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Dragon bound Free download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Half human and half Wyr Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon Pia finds herself targeted by Coin from the hoard of a dragon Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful of the Elder races. “So is that your long scaly reptilian tail or are you just happy to see me” This is funny paranormal smut The guy is a dragon and the girl shifts into something so OTT that you will have to laugh Is that my voiceSo our girl Pia steals a penny from the dragon man Dragos and he's pretty pissed off Until he gets a whiff of her lovely girly smell You all know by now that girls smell like sunshine and flowers and boys smell like leather and masculine trees It's nature Could be worse A lot worseInstead of killing her he finds himself falling for her But he's not even a bit civilized which is hilarious She scratched an arm “Did you kill the Fae horses” Dragos said in a cautious voice“Was I not supposed to” She shrugged “It just wasn’t their fault” “If it helps any I was hungry and ate one” “I guess that does help some” Yeah she's a vegan and he's a carnivorous beast It is a match made in heavenAs long as you come into this book understanding that it's fluffy smut you will have a good time with it If you want a truly original storyline a slow burn romance and amazing world building you need to keep shopping As for me I'm happy with this smutty little dragon filled world for now I'll keep with the series until I get bored

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He continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed into stealing a. You know what is totally awkward Listening to sexy books in audio format There was a really great moment while I listened to this one when a friend of mine got in the car I turned on the engine and the narrator said something along the lines of “he caressed her breast as he pushed her legs further apart” and I frantically tried to switch to the radio stumbling all over myself and hitting all the wrong buttons Awkward City population 1 Chalk that up as one reason I prefer listening to murder mysteries YA sci fi and fantasy Also it feels weird being turned on while I’m driving around BAM How’s that for TMI on Goodreads But you know what the ultimate libido killer is in books The scrunchie Oh didn’t you know Some contemporary authors are under the impression that despite the calendar reading 2011 we are somehow still living in the 1990s Bare midriff shirts Holy hell Pretty soon I’m going to read a new release where the main character wears backwards overalls like Kriss Kross with one buckle undone a hypercolor shirt and Airwalks I don’t want to harp on one tiny non issue because this book was loads of fun I initially started reading it with a friend but she blew past me because frankly I’ve been a sucky reader with the attention span of a caffeinated toddler as of late So I started it again as an audiobook and half listened half read it the second time round I’m a bit tired of fairies scratch that totally tired of them but not at all tired of dragons yet so this worked really well for me Plus there are several exciting Wyr kind in this book—Gryphons Harpies Thunderbirds Goblins view spoilerA FRAKKING UNICORN hide spoiler

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Dragon boundHalf human and half Wyr Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding t. Reread on Audible done in May 2020I was inspired to do a reread since I finished Serpent's Kiss and absolutely loved it This book was as fantastic as I remembered it to be It's strange to look back at a book nine years later Some things struck me different but I still really love this book This time around Dragos didn't seem as edgy as he did the first time I guess it's because the edgy hero is fully in vogue now I love Pia's sass and her tendency to talk to herself The world building is really excellent and I can see why it was such a firm foundation for such a long series I have rekindled my paranormal romance love and I'm off and running Thoughts on the Audible version free with Audible Escape I enjoyed Sophie Eastlake's narration immensely She is very good at voicing the various characters down to their specific timbre and cadence I loved how she voiced Dragos he definitely seems like an ancient bossy grumpy sexy dragon I would recommend checking it outDragon Bound was an awesome book I loved just about everything about it I'm not even going to pretend that my favorite element wasn't Dragos 'cause it was I have an unnatural attraction to possessive jealous stalkerific heroes who are scary as heck and Dragos is going on my list of favorite heroes of this type I liked that although Pia started out as a thief who dared to steal from him she became his own personal hoard He acted like a dragon of old used to having his way in all things Even though he came on kind of strong it was clear that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Pia He cared enough to make sure that Pia was happy He brushed her hair all the time He was actually a softie underneath all that hard scaly dragon armor Ms Harrison knows how to write this kind of hero very wellDragos is like a Harleuin Presents hero done well with an intensity times one hundred He is unbelievably wealthy prominent and gorgeous He is also immensely powerful And he was done so well there was never that incredulity factor where I have this sarcastic cheerleader moment in my head Yay he is so awesome rolls eyes Dragos truly was awesome Sick girl that I was I liked that even though Pia found him hot and fell in love with him she could still see he was a scary guy Who doesn't like a guy who would give you the world but he could also slaughter a whole army of enemies for you Who's so jealous he doesn't even like his crew touching you PSA awareness moment Not okay in real life but I like it in books So shoot meI thought the world building was really good I loved the fact that this book has a strong fantasy element eual to the romance It wasn't just a backdrop for paranormal loving which was verra nice mind you There was a lot of thought put into creating this world in which humans live alongside Wyr shapeshifters and Faerie folk of all kinds and old magic is alive and well in this world and into the adjacent magic realms It seemed eminently plausible that one of the most powerful economic figures could be an ancient dragon Don't I wishDragos is an awesome hero and Pia is an eually awesome heroine She is gutsy intelligent funny and sweet She never gave me the urge to ignore her and focus on the hero because I didn't like her I loved her a lot I could see myself having similar reactions to the strange circumstances she faces I loved how utterly fearless although inwardly uaking she was when faced with the very scary Dragos and especially at the end when she finds herself in a very rough situation I loved her self deprecating humorous way of looking at the world very down to earth and resourceful I loved her secret heritage and how Dragos cherished that part of her and all parts of her I felt tears brimming when she discovers what she truly is You have to understand that I was the little girl who was in love with Pegasus Unicorns and all mythical creatures It was a sweet moment for this little girl who has never truly grown up insideI loved Dragos' crew especially Graydon who reminded me of Butch from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and Tricks a very hip elf who works as Dragos' PR rep and happens to be the true heir to Throne of the Dark Fae How cool was it that his sentinels consisted of four gryphons and a tough female Harpy she reminded me of my girl Xhex from the Black Dagger books It was funny how Dragos came to life when Pia came around and seeing how his crew reacted to the new Dragos I don't think my review can really add anything because there are some great reviews out there of this book I really did love everything about it It was just hip enough but not annoyingly so the story and the fantasy elements were fantastic there were many laugh out loud moments this book was really funny and some poignant moments I loved the relationship between Pia and Dragos and how they had to work at some things but they weren't going to give up on being together view spoiler And my being a romance reader who likes babies I was so happy that she even had that element Not enough PNR books have pregnancy and babies in them for me I know some readers hate that but not me So I was glad she did have that in this book and it was so cool how she did it Definitely some 'aww' moments there hide spoiler