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free read Bunch of Amateurs í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û What is it that drives the success of America and the identity of its people Acclaimed writer and contributing editor to This American Life Jack Hitt thinks it's because we're all a bunch of amateursAmerica’s self invented tinkerers are back at it in their metaphoricT American Idol Hitt argues that the nation’slove of self invented obsessives has always driven the country to rediscover the true heart of the American dream Amateur pursuits are typically lamented as a world that just passed until a Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg steps out of his garage or dorm room with the rare but crucial success story In Bunch of Amateurs Hitt argues that America is now poised to pioneer at another frontier that will lead one time to the newest version of the American drea. The concept of this book sounded interesting but unfortunately it just didn't hold my attention and I only got halfway through it

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And their pursuits From a tattooed young woman in the Bay Area trying to splice a fish’s glow in the dark gene into common yogurt all done in her kitchen using salad spinnersto a space fanatic on the brink of developing the next generation of telescopes from his mobile home Hitt not only tells the stories of people in the grip of a passion but argues that America’s history is bound up in a cycle of amateur surgesBeginning with Ben Franklin’s kite and leading all the way to the current TV hi. Started out ok his premise was interesting enough but I don't know if the anecdotes got worse or I just got tired of his schtick The first few chapters I found uite engaging but I really just started to get annoyed with his general tone there was pretty much no one professional or amateur that he wouldn't poke fun at Not in a ha ha you're all my friends kind of way but in an I'm really superior to the lot of you kind of way And his bragging about what a big atheist he is which he seems to think is relevant to a startling number of topics got a little old Mostly he wandered from topic to topic in a way that makes it difficult to explain how this bit you read relates to his stated goal of searching for the American character Some parts I genuinely could not say how they were meant to tie in Maybe the book would have been better if it had been shorter The writing itself was generally enjoyable but it seemed that he was rehashing the same points too many times Basically just kind of disappointing

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Bunch of AmateursWhat is it that drives the success of America and the identity of its people Acclaimed writer and contributing editor to This American Life Jack Hitt thinks it's because we're all a bunch of amateursAmerica’s self invented tinkerers are back at it in their metaphorical garages fiddling with everything from solar powered cars to space elevators In Bunch of Amateurs Jack Hitt visits a number of different garages and has written a fascinating book that looks at America’s current batch of amateurs. I really looked forward to reading this book particularly at the moment when browsing through its latter pages in my local library I discovered that I had already read and thoroughly enjoyed one of its chapters Mighty White of You which appeared in the July 2005 issue of Harper's magazine I have even tried unsuccessfully to get my AP students to read that article as an example of just how fluid and flexible nonfiction writing can be how it can take a dry university discipline in this case archeology and give it life through storytelling offering novices the chance to learn something without all the tedium of textbook reading That I have been unsuccessful in these attempts is no fault of Jack Hitt's or my students for that matter As readers they're just not at the level of most Harper's features yet; and as a writer Jack Hitt is thoroughly engaging and often delightful deftly weaving the historical with the personal often with great wit and humor page 90 of the first edition was the funniest piece of text I've read in a long time I read it in bed laughing one of those deep belly laughs that makes the whole bed shake earthuake style to annoy your partner in this case my wife to whom I read the offending passage out loud barely getting through it as my laughter took over completely For the record she thought it was funny tooThe term Bunch of Amateurs refers specifically to Americans whose Do it Yourself amateur ethos is part of what has always set us apart from the stern trained and educated caste of European professionals Hitt begins by examining this dynamic historically contrasting Ben Franklin's rock star attitude in Paris with John Adams's priggish Puritanical professionalism Adams was to Hitt too old school too anxious to please the French court for whom he dresses with absurd Euro formality while Franklin shows up to the delight of all wearing a coon skin cap He was an American after all and would appear as such leaving poor Adams who has followed all of the rules of protocol looking comparatively foolish Unlike most kids with the KICK ME sign pinned to his backside Adams knew it was there Hitt writes completing the humiliationBut Hitt does not stop with the historical The majority of the book deals with present day examples of the amateur spirit as it either does the job of pointing out that the emperor has no clothes the great ivory billed woodpecker siting of 2005 which pits the assertions of Cornell University's department of ornithology against the skeptics on a birding blog site; or as it ignites the revolution in genetic improvements; or as it overreaches in archeology as a result of racial bias; or as it augments our knowledge of the stars through the efforts of many hundreds of thousand back yard astronomersThroughout all of this I found myself learning new things I have for much of my life suffered from an appalling lack of curiosity particularly for things scientific Hitt has made it possible for people like me to understand a lot of things that I considered beyond my understanding thanks to his devotion to the amateur spirit We are pretenders Hitt argues and this is a good thingThe lightness of being that comes with pretend of being unmoored from everything you think you know and skimming effortlessly across the surface of something profound and deep that sense too pervades this fundamental idea of the American character We are the people who literally created playtime for adults It's not a coincidence that as America's industrial might began to emerge in the early twentieth century and the world came to see us as the embodiment of the Protestant work ethic that we simultaneously created a new space for playfulness America invented the 'weekend' and all that flows from that word leisure vacation time off mental health days etc In other words playtimeBunch of Amateurs wasn't always easy reading For someone like me who retreated to the liberal arts in college partly as a refuge from the demands that science put on my brain and ego the chapter on astronomy was slow going Still as with the rest of the book it was filled with great characters and engaging storytelling In the end it was definitely worth the effort