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DOC à READER Daredevil Volume 1 9780785152378 ↠ MARK WAID ↠ With new enemies new friends and that same old grinnin' in the face of hell attitude the Man Without Fear is back in action and leading with his face Mark Waid Amazing Spider Man joins neo legendary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a new spT justice may not be blind to his past and villains may not be the only ones looking for answers Bring it on if Matt Murdock could see what he was doing he'd be terrifiedCollecting Daredevil 1 When you think of Marvel's answer to Batman you probably automatically think Iron Man And why wouldn't you Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are both incredibly intelligent individuals who use their mental ability to compensate for a lack of super power For whatever reason in my eyes I always saw Daredevil as Marvel's answer to Batman They've both lost parents due to the actions of the criminal element they both operate in seedy surroundings Hell’s Kitchen Gotham City and both series have implored a dark and gritty atmosphere Oh and Frank Miller can largely be credited with reinventing the characters for a new generation Since Miller’s run in the 1980s writers like Kevin Smith and Ed Brubaker have hammered poor Matt Murdock with as much adversity and personal tragedy as possible It’s been years since Daredevil has even had a modicum of restRecently the folks over at Marvel must have thought that the series needed to lighten up a bit They had to be careful they didn't want to lose those tendencies that made the character compelling in the first place Enter Mark Waid Paola Rivera and Marcos Martin While Waid is shouldering the writing duties as well as infusing a new attitude into Daredevil Rivera and Martin apply golden age visuals as well as their own style to create something altogether uniueWith Daredevil Volume 1 everything old is new again Returning in this reboot of sorts Matt and his alter ego are given a care free attitude inside of a much lighter environment Some forgotten villains return in the form of The Spot and Klaw while also introducing a behemoth known simply as Bruiser While Matt is dealing with these adversaries; his business model is changing Rather than representing clients in the courtroom Matt and Foggy begin to counsel those who are unable to pay for a lawyer instead choosing to represent themselvesWhile I did read both Miller and Smith’s run on Daredevil I missed out on both Brubaker one of my favorites and Bendis Keeping that in mind I also have next to no experience with the pre Miller era; therefore it's easy to write off my opinion in saying that my exposure to the character is pretty limited But above all else I still know what I like and when you compare this to my only other Daredevil experiences it doesn't uite measure upI'm not saying that there's anything drastically wrong with this book it just has some stiff competition The general story line isn't anything memorable and the characters are not really all that interesting That being said there is a cool scene involving The Spot something which I thought I'd ever admit in which he breaks the neck of a bystander in a pretty uniue wayI think I'm going to start reading this monthly along with Batman What can I say I'm a fan of the character I'm also interested to see how Waid introduces key adversaries such as Kingpin and Bullseye I'd say read some earlier Daredevil material before you give this a try

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Ndary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a new spin on Daredevil that will leave you gasping for air Having turned his world upside over the past several years Matt Murdock realizes tha 1 Daredevil prevents a hit at a mafia wedding and goes up against The Spot Also his identity being exposed is threatening his legal profession as Matt MurdockI haven't read a modern age Daredevil tale since Kevin Smith was writing it So far I'm digging Mark Waid's not as grim take on Daredevil since old Hornhead has been through the wringer pretty consistently since the Frank Miller run I like how Waid and company portray Matt's blindness and heightened senses2 Daredevil has a brawl with Captain America and tries to get to the bottom of the Jobrani businessLooks like Klaw is going to show up pretty soon unless there's a new sound based villain with the same color scheme Shouldn't super heroes take each other at their word when it comes to mind control by now3 Turns out Klaw is behind Matt's most recent woes How can a blind super hero who relies on his hearing combat the man of solidified soundWaid's plot does a great job at showing how reliant Daredevil is on his remaining senses The Klaw battle was excruciating to read I'm also pleased to see the direction Matt and Foggy's law firm is going in4 Matt takes on a wrongful termination case for a blind young man The final panel of this issue was pretty chilling I like how Waid and company are going out of their way to show how hard it is to get around without sight even with super powers5 Turns out that blind kid overheard some Latverians talking about Hydra Matt hides him and goes looking for his old bossWho the hell is Bruiser This one started off strong and never let up Daredevil's in way over his head6 Daredevil has to go toe to toe with Bruiser and figure out what's got Mr Zachary so scaredDaredevil takes a shit kicking and jumps from the frying pan into the fire when he winds up with the Omega Drive gigs and gigs of data about Hydra AIM and all the other superterrorist groups in the Marvel UniverseClosing Thoughts Mark Waid and the gang have taken Daredevil from rock bottom to being super again I love the new life they've injected into his character I'm in for the long haul for Mark Waid on Daredevil Four out of five stars

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Daredevil Volume 1With new enemies new friends and that same old grinnin' in the face of hell attitude the Man Without Fear is back in action and leading with his face Mark Waid Amazing Spider Man joins neo lege Daredevil hasn't always been my favorite Or even one of my favoritesI didn't necessarily dislike him but the was just something meh about the characterIn a nutshell he's always seemed broody moody and deeply depressed And Catholic Don't forget the Catholic GuiltHe's the guy that makes Spider man look like he's got all the luckIt's not like he was a whole lotta fun to read about you knowAnd then there was that movie Oh My GodDon't worry Daredevil Batman's up next SoRead Waid's run on him everyone said You'll love it everyone saidWell Waid had his work cut out for him in my opinionI'm sure a lot of longtime readers enjoyed the fact that Murdock was Marvel's whipping boy And I'll be the first to say that I like a little dark gritty in my comics But I also don't want to put a book down and feel hopeless You gotta give me somethingYou don't have to ride a unicorn over a rainbow but would it kill you to crack a smileAnd to me that's what Mark Waid's version of Daredevil doesSure there's still a shit ton of bad headed his way but he's got a sense of humor about itNow I've read these out of order so maybe that has something to do with my opinion of this first volume But I honestly think it's about the weakest I've read so farNot that it was awfulI just think it gets better as time goes onStill it's a pretty darn good start for a character that I wasn't all that fond of in the beginningAnd I'm going to tell you the same thing everyone told meRead Waid's run on DaredevilOh and BatmanDon't get too upset pal It could always be worse