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epub ´ The Edge Of Trust æ Þ The stakes are incredible Failure is unimaginable The malice unthinkableLiving a nightmareWhen EDGE operative Dillon Caldwell follows a direct order to bring down the Sanchez Brothers drug cartel he never imagines that his wife Sara would be next on the cartel’s hit listDillon thought nothing could match the pThe stakes are incredible Failure is unimaginable The malice unthinkableLiving a nightmareWhen EDGE operative Dillon Caldwell follows a direct order to bring down the Sanchez Brothers drug cartel he never imagines that his wife Sara would be next on the cartel’s hit listDillon thought nothing could match the pain of losing his wife but when Sara mysteriously tu Emotional Adrenaline Filled Thrill RideWhen EDGE operative Dillon Caldwell was given a mission to infiltrate the Sanchez Drug Cartel and bring down its head Rafael Sanchez Dillon figured it would be a long grueling year that he might not survive He had no idea it would be three horrific gut churning years or that the price paid for his efforts would be a nightmare worse than abject failureThen after his cover was blown he watched in horror as his wife was slain in front of him His parents were next And his sister who died broken and burning in his armsDillon wracked by loss and guilt is nearly rabid in his hunt for Sanchez intent on ending his reign of terror What he finds along the way though will change everything Dillon thought he knew to be true Washed up on a nearby beach badly beaten and suffering from exposure is the woman he thought dead for the past twelve months His wife Sara is aliveDillon's stunned relief and joy are short lived however shredded by the razor sharp fangs of betrayal and kept secrets scorched by the obvious disdain from a woman who may as well be a stranger And if that's not enough not only is Sanchez is still out there but Dillon can't even trust the people he works for Not when they kept the truth about his wife from him not when someone on the inside burned his coverHe's got a sadistic murderous drug kingpin after him and someone from his own country betraying him He's got a wife who is alive but looks at him with loathing And he's got the knowledge that despite all best efforts he has failed every single person he loved Struggling with that burden is bad enough but Dillon's plate isn't yet full The stakes that he's played with for three years are raised higher still when he finds out that Sanchez has something of his something Dillon didn't even know existed And it's a game changer in every wayKT Bryan doesn't just kick off her Team EDGE series with this powerhouse of a story she fills it with rocket fuel and launches it straight into the stratosphere Powerful writing a hell of a plot and two flawed characters thrust into one incredibly perilous situation after another are the backbone of this awesome debut As in all things the devil is in the detail and Bryan proved herself adept and snagging that devil by the throat slamming it down on the page and introducing her characters to hell Gut churning emotion sweat soaking suspense and so much action I felt like I needed a nap after The EDGE Of Trust snatched me up and commanded my attention through every single white knuckled pageSure there is no shortage of like themed romantic suspense out there There are certainly elements in this book I've read elsewhere It has a military flavor of course and the former Navy SEAL alpha male warrior now an EDGE operative with plenty of testosterone and a rabid sense of duty to cause and country The Bad Guy head of a Mexican drug cartel is an extremely violent sociopath who is so coldly ruthless it's a wonder he doesn't shit ice cubes You'll surely recognize him too for all that type has been portrayed in everything from books to television to moviesThe plot too didn't have a whole lot of surprises in the direction it took or in it's major pointsbut how it was set up fleshed out and executed in full was superb The fluid timeline including moments of the past interspersed with current events so often a stumbling block in books was handled exceptionally well Readers are treated to a fairly comprehensive view of the lives of the characters leading up to and including the real time crises without once obscuring the main plot thread Of note I loved the passages from Dillon's journal as it gives readers insight into the emotional price an undercover agent pays and how his character in particular evolved during his undercover assignmentAnd when it comes to Dillon and his wife Sara as characters we reach what for me elevated this book from a solid suspense read I really enjoyed to one of my favorite reads this year Not only were they deliciously flawed and grievously wounded individuals preferred for the depth it gives the characters but their emotional baggage and all their issues were ripped open and exposed in deliciously gritty brutal fashion in actions and reactions fights and fury angst and passion It wasn't always pretty certainly wasn't traditional for a romance novel but it was so damn realistic within the fictional framework that I was left shaken by several scenes my heart in my throat and my stomach in knotsGrief confusion betrayal guilt blame shame and worseincluding ugly emotions that danced dangerously close to hatred Bryan gleefully dipped her brush into them all and splattered them into the gaping bloody wounds of her characters' lives The result was a story long evolution of a relationship one that provided an unflinching and brilliant portrayal of two characters who used to love each other very much then lost it allor gave it away and now have to deal with the aftermath of every painful choice and uncertain decision if they are going to have any hope of peace Never mind absolutionIt was messy and harsh as hell and made for some gripping frustrating and agonizing reading I loved every second of itThis definitely isn't a book for the faint of heart Not only was the emotional gamut fairly harsh and unrelenting but Bryan doesn't shy away from scenes of physical brutality either While the majority of the book was fairly average for the genre in that regard there were at least three scenes I can think of right off the top of my head that pushed the envelope One was graphic enough and included subject matter that hit me hard and I'm not a particularly sensitive readerI am a reader who appreciates Bryan's ability to create the sort of story she's written here Well written and complex taut and emotional action packed and exhausting this series debut is the whole package It's one of the best romantic suspense novels of this type that I've read and one of my favorite reads of the year In short wow Awesome read Disclosure A copy of this book was provided to me by the author for review This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my ownReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

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Lon has left for living One way in and no way outTrapped in a hostile jungle Dillon and Sara have nowhere to turn nowhere to hide and they find themselves shifting from the shadows of vengeance into the sunlight of justice In order to survive they can trust no one will betray anyone and are determined to win at whatever the cost Even if it means going over the ed This is a great edge of your seat mystery and love story I really liked it Will reread as I read this years ago and just realized I didn't review

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The Edge Of Trust Team Edge #1 Rns up twelve months later beaten yet alive he realizes he was wrong She has secrets she’s unwilling to share secrets that could cost them their livesHunted by a relentless killerRafael Sanchez has turned a vendetta into a war with no rules He has taken retribution to an extreme and wants to shatter than just Dillon’s life He wants to destroy every reason Dil OMG I cant describe how much I loved this book What a wonderful surprise this wasSo much drama and suspenseThis book just shows that loves always finds a way I have got to get my hands on Jake's book as soon as its released