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PDF ´ BOOK Raven The Untold Story of the Rev Jim Jones and His People À The basis for the upcoming HBO miniseries and the definitive account of the Jonestown massacre Rolling Stone now available for the first time in paperback Tim Reiterman s Raven provides the seminal history of the Rev Jim Jones the Peoples TeThe basis for the upcoming HBO miniseries and the definitive account of the Jonestown massacre Rolling Stone now available for the first time in paperback Tim Reiterman s Raven provides the seminal history of the Rev Jim Jones the Peoples Temple and the murderous ordeal at Jonestown in 1978 T 5 unfathomable horrifying despondent stars 2017 Silver Award Tie 2nd Favorite Read I sit here and am uncertain on how to proceed I feel numb terrified bewildered and yes shell shocked Since the end of March I carefully read this book with dark fascination and within the last week experienced nightmares day terrors and profound disillusionment My mood was dropping my sleep suffered and at times I experienced heart palpitations This morning my partner asked me to please stop reading this book as he noticed these changes in me as well I talked incessantly to him about what I was reading and searching for meaning and understanding around these historical events I decided I must finish this book today as this demon had to be expelled I look over what I have written and am a bit ashamed for what happened in this book is not my history my fate my demise This is the story of the deaths of 912 or so people at the hands of the most despicable of monsters the Rev Jim Jones Many of these people had difficult enough lives before meeting this dark savior but afterwards experienced a kind of hell that is unimaginable to most of us Many of these people suffered this torment for many years before submitting to of all things killer kool aidI initially was going to write a brief piece on how the malignant narcissist is much dangerous to society than a brilliant sociopath and then realized I was distancing myself from the horrendous suffering that took place to my fellow human beings These events occurred before my birth up until I reached third grade where I vaguely recall hearing on the news about these atrocities Luckily for me my parents and family shielded me from this and yet the story permeated society for a number of years and friends used to joke about poisoned fruit juices not really understanding what transpiredI went into this book wanting comprehension of the personality make up of Jim Jones and how events could transpire to a type of massacre Alas this did not occur instead I am perplexed and frightened of the world at largeTIm Reiterman is a journalist that was in Guyana at the time of the mass suicide and in fact was shot and hurt by some of Jones' henchmen He had been following this religious group for a number of years His experience in Guyana is harrowing and yet he lived not only to tell the tale but to tell the story in a coherent balanced and yes believe it or not an immensely respectful way His writing is clear logical exhaustive He starts with Jim's developmental and family history and moves forward to starting an important religious and social movement to his incarnation as a self made messiah to a tyrannical dictator to finally a deluded annihalator We start in Indiana move to California and ultimately end up in Guyana I was at the edge of my seat for the entire time and although often wanting to escape I knew I had to stay for the ride out of respect for the many hundreds of victims Jim Jones is one of the most complex and sadistic men I have ever read about He humiliated raped and ultimately murdered many hundreds of women men and children A bisexual monster so evil that a human mind could not have created him in the most twisted of fictionsMr Reiterman writes But despite any culpability of government bureaucrats investigators or politicians blame for the Jonestown tragedy must ultimately come to rest in the deranged person of Jim Jones His ends justifies the means philosophy paranoia megalomania and charismatic personality must weigh much heavily in the balance than any oversight ineptitude weakness or political exploitation by those outside the church It was not the Temple's enemies that brought down the Temple but Jones's destructive personality The prophecy of doom had become an end in itself This will be among the very best books I read this year but unlike the others where I will have much desire to revisit themthis story will hopefully lay dormant deep within my psyche You lovely and poor people of Jonestown I sincerely hope that wherever you are after death that you have everlasting peace

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Lowed him and the important truth that many of those who perished at Jonestown were victims of mass murder rather than suicideThis widely sought work is restored to print after many years with a new preface by the author as well as the than sixty five rare photographs from the original volume I've read probably close to a dozen books on Jonestown and this was the best and by far the most thoroughTim Reiterman one of the reporters shot during the ambush at the Guyana airstrip that triggered the Jonestown tragedy is an excellent writer who told the story of the Peoples Temple through multiple points of view and personal histories It's not just a book about Jim Jones and his depravities though there were plenty of those starting in Jones' childhoodSince Reiterman did such a phenomenal job humanizing the victims too many other accounts have dismissed them as a brainwashed cult and survivors' stories tend to be very defensive understandably it was a very difficult book to read It brought me to tears several times and often I'd feel depressed after reading it When I reached the final chapters I couldn't put it down but otherwise I found I needed to take breaks from it The world of Jonestown was a dark one indeedThere are still so many uestions left unanswered Marceline Jones emerges as a tragic heroic figure but why didn't she use her influence to stop the tragedy before it started? After her disillusionment with Jones his infidelities and their separation how could her love for him still trump the death of the children she loved? Why didn't Stephen Jones tell authorities what was happening at Jonestown in the hopes of stopping it? And did Jones really believe in socialism and communalism at all or was it just the answer to achieving ultimate control over a large group of people? Why didn't people oppose the killing of the children on the day of the suicide since so many were disillusioned with Jones and unhappy?Perhaps one of the saddest aspects of this tragedy is that Jonestown WAS workinguntil Jones moved there full time and ruined it One wonders what would have happened if the community members had banded together and ousted him once it became obvious his paranoia and mental illness were out of controlIf you're interested in Jonestown and the Peoples Temple this is the definitive book on the subject

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Raven The Untold Story of the Rev Jim Jones and His PeopleHis PEN Award winning work explores the ideals gone wrong the intrigue and the grim realities behind the Peoples Temple and its implosion in the jungle of South America Reiterman s reportage clarifies enduring misperceptions of the character and motives of Jim Jones the reasons why people fol In case you weren't aware Jim Jones was one crazy televangelist motherf who led over 900 members of his People's Temple Church to commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide laced Flavor Aid yes that's right it was generic Kool Aidin the late 70's Yes this happened a long long time ago but yet it still gives me chills when I think about the mindfuck that Jones was perpetuating and that lots of people actually bought into it Jones according to the book was apparently the Rico Suave of his time complete with leisure suits and mirrored sunglasses and a master at manipulating people to get what he wanted Once Jones had convinced enough susceptible people that he was God reincarnated there was no stopping his realization of a utopian socialist paradise in the Guyanese jungle Jim was a sick fuck and the book explains that in pretty mind numbing detail including an early childhood obsession with death and religion that carried over into adulthood