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Read & Download A Gift for My Sister Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú From the author of The Christmas Cookie Club a touching novel about two sisters struggling to understand the meaning of familyAnn Pearlman's The Christmas Cookie Club enthralled readers everywhere with a heartwarming and touching story about the power of feEak dashed hopes and demons of the past The journey they embark on forces each woman to take a walk in the other’s shoes and examine what sisterhood really means to them It’s a long road to understanding and everyone who knows them hopes these two sisters can find a way back to each othe. How Ann Pearlman Reminded me about the Importance of FamilyI won this book ages ago and was uite excited for its arrival in the mail I voraciously read and thoroughly enjoyed it Then because it affected me in such a profound way have been struggling ever since to write a reviewThis review has taken me the longest to write of all the books I’ve had read and sitting in a pile I’ve wondered why this review was so hard to get started on but re reading the final two chapters really pin pointed a few things for me1 Family is important2 Brother or Sister doesn’t really matter family is important and they’re always there for you no matter how screwed up and crazy life getsI’ve always been the ‘crazy one’ I think and while reading the book really identified with both Tara and Sky but so with Tara for obvious musical reasons I know that drive that all consuming urge to write and create and play I know and struggled with stage presence and the ability to detach myself from the ‘real’ world and the performance world I’ll never be famous or have people like King after me but I do know what it’s like to be pulled in two directions and make the ‘wrong’ decision over and over againI’ve been lucky though I have a family that has always stood beside me picked up the pieces and helped me start over Tara and Sky are lucky too but the journey they both take to realize that simple fact is long and tumultuousThe prose is excellent the characters come to life and the attention to detail in printing made this book that much enjoyable There’s a small difference in the font between Tara and Sky’s chapters and that little detail really made me feel like two very different people were talkingI loved the recipes at the end as well and have decided that I should probably check out some of Pearlman’s other books starting with the Christmas Cookie Club The premise is something I’ve taken part in before and I’m sure the book will be scrumptious in many waysThis was not an easy read Both characters struggle deeply not only with making the ‘right’ choices but also with the aftermath of all the ‘wrong’ choices they’ve made in the past I do know that feeling of being compelled to create sing and play music I feel it not only for music but for writing This often makes life about deciding which way to turn next than following any one clear path and if you choose to read this book I imagine you’ll find that both characters are torn for different but ultimately similar reasonsI don’t often recommend books to family members but this is one I would recommend to all three of my sisters in law I hope they’re reading this and I hope they know that even when family finds each other strange difficult and bewildering they still love you than anything elseIn the recent past my life has involved changing jobs drastically moving to the first place I’ve unpacked at for 9 years and many discussions revolving around the importance of family what is family and how to respect and honour other family members even when you don’t understand or agree with their choicesSometimes I read books because they’re fun and sometimes just for simple escape I started reading this book not knowing what to expect but honestly expecting something much lighter and less thought provoking I was way off base with that one but so very glad I picked up A Gift for My Sister all the sameIf I could give one gift to my brother and my sisters in law it would be to show them that I will always be their family and while I may not always understand or agree I’ll love them just as muchOh and thanks for always sticking by me watching me fall and picking me back up We all know how stubborn I am and how much I enjoy making my OWN choices dammit even when they mean tumultuous seas in my future

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Y Sister she once again explores the depth of the human heart and this time it’s through the eyes of two sisters Tara and Sky share a mother but aside from that they seem to differ in almost every way When a series of tragedies strikes they must somehow come together in the face of heartbr. I'm a sucker for books about sisterhood Maybe it's because I have a younger sister of my own and I personally understand how uniue our relationship can be Even though I enjoyed reading A Gift for My Sister it left me with a sad sinking feeling that I couldn't seem to shake away all day after I finished the bookI really enjoyed Pearlman's writing She has an exceptional way of adding depth to her characters through flashbacks that are seamlessly embedded within the story in a way that builds upon a character without taking away from keeping track of the present Tara and Sky are deeply flawed and so blinded to truth and reality because their perceptions of each other are muddled by past hurts loss rejection and self preservation at the cost of never truly accepting the other for who they areThis story took me way too far down with all the tragedies and didn't pick me back up in time It really pushed the limit of how much sadness I could take in one book for ONE character Maybe because Tara has a 2 year old and so do I I felt too much for her character and the loss in her life I kept waiting for the story to turn but I guess since the story takes place over such a short period of time it might not be very realistic for the sisters to change so uickly The turn came too late for me and didn't uite uplift me the way I was hoping it wouldHowever Pearlman's writing was very engaging so I am looking forward to reading some of her other books For reviews from the bookish mama please click here

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A Gift for My SisterFrom the author of The Christmas Cookie Club a touching novel about two sisters struggling to understand the meaning of familyAnn Pearlman's The Christmas Cookie Club enthralled readers everywhere with a heartwarming and touching story about the power of female friendship Now in A Gift for M. This review is also posted at The Bawdy Book Blog A Gift for My Sister leaves you emotionally raw and rips your heart to shredsbefore putting it back together in such a way that you know you’ll never be the same again Because this is a story that once you’ve finished it and set it aside takes a piece of your heart with itSky and Tara are half sisters; they share a mother but Tara came along a number of years after Sky’s father passed away and their mother remarried disrupting the comfortable twosome Sky and their mother had built over their own grief Tara having inherited the musical gene from her wayward promiscuous father uses her creativity as a measure of comfort in what she perceives is the absence of familial love If she only has herself and her music to depend on she doesn’t need anyone elseLikewise Sky when she marries her high school sweetheart and best friend Troy and they go off across the country to be lawyers together and raise a child finds the twosome in him she has missed since Tara was born and determines that is all she needs to surviveBoth sisters treat the other as if they have nothing in common because they aren’t fully blood when sometimes that doesn’t matter at all Family can be created not bornUntil tragedy strikes and the two sisters are thrown together by circumstance and the familial bonds they didn’t think existedI can’t say enough good things about A Gift for My Sister There are just so many The premise is initially very sad and full of heartbreak After having several miscarriages a stillbirth and losing her best friend Sky loses her husband Troy to a mysterious bacteria Her family rallies around her in support including Tara and her rap crew a group of black kids from Detroit that Sky would rather judge than face her wrongfully preconceived notions Notions that in light of her recent loss they all look past gracefully Tara desperate for some measure of a sisterly bond that they never really had tries again and again to reach Sky and find what they’ve been missing all these years But old resentments are hard to get over when one daughter lost her father and the other daughter’s father abandoned herI feel like I could wax poetic about A Gift for My Sister all day long and simply not do it any justice This is a book I don’t even want to tell you about; I just want you to read it It personally struck a chord in me because I have an older half sister who is not uite eight years older than I am we share the same father and a younger stepsister by four years whose father passed away nine years ago and he raised me And while my younger sister and I were close in childhood and my older sister and I were not the tides reversed when my stepfather passed away Tragedy can do funny things to families; it can make you or break you But I like to hold out hope that in the end it all works out And A Gift for My Sister really gives me hope that it willIt addresses so many issues family estrangement race prejudice death infidelity but most importantly how you live your life It was heartbreaking and it was happy I identified with all of the characters on a really deep level and this is the contemporary read I recommend everyone read at least once in their lives Because it doesn’t matter how you die; only how you liveThis book was provided to me by the publicist in exchange of an honest review