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Read & Download Stronger The New Heroesuantum Prophecy #6 Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é The critically acclaimed Super Human series reaches its shocking conclusionAll Gethin Rao wants is to be like every other boy his age But normal twelve year olds aren't blue And they certainly aren't thirteen feet tIs never the same Treated as a villain a monster Gethin spends the rest of his life on the run or as a prisoner in a secret military facilityWhen he finally escapes he falls in with a group of superpowered teens and becomes the one thing he never thought he'd be a hero But as the years pass by and. Stronger by Michael Carroll is an action novel about one of the main super human teens in the Super human series It tells about his life before he discovered his power's and his journey coping with them It gives the reader an insight to a character we saw in the previous books that the reader just saw as a hulk type character There are many things I enjoy about this book It is much like the other books from the Super Human series it changes from one part of the story to another every chapter The best thing about the book is that It is very suspenseful it never has a dull moment and even when they tell the back story of the protagonistBrawn you have to pay attention to that cause it will all tie in to the story at some point It also goes into the future showing how the young heroes have changed from their young selves into full heroes like how Abby changes into Hesperus over time and showing how Brawn becomes an outlaw but its dissapointing it wasn't scenes with the other heroes from the series like Thunder Paragon Abby or even Lancethis is mainly my only complain for the book Despite the whole book being based on the one character Brawn and there not being any minor characters I would recommendStronger to anyone who likes sci fi or action based books The constantly changing setting and whats going on keeps the reader on his or her toes I hope they add another book to the series i will most likely read it

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The critically acclaimed Super Human series reaches its shocking conclusionAll Gethin Rao wants is to be like every other boy his age But normal twelve year olds aren't blue And they certainly aren't thirteen feet tall That's what happens when his superpowers kick in And from that moment on his life. Stronger by Michael Carroll took the Kelly Clarkson song ‘Stronger’ to the next level Stronger has as much action as in a comicbook and as much emotion as pages can handle Written four years ago Carroll’s links his two series together The New Heroes and Superhuman in a excellent tie in The protagonist Brawn is a thirteen foot tall blue hairless monster or so everyone thinks Flipping between two elegantly constructed and heart wrenching storylines the readers are in Brawn’s mind at pivotal years of his life Starting when Brawn is twelve years old scared and imprisoned; betrayal closing in on him than the walls In the other timeline where all superpowers are eliminated Brawn is protecting his fellow inmates in a mining prison Brawn spends most of his excuse for a life in prison because the world cannot accept him or he is on the run from those who wish to use him for their own cause From the many novels that I have held close to my heart I have never read a masterpiece this agonizingly beautiful My heart was broken and mended in the characters and in the writing style Carroll artfully creates Carroll’s use of writing devices and plot twists put any other storyteller to shame making him my favorite author I trust Brawn in a deeper and intimate way than I have with any other character before Stronger is than just exercise of imagination but a true test of what the human spirit is capable of; even if it takes a superhuman to realize that If giant blue anti heroes and mis judged evil masterminds are not your forte then read it for a crushing example of human nature Though this book might seem like it is written for young adults; however anyone with a heart should read it Carroll took me into a new universe that I do not want to live in but visit occasionally I met new friends that intrigued me as well causing me cower making Stronger my favorite novel of all time

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Stronger The New Heroesuantum Prophecy #6He takes the name Brawn Gethin learns that being a good guy is a lot difficult than he thoughtMichael Carroll delves deeper into the life of one of his favorite characters and in the process gives readers his most satisfying exciting adventure yet which leads directly into his uantum Prophecy trilog. A book only about Brawn This is glorious And it doesn't dissapooint Though it is uite different from what I expected What's the name of the trope where the guy can just never catch a break The weebly Kick the fluffy dog Oh whatever The light heartedness and kind of hidden dark undertones of the other two books are gone replaced by just thought provoking darkness But out of this darkness comes one of the best developed characters I've ever seen Brawn who at first glance is just a hulk ripoff is really deeper and than hulk ever could be Sadly I think you need to have read the original trilogy to get everything in the latter third of the book