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Precinct 13 Read & Download ☆ 105 Å Recent college grad Alex Conner is thrilled to have landed a job as the Hughes County coronermedical examiner in Pierre South Dakota But when her first day on the job ends with a missing corpse Alex starts to wonder if she would have been better off collecting unemployment When the cops made some cryptic commeRecent college grad Alex Conner is thrilled to have landed a job as the Hughes County coronermedical examiner in Pierre South Dakota But when her first day on the job ends with a missing corpse Alex starts to wonder if she would have been better off collecting unemployment When the cops made some cryptic comments about being careful with the body t. Most certainly a book and author to watch out for I can't wait to see if this will stay a standalone or turn into a series

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Y Alex is transferred to the mysterious Precinct 13 where she discovers that her new co workers including a cute technomage named Jack are paranormals just like her Now Alex is being encouraged to use her ability to speak to the dead to solve crimes And despite being in the middle of nowhere Hughes County sure does have a lot of paranormal activity. Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionThrough a funny set of circumstances Alex Conner finds herself in a new job as the Hughes County Coroner Considering there hasn't been any murders in the area for over two years Alex thinks she's in for an easy paycheck But those ideals uickly go out the window when a corpse comes in with a cryptic warning about magic With Alex's troubled past involving magic and the psychiatric ward she thinks she's become the brunt of a nasty joke at least that is until some very strange things happen ending with the corpse getting up and walking away Her chief sends her straight to Precinct 13 where she learns that magic and paranormals exist after all and she may just be one of themI was really impressed with Tate Hallaway's world building in Precinct 13 There was a plethora of supernatural characters that should have been overwhelming but weren't due to the way things were handled Each new element was introduced to Alex and due to her acceptance were easily taken in stride as it they were directly tied into whatever she was currently facing There wasn't a single info dump which was rather impressive considering the very large amount of things that needed to be covered in such a short amount of time In fact the entire story was paced very well with no dull or slow moments keeping me sucked in the entire timeI really loved the characters in this book Alex most of all She is incredibly tough and doesn't take nonsense from anyone Most people would have collapsed long ago under the extreme stress of being told she was literally crazy for seeing and believing in magic All the years of therapy and anti psychotics definitely took a toll but she came out the other side much stronger In fact when she learns that magic is real she only protests for a short while before accepting it and getting down to business with her case This is where she really shines as her drive and determination make for the perfect investigator As far as the rest of the characters go each one stood out being well developed and fully realized The many different personalities at the Precinct made for a very interesting rag tag team that only furthered my enjoyment of the book as I watched the dynamics between them play out However aside from Alex one character really stood out There was just something so mysterious and rather yummy about Valentine that I loved him from the moment he arrived and the reveals centering around him only made me love him even Take my word for it he is awesomeI really enjoyed Precinct 13 and felt it was a great opener to this new series Everything from the characters to the incredible world felt fresh and uniue making Precinct 13 a stand out in the Urban Fantasy genre This is one new series you won't want to miss

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Precinct 13Hey brought in Alex just thought the boys in blue were messing with her That is until something freaky happens that no amount of med school could have prepared her for By the time Alex gets herself together the body has disappeared and the other residents of the morgue start talking her ear off After working up the courage to report the missing bod. Originally posted at 13 is the first book in a new adult urban fantasy series by Tate Hallaway according to the author's website and categorized as Paranormal Romance by Berkely I would say this book leans urban fantasy than paranormal romance As Tate Hallaway is a new to me author I didn't know exactly what to expect the blurb sounded interesting and I'm always open to anything in the urban fantasy and paranormal genres When we meet Alex our heroine she has just won the position of Hughes County coroner on a bet Her first day on the job ends with a corpse walking out of her office a snake tattooing it's self to her arm and the Sherriff directing her to a mysterious office named Precinct 13 When she arrives at Precinct 13 to report the missing corpse she is met by all manner of paranormals who will become her new co workers and teach Alex how she fits into their magical world What follows is an adventure of tracking down zombies dealing with crop circles and mutilated cows and Alex using her ability to talk to the dead to help Precinct 13 solve crime It took me awhile to get into this story the first 75 pages or so were a struggle I didn't connect to Alex at all In fact I found her to be uite annoying and too stupid to live the first seven or eight chapters Early in the book we learn that Alex has a past with magic she has been able to see magical creatures from an early age After her and her lover Valentine try to kill her Step Mother whom she thought was a demon she is put away in psychiatric ward and Valentine is incarcerated After years of therapy and being on meds she moves to small town Pierre South Dakota to start over So when she is re introduced to magic and the paranormal community she is still in that denial zone And while I can understand her being in denial I was turned off by her use of sarcasm and out and out stupidity about what was right in front of her face I mean she watched a corpse walk right off the exam table and had a snake attach it's self to her body just that morning I wanted to shake her while screaming take it seriously girl This book seemed to be in two parts the first part where Alex is all sarcastic wit while trying to deny what is right in front of her face and the second part where she turns into the super sleuth who seemingly is the master of figuring out clues left by the magical bad guys I liked the second part much better than the first Even her sarcastic wit got easier to deal with As the cast of characters grew and Alex's interaction with them expanded I was and entertained I do wish there was a little bit romance between Alex and Valentine I'm hoping that develops in the future I will say that the story got better the further I read This is an interesting world with some cool secondary characters It has the potential to be a pretty fun series I'm intrigued by Valentine he seems to be a interesting character than Alex actually Tate Hallaway has left herself plenty of room to grow with both her characters and her use of so many types of paranormal creatures This turned out to be a light amusing read I'm glad I stuck with it through those first pages I'll be checking out the next one to see in what direction Ms Hallaway takes this series next Favorite uoteI'm Jack he said You must be AliceAlex I correctedI was making a literary reference he said with a sniff and a London accent He stepped aside to let me in Because Alex you're about to enter Wonderland