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In the future mankind has colonized other worlds mined asteroid belts and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won't reach Earth for centuries Through it all life has been found in almost every system we visited and yet we've never encountered another intelligent speciesUntil nowWhen the Col. Overall I really liked this book The influences were clear — it was uickly obvious to me that Mr Currie is about as much a fan of David Weber as I am right down to the penchant for Russian characters and tough female leadsThe action starts on the first page Sergeant Aida is the sole survivor of her suadron dropped onto one of humanity’s few colonies after it’s been attacked She’s a great character a hard headed Marine who very much reminded me of a certain Commander Shepard The ragtag colonists make for strong backup I was very fond of his science and the semi far future setting — no magical artificial gravity here and the sole point of disbelief suspension is the introduction of the VASIMR jump drive allowing for FTL travel This is a great in between hanging out somewhere between near future dystopian sci fi and the sufficiently advanced tech of the distant futureI had a few minor uibbles here and there with the story which I won’t go into detail on to avoid spoilers and at least one of which may be addressed in later stories There were also occasional typos scattered throughout and only one or two homophone mix ups but not enough to significantly detract from the fast paced narrative I would have liked a bit characterization — in this story we don’t get a whole lot from the good Sergeant other than ‘hard headed Marine’If you’re a fan of David Weber or other military sci fi authors and you’re looking for a new author to fill the gap I highly recommend picking this book up and giving Mr Currie’s work a try You won’t be disappointed

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On Silver Wings Hayden War Cycle #1Survives to make planet fallSergeant Sorilla Aida finds herself against an alien force of unknown power and capability Her only assets A depleted suit of power armor her rifle basic kit and a few hundred Hayden born civilians looking to take back their homeJust what she was trained forOn Silver Wings is an 81 thousand word novel. Evan I officially welcome you to the pantheon of awesome and badass military science fiction novel series On Silver Wings was a truly magnificent addition to my pantheon You've joined the likes of David Weber's Honor Harrington series On Basilisk Station Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series Dauntless and Jean Johnson's Theirs Not to Reason Why series A Soldier's Duty I loved the protagonists of this book They're likable and crazy The Sergeant is such a badass the technology is well defined and without convoluted explanations the combat scenes are also well done Looking forward to reading the rest of your series BTW I've read the Hayden war arc just started on the cold war arc

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Free download ´ On Silver Wings Hayden War Cycle #1 Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î In the future mankind has colonized other worlds mined asteroid belts and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won't reach Earth for centuries Ony on the planet known as Hayden's World stops transmitting on their CASIMIR FTL system a Solari Fleet Task Force is sent to investigate When they arrive there are enough oddities in the situation that they in turn send in a special operations unit to contact the colonists and determine what happenedOnly one of those operators. On Silver Wings is a fairly enjoyable read it has likable characters a serviceable premise alien invasion of a newly colonized planet and basic respect for the laws of physics It's hard not to find yourself cheering for Sergeant Aida and some of the technology that the writer showcases—the smart guns and the powered armor in particular—have a very cool feel It's a charming novel and the Kindle edition was a treat for 4What On Silver Wings is not is really good sci fiFirst you can tell that it's a self published e book by the occasional typo or misspelt wordSecond there's a lack of flow between scenes I found myself wondering on two occasions what the point of a particular scene had been and on one occasion frowning at an awkward transition from day to day jungle guerrilla narrative to a and then months passed momentThird the action scenes are a mixed bag some of them eg Sgt Aida blasting through the jungle in powered armor at over 70 kph are exciting while others eg Sgt Aida blasting nondescript nonthreatening alien meatshields fall pretty flatI am thoroughly burnt out on the Honor Harrington series after burning through the first nine novels but I realize now that there was a reason I did so David Weber is really good at writing space combat scenes Evan Currie isn't there yetFourth the characters are a bit flat save for the likable Sgt Aida It's hard for me to recall than two three characters tops I finished the novel an hour agoFifth the dialogue doesn't feel polished I will uote the following exchange in which an admiral attempts to convince a reluctant survey captain to enlist in the military for your benefitview spoilerAlexi sighed setting down a cup of tea Admiral I am not a military officer I would not be comfortable in a warshipThe Socrates will never be a warship Captain Admiral Shepard said But with the weapons we'll load on her well I can't promise anything But we need you Alexi You're one of our most experienced deep space captainsAdmiral I signed on as a researcher an explorer Alexi replied shaking his head I do not wish to command a military shipThe admiral stood up Please Alexi Consider it I know that I can't order you; your contract doesn't cover military service But we need your experience the people on Hayden need youPetronov grimaced looking awayI will consider it he said finally sounding like each word was drawing out teeth hide spoiler