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Alternate Coverpublisher Edition ISBN 0743482832 ISBN13 9780743482837Each edition includes• Freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play• Full expl The Tempest abridged or maybe not so abridged But in my defense this play is really fucking complicatedMIRANDA So um Daddy did you notice that huge ass storm that just crashed a ship on the shore of our previously deserted island? PROSPERO Wow is it exposition time already? Okay kiddo listen up I used to be the duke of Milan but then my asshole brother and the King of Naples put you and me on a boat and we ended up here on Wherever The Hell Island but luckily it's full of spirits who apparently didn't have anything better to do so I made them crash the boat which holds my brother the king his son and some other guys Now I will exact my revengesomehow MIRANDA is asleepPROSPERO Works every time Hey ArielARIEL Hi great and noble master Am I allowed to stop being your magical slave yet? I mean twelve years of servicePROSPERO Don't be silly So did you separate all the wreck survivors like I told you?ARIEL Yep So seriously you said you were going to free me like five years agoPROSPERO Cool Go torment Caliban for a while wouldja? CALIBAN GAAARRRFNARGLERAAAHSYCORAX teethgnash hey let's see what everyone else is doing And good luck keeping track of who's whoFERDINAND Hey I'm the king's son and you're fucking hot MIRANDA Thanks And since the only two men I've ever seen are my dad and a deformed monster I can only assume that you are also hotFERDINAND We should totally get married Only if you're a virgin thoughMIRANDA What's that?FERDINAND Oh man I hit the fucking jackpotANTONIO So we should probably kill the king nowSEBASTIAN Sure thingARIEL MAGICSMASH Bibbity bobbity boo Scared shitless now are you TRINCULO Hey everbody I'm tanked out of my mind and therefore hilariousSTEPHANO Me too Oh what silly hijinks we will get up toCALIBAN Glorious foreigners Help me overthrow my cruel imperialist master I beg of youSTEPHANO Wait I don't get it One minute you're gross and creepy and then you get all elouent and sympathetic TRINCULO Yeah are you supposed to represent Shakespeare's approval or disapproval of colonization?CALIBAN NO TIME FOR ANALYSIS THE FAIRIES ARE PINCHING ME AGAINthey attempt a takeover Thanks to Arielit fails HilariouslyPROSPERO So I guess everything turned out okay Now to ceremoniously discard my magic staff and book in a gesture that will cause endless debate in the future over whether this represents Shakespeare's withdrawal from the playwrighting worldHISTORIANS AND ENGLISH MAJORS GAAAAAH WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?SHAKESPEARE Hey I had to take time off for my hobbies All those personal papers and concrete proof that I existed aren't gonna burn themselves you knowHISTORIANS AND ENGLISH MAJORS facedeskTHE ENDRead for Perspectives on Literature

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The TempestAnatory notes conveniently placed on pages facing the text of the play• Scene by scene plot summaries• A key to famous lines and phrases• An introduction to reading Shakesp William Shakespeare's last play which he wrote every word of the burnt out but rich distinguished gentleman just wanted to go back to his little uiet pretty home town of Stratford upon Avon and relax enjoy himself After than twenty strenuous nevertheless productive years of writing for the stage he needs the calm and leave noisy London far far behind Besides Shakespeare is pushing 50 old for the time 17th century his illustrious career unmatched then or now The Tempest story begins with a terrific storm that drives a ship carrying noblemen on the shore of an unnamed small island off the coast of probably Italy Shakespeare is vague about the location The rest of the fleet is scattered around the Mediterranean Sea and the passengers and crews believe the nobles vessel has sadly gone down unable to survive the gigantic wavesstill they were lucky returning and had been to a very important wedding in Tunis North Africa the royals think it's a deserted islenot so Prospero a sorcerer rules this land but since only three people live there his attractive young daughter Miranda and the deformed slave son of a witch Caliban are the others the kingdom's value is very limited indeed Prospero a thinly disguised Shakespeare has learned black magic from obscure maybe evil books the former Duke of Milan who was overthrown by his treacherous brother Antonio with the help of the eually wicked King of Naples Alonso He and his infant daughter had narrowly escaped death the Duke was a bookworm not the best way to govern during those tumultuous days of constant wars Both Alonso and Antonio are not coincidentally shipwrecked on this land now being on the doomed ship; Ariel the magician's servant one of several supernatural entities controlled by Prospero is a powerful wind spirit caused the bad weather at his master's reuest Does the mighty sorcerer seek understandably sweet revenge? After twelve excruciating years stuck on this miserable bleak place Ferdinand the King's son meets Miranda age 15 she has only seen two men in her life Caliban the primitive and the gentle Prospero It's love at first sight something is strange about their encounter the father seems happy over the situation but Alonso is an old enemyPlots of course for power ensue even here men always seek to better their lives by killing others will it ever change? Shakespeare like the enigmatic Prospero wants peace and tranuility to enjoy himself in his last fleeting days One in Milan the other Stratford since they are both the same man it doesn't matter the brief candle goes outThe author believes in the meantime that men and women should be kind to one another Such passion from a gentleman if ever proof is reuired the unparalleled genius of the Bard

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FREE PDF Æ BOOK The Tempest µ Alternate Coverpublisher Edition ISBN 0743482832 ISBN13 9780743482837Each edition includes• Freshly edited text based on the best early printed version of the play• Full explanatory notes conveniently placed on pages facing the text of the play• Scene by scene plot summaries• A key to famous lines and phrases• An Eare's language• An essay by an outstanding scholar providing a modern perspective on the play• Illustrations from the Folger Shakespeare Library's vast holdings of rare book The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's last plays and somehow he probably knew this as he was writing and producing it while I was rereading this book for the umpteenth time I realised how strongly this particular play goes over and wraps up all the thirty five plays that came before itThe plot is intricate but could be summed up like so Prospero lives on a remote island deposed and exiled from his dukedom of Milan as in King Lear as in the Duke in As You Like It or even the Duke in The Two Gentlemen of Verona With him live Miranda his young daughter and two opposite spirits or forces of Nature the ethereal Ariel compare with Puck and the chthonic Caliban son of a witch see Aaron see Macbeth's trio A ship passes by returning from Africa Othello? is caught in a storm Lear again and runs aground The plot like the vessel then splits into three parts 1 the encounter and apparently complicated love between young prince Ferdinand and Miranda reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet or the couples in A Midsummer Night's Dream; 2 the regicide plot in the forest of treacherous Antonio and Sebastian against Alonso and Gonzalo Lear once Macbeth once so on; 3 the washed down jest between Caliban Stephano and Trinculo see all the jesters and divine drunkards from Speed to FalstaffAll these have a brush with disaster but The Tempest although it looks like a revenge play at first is in fact a play on atonement forgiveness reconciliation and ultimately a journey home And Prospero's magic powers the muse like Ariel is a device that allows Shakespeare both to test and to save all his characters finally gathered together for the last time before breaking his staff his uill and drowning his books his plays deeper than did ever plummet soundA both sad and sweet ending for one of Shakespeare's major plays that would later inspire a considerable number of thinkers artists and entertainers from Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and Swift's Gulliver's Travels to JJ Abrams' Lost Edited to add I just realise that I failed to mention the massive influence this play has had on the Science Fiction genre the ship that lands on an uncharted planet business especially in cinema from Forbidden Planet 1956 to the Alien franchise eg the plot of Ridley Scott’s recent Prometheus and Covenant If you can think of any other similar reference than welcome to leave a comment