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CHARACTERS Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Winner of the 2013 PENFaulkner Award for FictionBenjamin Alire Sáenz's stories reveal how all borders—real imagined sexual human the line between dark and light addict and straight—entangle those who liWinner of the 2013 PENFaulkner Award for FictionBenjamin Alire Sáenz's stories reveal how all borders real imagined sexual human the line between dark and light addict and straight entangle those who live on either side Take for instance the Kentucky Club on Avenida Juárez two blocks south of the Rio Grande It's a touchstone for each of Sáenz's stories His characters walk by they might go in for a drink or to score or they might just stay there for a while and let their story be told Sáenz knows. Amazing This was a book of seven short stories It was such an entertaining read that I probably could have read the whole book in a day or two But each story was so powerful after each one I just put the book down and thought about it for a while I read the book over seven days a story each night This book hasn't received many rave reviews so after each amazing chapter I found myself contemplating why that was I decided that perhaps the book was too melodramatic or not subtle enough for some and indeed after I finished I sought out some reviews and that does appear to be the complaint What can I say I'm not a big fan of subtle Life isn't subtleJust before Kentucky Club I read the critics' short story favorite Tenth of December by George Saunders I gave it four stars It had some great stories but a couple of clunkers Kentucky Club had seven great stories and I dare say all seven hit me in the gut than Tenth Great stuff

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That the Kentucky Club like special watering holes in all cities is the contrary to borders It welcomes Spanish and English Mexicans and gringos poor and rich gay and straight drug addicts and drunks laughter and sadness and even despair It's a place of rich history and good drinks and cold beer and a long polished mahogany bar Some days it smells like piss I'm going home to the other side That's a strange statement but you hear it all the time at the Kentucky ClubBenjamin Alire Sáenz is a highly re. This was an absolutely fantastic if too short story collection which captivated me from the very first sentence moved me and made me want from every story I can easily see why this collection received both the 2013 PENFaulkner Award for Fiction as well as the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction although not every story is gay themedThe Kentucky Club in Juárez Mexico just over the US border is a touchstone in every story Much like the characters in Saenz's stories the Kentucky Club caters to both young and old straight and gay rich and poor Mexican and American and serves as everything from a special rendezvous spot to a pickup joint to a place of distant and pleasant memoryOverall the stories in this collection aren't uite happy ones but they pack a powerful punch and they're stuck in my head now that I'm finished with them From the opening story He Has Gone to Be with the Women which chronicles the highs and lows of love to the closing story The Hurting Game in which the main character struggles between falling in love and protecting himself from getting hurt I was mesmerized by Saenz's use of language the beauty of his narrative and the memorable characters Any one of these stories could be a novel on its own because I so wanted to know what happened to the characters after the stories endedWith only seven stories it's difficult to pick favorites There were stories that moved me a little than others but at the end of each I wondered whether Saenz could top himself And he often didIf you're a fan of short stories or just magnificent emotionally rich writing definitely pick up Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club You'll be glad you did but like me you'll probably be sad when you're done

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Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky ClubGarded writer of fiction poetry and children's literature Like these stories his writing crosses borders and lands in our collective psyche Poets Writers Magazine named him one of the fifty most inspiring writers in the world He's been a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and PEN Center's prestigious award for young adult fiction Sáenz is the chair of the creative writing department of University of Texas at El PasoAwardsPENFaulkner Award for FictionLambda Literary AwardSouthwest Book Awa. “Do you know what to do with love Charlie”“Probably not” While all stories in this collection affected me emotionally for me they didn’t deliver what the blurb promisedThe first two stories stood out He Has Gone To Be with the Women is a love story between two men one from El Paso and the other from Juárez; The Art of Translation is about the aftermath of a racist bashing on a young Mexican student With them I understood the direction this collection was taking I saw what the conflict was I saw how easily dreams were killed in the desertThen the next five stories although with different plots basically were variations on the theme as one of the characters put it I think it matters very much whether your father loves you or not But even while writing this I keep asking myself if this is not an extreme simplification of the meaning of these stories Because what the author said in this interview We're people who feel and breathe and die and suffer and hope for salvation and yearn for love he says We're not just a newspaper headline came through the stories loud and clear And yet view spoilerall narrators of these five stories were uiet boysyoung men who loved to read whose only weapon against aggression was their smile; whose fathers hated them; whose mothers were passive and uncaring; who stored their anger deep inside; whose self hatred grew with their age until they became men afraid of love hide spoiler