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Epub ↠ The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict 14 pages Download ✓ Moneyexpresscard ã Nine year old Nicholas Benedict has problems than most children his age Not only is he an orphan with an unfortunate nose but he also has narcolepsy a condition that gives him tE thing in his favor He's a a geniusOn his uest to solve the mystery Nicholas finds enemies around every corner but also friends in unexpected places – and discovers along the way that the greatest puzzle of all is himse The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict is indeed a most extraordinary book that I loved from the beginning and one that I will definitely read again It's a very enjoyable fun easy to follow piece of literature that readers young and old will love This wonderful story has kept me up into late hours of the night and early hours of morning urging me to keep on turning the pages because I didn't want to put it down All the characters felt real and present my favourite definitely being Nicholas; the nine year old orphaned genius boy with narcolepsy who can read a book in five minutes fix pretty much anything and get startled to sleep I've never read a book before with someone like him in it and I can't wait to read The Mysterious Benedict Society I loved how everything turned out in the end and it was overall very satisfying from the writing style to the plot and to the separate life and development of each character I recommend this book to anybody and everybody 45 stars

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Nine year old Nicholas Benedict has problems than most children his age Not only is he an orphan with an unfortunate nose but he also has narcolepsy a condition that gives him terrible nightmares and makes him fall asleep A delightful heartwarming and spirited story In The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict a brilliant but lonely orphaned boy discovers an intriguing puzzle and ultimately finds friendship and purpose as he tries to solve it Nicholas Benedict is only nine years old but he has many times intelligence curiosity and resourcefulness than most adults ever attain But even at such a young age he’s had a disappointing and difficult life He’s been passed from one orphanage to another and life has only ever dealt him hard knocks injustice and misfortune His brilliant mind and memory often get him into trouble even though it also helps him find ways out of itAnd people as well as life have never failed to let him down He believes that people especially adults can’t be trusted and that relying on himself and himself alone is the only way to survive So he remains independent and constantly on guard against a world that is out to get himBut despite this disillusionment and difficult life experience young Nicholas retains an irrepressible cheerful wondering observant unfailingly optimistic and lively spirit He doesn’t let hardship or anything else get him down or make him despair even when life constantly conspires against him And he continues to fight and wiggle his way out of each unfortunate situation he encounters But that spirit is hard to maintain and he must fight for it And when everything he’s worked for and hoped in comes crashing down his endurance and spirit are tested beyond what he’s weathered in the pastI’ve been a massive a fan of The Mysterious Benedict Society from a young age starting just after the first book was released I have fond memories of my excitement when each successive book was released These books were the first books I bought with my own money and the first that were an automatic buy as soon as they were published I was a little older when the preuel The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict was published a young teen instead of a middle grader But reading it for the first time was a magical experience I think I understood the depth the themes and the characters in a powerful way than I would have as a child though I don’t think it would be lost on a thoughtful child so maybe I’d have appreciated it just as muchI loved this book just as much as the first Mysterious Benedict Society book which is one of my top few favorite books of all time I still love both books just as much as I did when I was a kid and I appreciate the masterful writing plot character development themes and everything else even than I used to The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict is very different from the main series Unlike the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy preuel lacks the author’s trademark hint of fantasy futuristic or dystopian elements in a setting that feels contemporary and modern Instead The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict reads much like a gentle classic historical fiction novel about a past decade in the writing style characters setting and events But though uiet thoughtful and cheerful Nicholas’s story is engaging fascinating and entertaining I’ve never met a fan of the Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy child teen or adult who didn’t enjoy the preuel just as much or than the others in the series It’s fascinating and wonderful to see an iconic character from the trilogy grow up as a young boy and to see the influences and ualities that made him the great man he is as an adultNicholas and his story are delightful sweet and charming and very very touching and bittersweet as well as joyful There’s an element of intrigue and slight mystery which is so fun and it keeps the plot moving steadily The depth of emotion and theme are powerful because of the understated skilled writing And the character development is amazing I love watching NIcholas grow and discover the truth about himself and the world His personality and character are so winning and fascinating that they make the book amazing And each of the supporting characters is lifelike and well developed as well even ones who only appear brieflyOne scene of this book made me cry the first time I read it It’s rare for me to cry in books and it was unheard of for me back then I only cry real tears if I’m deeply deeply moved and if it takes me totally by surprise It helps if it reminds me of something heartbreaking in real life personal or distant But I don’t cry when I’m expecting it Except that I did cry in the same chapter during this last reread I knew it was coming I’ve remembered all this time what I felt when I cried that first time years ago But it still moved me so much that I cried again Because that chapter broke my heart and healed it in the same moment both times It’s a wonderful climax to a bittersweetly touching book I love the scenes of Nicholas and his loneliness and introspection And I love the scenes of him making friends for the first time deep true friendships Those things touch me and move me as does the part when he loses everythingBut the chapter that moves me most and made me cry is one near the end “The Kindness of Strangers” The protagonist is disillusioned and world weary at nine years old and he trusts no one and only relies on himself He believes the world is a cruel place in which no one will help someone they don’t know And then a chance encounter changes his life restores his hope and ideals It shows him that there are good caring and decent people in the world and that he can be one too That he can trust someone other than himself That “there’s some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for” to uote Lord of the Rings in a cheesy way That’s why this book made me cry years ago and again this month and why it still continues to move me just as much several rereads later There is so much goodness in this book but that chapter seems especially significant to me even though it’s different than the rest of the book and removed from it It’s so wonderful to read such a sweet wholesome book that can be enjoyed eually well by all ages It’s a juvenile fiction novel but it’s mature and deep so teens and adults can appreciate it just as much as middle grade readersI highly recommend The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict to fans of historical fiction or of the main series And I recommend The Mysterious Benedict Society to anyone who enjoys uality juvenile fiction with a slight hint of futuristic and fantasy elements And really to all people It’s my favorite juvenile fiction novel by a recent author which I do not say lightly it’s fabulous in every way and I love this preuel just as much as the original

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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas BenedictAt the worst possible moments Now he's being sent to a new orphanage where he will encounter vicious bullies selfish adults strange circumstances – and a mystery that could change his life forever Luckily he does have on I don't know what it is about these Benedict books but they make me feel like a kid again than any other children's books I've read as an adult I get wrapped up in them the same way I used to with my favorites back in elementary school It's a really nice place to visit That said as much as I enjoyed learning Nicholas Benedict's early history this book flagged so much in the middle third that I almost gave it up I skimmed a lot because I didn't feel the clues were building fast enough towards a resolution I needed a little less exposition a little action I did like where the story ended up however predictably and I felt Nicholas's own self revelations were as significant as the solution to the mystery He was kind of an irritating smug little bastard for a lot of the book and I appreciated his ability to reflect upon that with satisfying conclusions While Nicholas's insane genius can be alienating and occasionally comes off as a mere plot contrivance really? You picked up sign language in two seconds? Okay I do like him as a model for how to stand up to bullies and use your nerderific powers for good I'm sure it's encouraging to kids who get picked on for being different or too smart and there's some practical advice in there as well Will we get to meet Nicholas as a teenager next? Now that I'd like to see