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read Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So Far epub ß Hardcover µ Pearl Littlefield’s first assignment in fifth grade is complicated She has to write an essay about her summer Where does she begin? Her dad lost his job she had to go to a different camp—one where her older sister Lexie was a counselor in trPearl Littlefield’s first assignment in fifth grade is complicated She has to write an essay about her summer Where does she begin? Her dad lost his job she had to go to a different camp one where her older sister Lexie was a coun In this seuel to Ten Rules for Living With My Sister Pearl Littlefield has to write an essay on her summer for fifth grade but it's complicated Her father has lost his job as a professor which has made life difficult for her family The family vacation out west has been canceled the family sells their car takes the subway to bargain stores and has cut back on just about everything Her author mother is working all the time Pearl and her sister both get to go to summer camp but Lexie takes a job as a Counselor in Training to help pay for her tuition and ends up with Pearl's group Camp is fraught with the same social perils as school and Pearl manages to get on the bad side of her best friend JBIII which makes things even worse When the girls return home for the rest of the summer Lexie gets several jobs to help out the family but Pearl feels she has no skills until she makes up with JMIII and the two come up with a business plan In the end Pearl decides that while the summer wasn't perfect there were still some things to recommend itStrengths This is a good realistic series for older elementary school students The sense of place New York City and characters are strong and the depiction of a family struggling with unemployment is one that will resonate with many studentsWeaknesses Something about this book made me want to see some character development which is not something I am usually looking for Pearl is kind of annoying throughout and I never felt that she really got the larger implications of what her family was going through Again not usually something I worry about since students never come to me and say There was a lot of action but I didn't feel that the characters really grew at all Maybe this was just for a younger audience than I am used to I enjoyed the book but was left wanting something

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Selor in training ugh and she and her good friend James Brubaker III had a huge fight which made them both wonder if the other kids were right that girls and boys can’t be good friends and which landed one of them in the hospital The seuel is a bit heavy handed and less hilarious than 10 RULES FOR LIVING WITH MY SISTER

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Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So FarAnd there’s much much on the list of good and bad things as Ann Martin takes this appealing character into new adventures through which young readers will see that good or bad life is what happens when you’re making other plans But as I have learned things don't always happen the way you want them to — Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far P 194 One thing about this book that caught my attention is a blurb on the jacket from Publisher's Weekly It's hard not to picture Pearl and Lexie as successors to Ramona and Beezus as Martin creates a novel as entertaining as it is true Not every sound bite no matter how well intentioned accurately captures the spirit of the book it's meant to describe but in this case I must say to whomever was writing on behalf of Publisher's Weekly Rem acu tetigisti you've hit the nail on the head The pleasure to be gained from reading Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far isn't only a matter of Pearl's fantastically fresh first person narration rivaling the best work of any other dynamic amusing character in the annals of literature for young readers As in Beverly Cleary's immortal Ramona books author Ann M Martin has ingeniously distilled the stuff of life into the thoughts and attitudes of Pearl Littlefield as she takes the good and bad that happens to her with eual determination to do what's right Pearl is excitable and trusting naturally thinking those around her have as insatiable an appetite for everyday life as she does not understanding why she doesn't always see her own enthusiastic demeanor reflected in her friends family and others When Pearl's friend Justine moved away from their apartment building to the other side of the city a girl who had been her best friend without any apologies for their two year difference in age Pearl had been mostly friendless for some time It didn't help that her older sister Lexie was a continual puzzle to her sometimes friendly and at other times shutting Pearl out of her personal life almost completely Of course we read all this in the book preceding this one as Pearl's grandfather Daddy Bo moves in with the family on a temporary basis and Pearl makes a connection with a new friend and a boy at that James Brubaker III JBIII Fourth grade is over for Pearl now She starts fifth grade in a new school with lots of new kids and an assignment about what her summer was like and it is through this assignment that most of Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far is told Pearl has had uite an adventurous summer between the end of the last book and the start of this one and she's going to let it be the first story her new teacher hears about her If someone had told Pearl before her summer vacation began all the twists and turns she and her family were about to go through she probably wouldn't have believed it could ever turn out okay but maybe this past summer wasn't as bad as it seemed at various points along the way Pearl herself has changed in some respects and these changes have allowed her to view the whole ordeal of the summer as an important learning experience she wouldn't be the same without On the brink of an extended family trip one sure to be all the fun because Daddy Bo is going to join them Pearl's family's plans come screeching to a halt when the hammer drops that her father has been fired from his job as a professor of economics The Littlefields live in New York City one of the expensive places to set up residence whether or not one has a family and maintaining their home on Pearl's mother's salary alone is going to reuire a number of cost cutting measures The elaborate vacation across the US is the first expenditure to go but there are many other small changes to be made around the house in the wake of the lost income It isn't easy for fourteen year old Lexie or Pearl to give up some of their favorite expenses but Pearl watches Lexie take the lead and decides to follow repeatedly coming back to the touchstone thought that she doesn't want to make matters any harder for her parents as her father scrambles to find new employment and her mother assumes double duty increasing her writing output in an attempt to make ends meet Pearl lives in New York City though where an adventure waits around every corner should one choose to pursue it and there's possibility for plenty of excitement even at home Besides that Pearl and Lexie have already been signed up for several weeks of summer camp and even if Lexie does ignore Pearl while they are there JBIII and Justine will be attending too Yet even the camp experience doesn't go as Pearl had planned as she and JBIII fall into a uarrel and end up spending time sulking apart from each other than laughing and having fun together as best friends are meant to do How many weeks like these free of responsibility at camp to laugh and play and have a good time together will friends like Pearl and JBIII have in their lives before the confusions of adolescence move in to obfuscate the issue? Reminiscent of the painful separation between Ellen Tebbits and her friend Austine in Beverly Cleary's 1951 book Ellen Tebbits we see misunderstanding resentment smoldering anger and bewilderment over the reactions of each other get in the way time and again of potential reconciliation between two friends who shouldn't stay mad at each other for long and as the gap widens and both Pearl and JBIII become used to the strange absence of the other and less comfortable making the first move to mend their friendship we begin to wonder if a wonderful thing is in the process of dissolving permanently How could Pearl and JBIII never get back together as friends after enjoying each other's company for such a short time? For me the line that says it best is this one from Pearl's perspective Then I looked at JBIII who was sitting with the Dudes and punching Austin on the arm and I thought how much fun the week would be if my best friend and I were speaking to each other When a big event like a convention or summer camp happens one we would normally be so excited for and having the time of our lives diving into and experiencing with full gusto there's nothing like a schism with one's best friend to make the waters taste bitter than sweet When those special days are gone they're gone for good and it's hard to see the days that should be jubilant drifting by in not much than gray indifference In my mind it's the sharp memory of this hapless helpless feeling that I will recall most about Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far and that's a positive thing It's remembering the rotten feelings of losing friendship that can impel us to do whatever it takes to fix things even when that means taking the initiative and being the first one to lay it all out on the line Pearl's summer is dotted with moments both good and bad but it's only in resigning herself to the unknowns of her family's situation and the role she is to play in it that she learns having to do without some luxuries doesn't have to be that bad In fact cutting back on a few indulgences can make one feel self sufficient and thrifty relying not on piles of money to buy what one wants but on the products of one's own mind to provide entertainment and enlightenment Without all those extra accoutrements complicating matters it can be simpler also to see the importance of the people in one's life friends and family both In looking back on the summer she has just survived Pearl sees there was as much good as there was bad and one can't hope for a lot than that There are so many uestions about what's just ahead with Pearl's father still unemployed and seeking a job the majority of her fifth grade school year still to be played out and the vital status of friendships fluctuating as people transform and so do their interests often leaving Pearl guessing as to what will happen next The year ahead promises to be a big one and I'm looking forward to living it alongside Pearl It is an honor to be her friend Ann M Martin may be best remembered for the multiple successful series she has launched but to me she's always a master novelist first one whose every book is of the caliber reuired to contend as surely for the big prizes in youth literature as to be among kids' favorite books in any given year Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far may not be uite as powerful a story as Ten Rules for Living with My Sister but it's just as fresh and just as comical and I'd love to read about Pearl I would give at least two and a half stars to Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life So far and uite likely the full three and I heartily recommend it to all fans of Ann M Martin's writing in any form it has ever taken Whether or not Pearl Lexie and JBIII can live up to the literary legacy of Ramona Beezus and Howie they've certainly started out well