park overcrowding forced bears to have to rely on feeding grounds closer and closer to the humans they hated and the bears grew irritable resentful and desensitized to their old fears Something was bound to happen Olsen says because very simply humans have started to take up an amount of space that is inconsistent with the level of wilderness grizzlies need But the situation was exacerbated to horrifying levels by the fatally stupid choices made by the people in charge who of course weren't the ones who had to pay the price for any of itOlsen has good pacing building up an almost unbearable sense of dread and in the early chapters he has an obvious love of nature that gets full display as he details the park exhaustively but entertainingly His writing is workmanlike but his explanations are clear and precise and he's a compelling storyteller a great choice for both explaining the colossal fuck ups that led to the tragedy and making it all riveting to read aboutFor those who'd like to know about animal harm in addition to the human deaths that form the reason for the book view spoilerthe puppy lives but some bears die and a bear cub gets part of its jaw shot off and is later mercifully killed hide spoiler

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review Night of the Grizzlies Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Jack Olsen's true account traces the causes of the tragic night in August 1967 when two separate and unrelated campers a distance apart were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bearsHt in August 1967 when two separate and unrelated campers a d. I run in to grizzly bears from time to time while hiking in Glacier National Park 30 minutes from my home Though they normally just turn tail and run away from me I thought this would be a good book to help me better understand these lumbering creatures that share the trail with meI'd just read McMilion's book Mark of the Grizzly and found it to be loaded with the science of the grizzly bear its habitat what to do and not do if you encounter a grizzly in certain situations eg while feeding on carrion with young when it is cornered etc This advice was indispensable Being an animal behaviorist by trade McMilion clearly knows his stuff and wrote from a very objective standpointWhile I found this book to be engaging and sometimes educational I also felt that the stories were written for a completely different audience; those who want to be entertained We've all seen those movie clips of salivating grizzlies thirsting after human flesh where no tent within 100 miles will go unscathed That's how this book felt in some regards And while this creates good entertainment it's simply not based in reality I along with thousands of other tent campers in Glacier National Park and other grizzly infested territory safely cohabit with grizzly bears every year with no harm greater than a crick in our neck from an uncomfortable thermarest ground padSo if you're looking for adventure and thrills grab this book If you're looking to truly understand the grizzly bear grab McMilion's Mark of the Grizzly