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It's 1893 and for Cissy and her family a new life beckons on the prairies of Oklahoma Along with other settlers they travel to Florence a town yet to be built and prepare for business alon Cissy Sissney have come to Oklahoma Territory for the land rush Cissy's father has no interest in farming but he dreams of owning a general store on Main Street filled with goods offloaded from the railroad right in the town of Florence The only problem is Florence doesn't yet exist Cissy's mother would rather be anywhere than there and when a stranger offers the would be settlers 50 for their land on behalf of the railroad Mrs Sissney would jump at the chance However Cissy's father and everyone else but one refuses the generous offer This infuriates the owner of the Red Rock Railroad and he decrees the train shall stop in Florence no Cissy believes in her father's dream but her mother is furious and wants to bring Cissy back to civilization Will Florence die before it has a chance to grow? Will Cissy her family and new friends die too without food or supplies? There must be some way to stop that trainThis story took awhile to get interesting I skipped ahead to read the author's note only to discover a small paragraph explaining the history of Enid Oklahoma as a jumping off point The rest of the story is pure fiction She doesn't explain exactly what the story of Enid Oklahoma is exactly or what made a British woman want to write about Oklahoma in the first place Once I got into the story I stopped wishing for an author's note The adventure gets pretty exciting but I disagreed with many of the tactics used to stop the train and I didn't like how the villainous characters were so completely bad The twist at the end was a huge surprise I didn't see coming None of the characters are all that appealing I want to like Cissy but she's a bit of a dreamer like her father She's only 10 so I guess I can forgive her for believing her father without uestioning Cissy seems intelligent and full of common sense She loves stories but isn't too interested in learning how to read Fortunately for the adult reader Cissy is not pitted against a mean girl stereotype There are boy bullies to contend with but the main enemy is Red Rock Rimm the railroad magnate and the Florentines must use their wits and strategy to stop the train Habakkuk Kookie Warboys is Cissy's best friend He's a know it all kid that the other kids look to for information and directions He's the ringleader of all their wild games The only reason this kid is the font of knowledge is because he listens in on adult conversation and relays that to the other kids If the others including Cissy also bothered to pay attention they'd know what was going on The other kids act like sheep blindly following Kookie In contrast Fuller and Petie Monterey are the two boys everyone avoids because they are the worst bullies Petie seems to have a conscience if not a brain but Fuller is completely beyond being a bad kid He is a despicable human being and not even his horrible father would stoop so low as to do what Fuller did I was appalled and don't blame the other person for wanting to kill Jack Monterey in a duel The main set of characters centers around Class 3 led by Mrs Loucien Shades Miss Loucien as the kids call her is a Native American woman who comes to Oklahoma for an opportunity and loses that opportunity She has no choice but to become the teacher and she ends up as a darn good one EXCEPT for her lack of teaching of actual academic subjects Yes she teaches the children life skills and makes learning fun but they're supposed to be learning how to read and write I understood right away why she wasn't teaching what she was supposed to I like how she teaches but unfortunately that's not how schools operate Her students adore her for all her unconventionality The men seem to adore her too The best kids in the school are Tibbie Boden and Honey I like Tibbie because she's sweet and uiet She's a bit timid because she's being bullied I don't believe she has a mother and her father may spoil her a bit She is always kind and caring Sweet little Honey is the youngest child in the school She's cute but some of her story is rather dark Yikes on her feelings about being bad The adult characters vary widely but all are uirky I like the coffin maker's nephew Frank Tate A cabinet maker by trade he comes up with the most ingenious uses for coffins He is always kind and thoughtful If he wasn't so shy he may be popular Another uirky character who is larger than life is Everett Crew He's an actor with a traveling troupe and reminds me of someone I know Everett is always theatrical and brings a bit of Shakespeare to Florence Cissy's father Hulbert is popular but I have mixed feelings about him Like Cissy's mother I think he's a dreamer I do appreciate his big dreams and his faith in Florence but he doesn't have the money to be a dreamer I admire his principles and his practices but also think he needed to have some way of supporting his family n the meantime Perhaps he should have gone to check things out himself without his family Cissy's mother comes across as a nasty bitter woman If they're so unsuited how did they even marry in the first place? Cissy's mother is a lot sympathetic for the adult reader understanding her concerns over her family's well being and their future Hulbert is sort of a Bronson Alcott type so I really don't blame Cissy's mother for being upset I don't know why she stayed with her husband and didn't take Cissy and leave him when he decided to go to Oklahoma She could easily say he died in Oklahoma or he abandoned them and while that would be scandalous it would be better than starving to deathThis story is best for readers in the 11 13 age range It's a bit violent and intense for younger readers but less sensitive advanced 9 10 year olds would probably enjoy the story

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Stop the TrainGside the Red Rock Railroad trackBut the railroad company has other ideas It wants to buy the land for itself and when the settlers refuse to sell the railroad boss swears his trains will I borrowed this from the library to see if I'd read it before and the answer yes From the moment Cissy started picturing what Florence would look like I knew I'd stumbled across this story of the western frontier before Its characters are lively and diverse dedicated and hardworking struggling to get by in this middle of nowhere location They come from all backgrounds and ways of life each bringing some fragment of the American Dream with them to Oklahoma I appreciated how McCaughrean despite writing a novel I can say such cliche supposedly patriotic things about paired this celebration of the American Spirit with female characters who contribute just as much as the men; with settlers of multiple religions living side by side; with Native Americans who've now been displaced a second time Those Native Americans the Ponca have children who teach Florence's children what they know about living in Oklahoma They play alongside each other even though the adult communities rarely interact For a novel that focuses on settling the western frontier McCaughrean does a good job of pointing out some of the overlooked realities forgotten hardships and social complexities that characterized their experienceOf course the book holds together so well because of the constant refrain stop the train Without it the settlers know their time is limited Fresh food and resources become much difficult to get; new settlers and businesses won't move to the town; Florence won't survive This goal gives the book which paints portraits of a surprisingly large cast of characters a focus and a suspenseful story arc Will it stop? What will happen to the Florentines? You'll have to read to the end to find out

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Download eBook ´ Stop the Train ç 256 pages ð moneyexpresscard ´ It's 1893 and for Cissy and her family a new life beckons on the prairies of Oklahoma Along with other settlers they travel to Florence a town yet to be built and prepare for business alongside the Red Rock Railroad trackBut the railNever stop in Florence againWithout the train there is no way the town can survive So Cissy her friends family and neighbours resolve to stop that train come what may by fair means or foul Loved it Funny and thoughtful frontier story of a struggling town trying to get the stubborn railroad company to make their town a train station Cute Appropriate for youths 12 and up Maybe as young as 10 but there are some scary train moments of peril Loved the one character Herman the Mormon; a silly but harmless caricature of my forefathers