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READ & DOWNLOAD ë House of Suns ✓ Periódicamente los shatterlings del clan Gentian han de reunirse en una ostentosa celebración para intercambiar sus recuerdos Pero algo no va bien dos de ellos van a llegar unas décadas tarde a la reunión A su crimen se suma el hecho de ue están enamorados Lo único ue se interpone entre ellos y una posible ePeriódicamente los shatterlings del clan Gentian han de reunirse en una ostentosa celebración para intercambiar sus recuerdos Pero algo no va bien dos de ellos van a llegar unas décadas tarde a la reunión A su crimen se suma el hecho de ue están e. Clone family meeting galactically gone wrongOne of Reynolds´single novels it deals with immortality childhood trauma through alternative upbringing involving simulations and AIs an option how conglomerates could evolve machine intelligence in the form of old and new robots a crime in the past future torture methods and thereby unites anything that makes Sci Fi greatChildhood memories have already played an essential role in Chasm City where it was part of showing the special attitude and shock frosted living cargo weight minimization attempts of Sky Hausmann In this case simulations AI agents and upbringing optimization could be influenced by one to avoid spoiler of the offered options hacking secret use AI gone sentient agent gone mad etc However the possibilities are manifold but there seems to be not much difference between being brought up by mad flesh parents or wacky artificial teachers The element of upbringing with partial or total help of AI is already a bit of a controversial topic nowadays especially because it includes dismantling and depreciating motherhood just as any other aspect of human uniueness and ingenuity because sorry for that sad truth machines and AI are already better in some fields and there is no reason why they shouldn´t outstrip humans in every possible aspect It´s sick and disturbing but if a perfect android could in a few centuries or millennia teach rear and educate babies and kids with perfection humans are incapable of no 247 jobs mood fluctuation no technology to detect any emotion bodily function of the kid etc the naturally upbrought kids would always fail in comparison But hey if the cyborgs look exactly like the parents they could assist them and the important bonding and conditioning on certain faces is still there so where could be a problem Hopeless romantics should learn to deal with that sooner or laterHow to explore space is a uestion of money private or public sponsoring the motivation of colonization war research asteroid mining aka resources much easier than mining on planets or good oldfashioned discovery addiction although that´s a rare anomaly These aren´t rare too and Reynolds plays his astrophysics profession card wisely and less hardcore than in the Revelation Space series making it easier to follow focused on the great and heavily interwoven plot so be focused while reading not to oversee the premises because Reynolds likes to puzzle with tiny pieces and each knows it´s place And there is an old crime a new crime a mysterious old alien civilization machine people the spirit of the air childhood trauma epic boss battles and Reynolds trademark badass character attitudes cool dialogues everything The technology is far higher developed duh as a few million years have passed since today but Reynolds is still focusing on technical and physical accuracy making the theoretical machines engines and weapons as science based and related to theoretical physics as possibleBio and nanotechnology and its possible uses misuses and funny accidents with it are a recurring theme in his work Melding plague Greenfly abilities of machines etc and one of the most fascinating aspects of Sci Fi be it in worldbuilding abilities or the effects on protagonists if they or less willingly transform Just take real life examples from biology viruses intelligence in insect colonies or technology viruses again microscopic robots Again a uestion of when not ifSome readers may definitively be disappointed because it´s still very detailed and filled with science facts characterization dialogues and whatever protagonist keen readers are into is secondary after the worldbuilding fractions retrospections and especially the families and the idea of how wealth could keep accumulating in space view spoilerFamilies Lines in this work and old money that are specializing in future industries in one sector and becoming galactic or universal market leaders can be one option hide spoiler

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Namorados Lo único ue se interpone entre ellos y una posible excomunión del clan es un robot llamado Hesperus de la metacivilización de los mecánicos Sin embargo Hesperus tiene amnesiaMientras los amantes esperan el castigo ue puedan sufrir a manos. NEW Review Written After ReadingComment #25 onwards was made after adding this sectionGood old fashioned futuristic adventure at its best Intelligent well written escapism about encounters between advanced human intelligences and even advanced machine intelligencesReynolds often writes novels with three strands set in different worlds and eons that gradually come together This is a simpler single story but it's epic in time and distance There is adventure love and loyalty attack sacrifice and who and what to trust The world building and science are vivid and easily digestible to a non scientist It’s nearly all told chronologically by Campion and Purslane alternately The exceptions are the first chapter and seven others told by Abigail long long ago until her story catches up with the main one It opens I was born in a house with a million rooms built on a small airless world on the edge of an empire of light and commerce that the adults called the Golden Hour for a reason I did not yet grasp I was a girl then a single individual called Abigail GentianI was born in a house with thousands of books in a small uiet village on the edge of a former empire of conuering and commerce I was a girl then a single individual called Cecily Unlike Abigail I have not cloned myself into a thousand shatterlings sent them to explore the universe to accumulate knowledge for the sake of it and meet regularly to share it all to satisfy an “insane craving to gorge on reality” But I enjoyed reading of such things And of Ugarit Panth a suicidal pachydermMemories Truth and TrustWhen my son was three or four he described in some detail how he thought memories worked there was a box of paintings in his brain but sometimes they got mixed up sometimes the paint rubbed off or messed up and sometimes the pictures got muddled and stuck together or torn It was important not to put them in when the paint was wet though I’m not sure where they waited to dry Maybe he had the concept of a palimpsest long before he knew the word This book is filled with inaccurate memories “strands to edit memories to delete others to falsify” Sometimes it’s for nefarious purposes sometimes for self preservation and sometimes to spare others from painThere is also an immersive virtual reality world called Palatial where fact and fiction memories real and imagined are blurred “Like being in a lucid dream although there was excitement and jeopardy there was no actual anxiety”It makes truth uncertain for the characters and the reader One character says “We can’t be punished for something we barely remember doing” That’s an especially weak argument in this worldThe most interesting aspect is not the ethical one of editing and deleting but the deeper psychological effects of memories and personalities merging and melding shatterlings who share DNA and a childhood and convene to combine their latest experiences; those who become part of overly realistic virtual reality; and machine intelligences that can split and then coalesce and confugure their minds with other machines and even post humans• “I just don’t think an experience is worth anything unless you can remember it afterwards To see something marvellous with your own eyes that’s wonderful enough But when two of you see it knowing that you’ll both have that memory for the rest of your lives but that each of you will only ever hold and incomplete half of it and that it won’t ever really exist as a whole until you’re together that’s worth than one plus one”• “Making love was a game of echoes We had shared memories I could taste and feel her other lovers each experience reaching away like a reflection in a hall of mirrors diminishing into a kind of carnal background radiation a sea of sensuous experience”Women and SexSci fi is commonly castigated perhaps unfairly as overly masculine in terms of authors readers and the characters within Reynolds often has strong and important female characters as he does here of the two main characters a couple one is a woman The progenitor of almost everything is a woman Abigail as is her rival Ludmilla Marcellan and there are plenty of othersHowever without female pronouns I doubt I’d guess Purslane was a woman and the loving relationship and smattering of sex between her and Campion feels bolted on I don’t want a sci fi adventure pumped full of passion and fluff but I’d like the women and their relationships to be plausible and to be portrayed with a little feelingVoiceI’ve now read seven Reynolds books I think I could read any page of his at random and know it was by him though I’d struggle to explain why other than that I haven’t read enough sci fi recently to have an enormous number of other names at the readyAn interesting feature of this book is how often voices are often commented on and sometimes critical decisions are made by inferring something from a character’s tone of voice • “His voice was a trilling liuid susurration of birdsong orchestrated into human speech sounds”• “A voice ancient than old growth civilizations deeper than time slower than glaciers”• “He had a rough leathery voice as if his vocal chords had been left out to dry in the sun”• “Suealing garbled sounds like a hundred people shouting at the same time in a hundred different languages”And yet despite the evident importance of voice to the story the narrations of Purslane and Campion are distinguishable only by context who and what they’re talking about rather than how they express ituotes• Toys “A scaly winged dragon that flew around the room spitting pink fire before landing on his arm and coiling its tail several times around it; a soldier who would hide himself somewhere in the room when we closed our eyes Marbles which rolled on the floor and organised themselves into shapes and figures according to shouted commands or formed shapes which we then had to guess at before they were complete A lovely machine ballerina who would dance on anything even the tip of a finger”• “A nearby supernova remnant was a smear of ruby red dulling to sable at its curdled edges”• “I had been a girl once then a thousand men and women and their lovers”• “The first six million years had been all fun and games Now we were growing up”• “We could build cities like that But we haven’t and now they’ve left their mark on deep time whereas we’ll be doing well to be remembered a circuit from now”• “He wrote love letters the same way he wrote death warrants This was neither”• Early machine intelligences were fascinated by arts and sciences because “The only genuinely innovative act they had ever achieved was to come into existence”• “To humanity an only child growing up in an ancient and demon haunted house it was like discovering a new friend”• “Her expression was fiercely serene”“It’s not the span of time that counts but what you do with it”Indeed Carpe diem Esto aliis benevolus “ We'd never have visited this world unless something bad had happened to us Never have heard those singing sands seen this beautiful city We might have travelled here eventually I know but it wouldn't be Neume the way it is now Do you ever get tired of sunsets Do you ever get tired of waterfalls or beaches Then there's always hope for usSource for image of memory box OLD Review Written Before ReadingComments #1 #24 were made in relation to thisKing Son Suns Buns WhatWhen my son was small he liked a breakfast cereal commonly known as K Flakes actually Special K but which he then we called King Flakes One day I couldn’t find them in in the supermarket so asked a nearby member of staff where the King Flakes were She looked puzzled and said she’d never even heard of them I assured her than once that they’d sold them for years and I’d bought some there only a week or two earlierMy son is no longer small and I can’t remember when I last bought King Flakes I’ve read and enjoyed uite a few of his Alastair Reynolds but not this one which he took to university and which I’ve just borrowed I picked it because I’ve been nagged to read it for eons by a GR fiend and sci fi boff who always refers to it as House of Buns as if the associations of Sun and Son were not already confusing enough Just as well I’ve never watched The Great British Bake OffSo Apatt illegible and ineffable good egg that you are I’m finally starting bakery sci fiI’m not sure if buns are better than tangerines but I hope to thank you when I’ve finished However I’ll probably be too confused to write a coherent review so this weird non review may stay in perpetuity ;Now go and see Apatt's review HERE

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House of SunsDe sus hermanos clones interceptan una inesperada y angustiada comunicación ue les aconseja ue eviten el lugar de reunión a toda costa Tras seis millones de años de estabilidad alguien ha decidido ue ha llegado el momento de poner fin al clan Genti. After reading some really awesome reviews from Cecily and Apatt and despite the fact that I've already read ten of his novels and short story collections I've been feeling uite ashamed that I still hadn't read this well regarded novel So I sat my butt down and made it my eleventh Could I possibly be disappointed at this point Nope At least not for the sheer scale and scope of this post humanity romp of over 6 million years where a certain girl named Abigail clones herself and her mind up to a certain date in her early adulthood for the purposes of colonizing space and while she isn't the only one to have done this she's certainly our MC 6 million years down the line with all the little pieces of herself meeting every once in a while to share their wildly divergent pieces and sometimes throw a planetary wide funeral and I mean literally a projection the size of a whole planet to memorialize the dead or sometimes mess around with ringworld swarms or machine intelligence genocide or causality loop breaking wormhole jaunts to Andromeda Galaxy rather than just stomping around in the Milky Way at sub light speeds which is rather the normI did mention that this is post humanity with the ability to copy and send out their minds edit and delete huge swaths of memory go into stasis or wildly different time frame references either speeding up or slowing WAY down to make the sheer immensity of either time or space reasonable to a human didn't IIt's very fascinating and the ideas hardly end there In fact Reynolds's vision of the deep future is both fascinating and full of actual story too We really don't deal with alien intelligences much unless you talk about the machine divergences from ourselves but as in the other connected Space Operas of his there's always something bigger and greater on the sidelines just waiting for the smaller fish to swim by and this is no different What about the First Machines from long before humanity What about the Solar Dams that can reasonably halt a supernova indefinitely but still managed to break and wipe out a whole alien species Who's at fault here We've got mystery deaths among the near immortals and huge uestions regarding the sanctity of really really long term memory devices and of course the whole novel is charged with betrayal But who's The Shatterlings are after all based on relatively few people and just who is at fault when they're all one Well obviously experience can change everyone and after 6 million years it's actually kind of funny that these people are still so fundamentally relatable to readers like us A lot of energy and ideas were thrown into this novel and it's definitely worth reading if you're at all into really serious Space Opera works of the deep future In general probably the best part is the fact that everything is basically based on real science and possibility and yet it still manages to go wwwwaaaaaaayyyy out there in scope That's my favorite part anyway