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reader Ï Krewe Daddy ↠ Kindle Edition ï moneyexpresscard Ò This edition is no longer availableLuis is the Daddy a sought after lover with an ego to match the mammoth sized Mardi Gras floats he designs His lifestyle and reputation are wearing him out but Luis can't find a satisfying way to break the cyEn't forgotten each other or settled their differences When they accidentally meet in a French uarter gay bar the years of regret anger and pent up emotions erupt Their passion is as hot as ever their mistrust just as potent When Drew's future is in Luis' hands will he choose his lifestyle or lov For the majority of the story I was actually hoping Drew and Luis wouldn't get together They didn't seem to gel as a couple Plus I really found myself liking Blair However when Drew was brutally attacked and left for dead I began to rethink my opinion of the duo For a brief moment I thought Luis was going to cheat on Drew and throw away all the trust they've reestablished Thankfully Luis' heart stayed true to Drew and finally they were on the road to a strong healthy relationship

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Have a foolish affair six years ago It destroyed his relationship with Luis and he's never been able to commit to anyone since Now he's taken control of his life and changed his submissive personality by becoming a model for Kevin Marks and a wildlife enforcement agent in New OrleansThese men hav Originally posted at little intimidation and attempted murder sure goes a long way towards getting priorities straight in one’s life but the payoff of a finally resolved romance is enough of an impetus to see it through until the end game If he survivesMs Church set up the plot elements in the first two chapters giving readers a bit of background that ties the two heroes together It was done with a natural easy flow by getting into each of the heads of Drew and Luis I learned that there are unresolved issues between the men but that they’ve gone on with their lives Both men have changed to some degree; Drew most of all The challenge is going to be to reconcile their past differences and learn about each other all over again Some things have remained the same like the incendiary passion that erupts between them and others have changed like Drew’s confidence enhanced by doing a job that matters Life has shaped Drew into a sharper smarter man and it’s Luis that needs to come to terms with itThe plot thread of criminal activity and the threat to Drew’s safety is woven throughout the book giving a sharp edged tone to its telling especially with the pressure of the ticking clock Drew’s current job put him in harm’s way and it’s coming to get him First he has to testify and someone doesn’t want him to The hero has to survive long enough to tell his story to a jury The scenes of the violent confrontation were hard to read Ms Church did a very nice job of getting the horror and viciousness across to a readerWhen Luis and Drew reconnect there are a lot of great sex scenes but the drama and intensity that peppers the story makes the sex meaningful and powerful There’s a certain level of communication that goes on during those romps and it’s Luis and Drew’s hearts doing the talking What comes out of their mouths and the mixed up insecurities that plague their brains mess up what their bodies are trying to tell them It’s not over it’s a new beginning and this is their second and last chanceOf course the path of love isn’t easy or smooth and once they reconnect Luis has to make some hard choices Drew needs to learn and accept that this time Luis is for real Nothing tests that fragile new resolve like having a partner who was vibrant and independent suddenly lose that independence and then having to deal with the emotional fallout Luis and Drew’s new beginning is forged in fire If they can make it through these worst of times then there is hope Ms Church effectively took me through Drew’s painful healing process both emotional and physical with writing that captured the darkness he feltI wasn’t too crazy about the character of Kyle In the beginning he seemed okay like a wonderful support system for Drew with benefits He came across as sane well adjusted and a solid peer Once Luis came on the scene Kyle changed like he’d become possessed by a sniveling resentful and immature alien and he did and said things that didn’t jive with how he was initially portrayed I’m not sure exactly why his character didn’t work for me but he annoyed me immensely Maybe it was his true self and the author wanted that swift change to be shocking; in that she succeeded I had a hard time accepting it thoughWhat I did enjoy was seeing Teak and Kevin again in well placed cameos There was a lot of great emotion from Drew’s friends and the scene in the hospital really got to me Ms Church grabbed my attention and put my feelings through the wringer when she described the hero’s frustration worry and fears What kind of productive life can he have if he never recovers? That was pretty heavy stuff and the author handled it wellThere’s no doubt that the sex between Drew and Luis was hot Ms Church knows how to make a reader sweat and the writing was well doneOne character that was a gem was Sapphire What a hoot and a very nice addition to the story I don’t think Sapphire was meant as comic relief but certainly he brought a much needed fun element to whatever scene he was inKrewe Daddy has a lot going for it Drama and suspense spices it up while passion ignites the pages as Drew and Luis reconnect and fall in love all over again I had to refrain from saying about this book Ms Church managed to put a ton of interesting and fascinating twists and turns between the main protagonists and her secondary characters that I had a hard time choosing what to focus my review on I enjoyed Drew and Luis I liked the dialogue and was wide eyed from the criminal element The author really paid attention to the emotions of her characters and that attention to detail made them vivid and real This was a gripping and entertaining read but what I really liked was how Ms Church wrapped up the happily ever after It was so romantic and complete Now that’s the way to do it

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Krewe DaddyThis edition is no longer availableLuis is the Daddy a sought after lover with an ego to match the mammoth sized Mardi Gras floats he designs His lifestyle and reputation are wearing him out but Luis can't find a satisfying way to break the cycle and be happy tooDrew's insecurities pushed him to Just when I thought I couldn't dislike a character than I disliked Kevin from the first book we meed again since he was also in the first book Drew In book 1 Drew seemed like a decent enough guy He'd been interested in Kevin but didn't pursue him when he realized that he and Teak were getting together That was decent of him That's where the decency ended though In this book he is dating sort of Kyle another agent at his place of work Kyle's obviously really into Drew Drew also works as a model for Kevin So we get a chance to meet up with Kevin and Teak from book 1 While working on a model shoot Drew is also having sex with another model Blair So he's not exclusive with either Blair or Kevin a fact they are both aware of But there's another man who's in the picture though Drew's not been with him for 6 years This man is Luis Luis is the man Drew was with when he met and had sex with Teak He did that because he was convinced that his 'Daddy' ick Luis was messing around with all the men who flirted with the barrel chested ick Daddy So he went to Dallas met Teak and had lots of sex with him So here we are 6 years later and everyone Drew has dated has been compared to this god Luis They are all aware that there is an invisible third man in their sex lives He and Kyle are out on a date and Drew is about to commit to Kyle when who should they bump into at some leather bar but Luis who is himself on a date with a cross dressing client who he's also having sex with They argue Drew storms off his usual MO and then has two nights of sex with Kyle and goes off to model He has sex with Blair returns home and then contacts Luis I was close to putting this book in my DNF pile at this point He breaks up with Kyle because he thinks Kyle is trying to manipulate him He tells Blair that he will take him up on his offer Blair wants them to move to each other's state doesn't matter which one moves so they can make a go of their onoff relationship IF things don't work out with Luis Oh what a generous offer Drew must really be God's gift to gay men sigh He had also kept stringing Kyle along but had the whole Luis story in that relationship Everywhere he turns he thinks that men want him UGH What a bore All the stupidity with Luis got so old When he was kidnapped I was hoping that would be the end of it but no no such luckI didn't give up Glad that's over though It's not the writing I didn't like it was the characters There was just no redeeming them unfortunately