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DOWNLOAD ï Chill Run ↠ Sometimes publicity stunts go badReal BadStarving author Eddie Barrow Jr will do anything to get a book deal with a NYC publisher Even if it means getting caught by the media while engaging in SM with a female celebrity as a publicity stunt What Eddie gets instead are details of a billion dollar fraud scheme from a suicidal client who'sS Eddie seeks help from two unlikely friends an alcoholic and a dominatrix With few resources Eddie races to clear his name unveil the fraud scheme and expose the killers before he becomes their next vict. I liked Eddie He's this regular guy that is struggling to make his dream of becoming a published author one day His strongest supporters are his unemployed best friend and his best friend's girlfriend who happens to be a dominatrix This trio is written with a strong bond that goes far beyond what most friends would probably do for you This makes me like them all the better I mean seriously friends that do everything they can while you're a fugitive on the run from the cops and risking their lives while the killers are chasing you down to keep you uiet Well where can I sign up for friends like that ; Eddie and his friends come up with a scheme to get his name out in the world so he can get his books sold Reluctantly Eddie agrees and ends up with a whole lot then he bargained for When he walks into a hotel room hoping to do one thing and finds something way off his radar he basically put himself in one of those wrong place at the wrong time situations 'Chill Run' is like one of those horror films you're watching and you're screaming at the girl NOT to go outside to check on the ''noise''yup Screaming ''Eddie no Dude Don't do that'' Then the author magically with all his wonderful writing goes in and fixes it sigh Goodness Russell Brooks great job on the suspense Russell Brooks builds a great premise and he carries it all the way through I enjoyed the suspense and mystery that is found throughout this book He even throws a little twist there at the end that leaves you saying ''What What'' Thing to remember with this bookit's not all as it seems Another great couple of parts this book had was the relationship Eddie has with his family He struggles even as an adult to stand up for himself and we get to watch him ''grow'' and learn to defend himself and actions We are able to watch this family learn and come together with faith and love for each other Pretty awesome If you're a fan of suspense at every corner and you like to solve a little mystery then you will really enjoy 'Chill Run' by Russell Brooks I give this book my thumbs up

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Emale celebrity as a publicity stunt What Eddie gets instead are details of a billion dollar fraud scheme from a suicidal client who's fatally shot minutes later Now on the run from the law and the killer. Good fast read Murder scandal embezzling mystery Everything you'd want in a good thriller The dialog felt a little forced and the translations added for the benefit of the reader took a little away from the pacing but neither were so off putting that they ruined the story flow for meKept thinking this book would make an excellent episode on CASTLE DKudos to Russell Brooks for this book was very entertainingLanguage warning cussing including gd and the f bomb Its ok though this book is adult thriller genre not YA

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Chill RunSometimes publicity stunts go badReal BadStarving author Eddie Barrow Jr will do anything to get a book deal with a NYC publisher Even if it means getting caught by the media while engaging in SM with a f. When you pour your heart and soul into your work you find it greatly disheartening when success does not immediately follow To what lengths are some people willing to go to become the success they believe they are meant to be In Chill Run by Russell Brooks we follow the escapades of Eddie Barrow Jr as his life begins to unravel A writer he is on his last bit of hope his family does not believe in him and the rejection letters are coming fast and furious It seems only his best friend Corey and his girlfriend Jordyn are his only real fans His life is takes a turn for the worse as his rent comes due and his car begins to act up If that were not bad enough he is laid off from his job and his girlfriend leaves him Life really begins to suck If he could only get a break he knows he would do wellWith the input from his friends and in an effort to get publicity in any way he can he agrees to get caught in a compromising situation with someone of importance He needs a publicity stunt to get people’s attention look at all the celebrities who made their fortune and fame in such a way The plan they have in mind is just a bit mind boggling certainly nothing he thought he would ever consider Unknown to him Jordyn also has another career one as a femdom a dominatrix She has a friend who is maledom and can set him up with one of his jobs He deals with many important and well known public figures and he owes her she is sure she can get him to give up one of his marks for the deal Then as soon as Eddie is situated and in a compromising situation with this figure Corey can call in the news As with any great news worthy story Eddie will become famous When persons unknown murder the mark during their session Eddie sees everything Now he is on the run for his life Blamed for the murder he and his friend are tagged as the culprits As other people they know show up dead they find themselves in the middle of a massive manhunt They prepare to turn themselves in for their own safety but even now they are being hunted as killers who do they trust Who can they turn to in this deadly game of chase Can they survive long enough to clear themselves Who can they turn to for help In Chill Run Brooks has given us characters rich in charm and full of fun Their friendship holds them together and they are willing to help each other regardless of the danger it puts them in He has done a great job in making the characters real taking you through their sadness and despair as well as sharing their humor There is a solid core of steal built in and while they poke fun at themselves and enjoy their camaraderie no one else can mess with them They are in over their heads and yet they stick together doing the best they can to find answers Eddie often uses the character of his own book as a foil trying to think like him when looking for a way out of their messThe humor and the action set the pace for this thriller yet the characters themselves draw you in They remind you of people you know through your own friends and family This realism has a way of putting you into the story envisioning the scenes as they occur The lengths to what Eddie is willing to go for publicity almost seem surrealistic and yet we do see such things in the news and on the internet almost daily Using the things that occur in life and putting them to paper Brooks has created events with a touch of pragmatismThe scenes are set in Canada and the antics are at once dangerous and thrilling with a dose of humor Brooks does a great job of describing the scenes as they occur and keeps you on the hook wondering how it will all work out or even if it willI would recommend this book for the suspense and thriller fan it is fast paced and full of action There is humor and danger and weaved throughout the backdrop is a story of friends that give their all for each other This would be a great gift for your thriller fan for the holiday This book was received as a free download from the author All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material