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Read & Download Hans Brinker; or, the Silver Skates: A Story of Life in Holland Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ In un piccolo paese dell’Olanda tutti aspettano con ansia l’imminente gara di pattinaggio Soprattutto Hans e Gretel due fratellini poveri e coraggiosi che devono vinceE significare la salvezza per la loro famiglia Un classico emozionante sulla forza dell’a e della generosit?. Worst Book Ever Okay maybe not the worst but a really boring awful book The actual story of Hans could be told in about fifty pages The edition I read on Google Books was nearly three hundred pages long I can appreciate it for the historical things I've read enough books from this time period to know that the personalities of the Brinker children and some of the other boys are how the authors imagined children and the history of Holland asides are in there to educate small children back in the day but the book was much too long and drawn out to actually be entertaining especially for a modern reader I wouldn't recommend this at all15 on here 110 for myself

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E Gretel due fratellini poveri e coraggiosi che devono vincere a ogni costo perché la posta in palio potrebb. Luxuries unfit us for returning to hardships easily endured beforeThat is one of the little gems which pop up throughout this classic book of children's literature Published in 1865 it was second only to Dickens that year in sales Written by an American who had never been to the Netherlands before the book was written it has apparently been a much loved book handed down through the generations Although I come from FlemishDutch ancestry this book was unknown in my family perhaps because it is truly an American invention Indeed it even contains the story of the Little Boy And The Dike not Hans Brinker which is also a pure American legend attributed to the Dutch Strange Hans is a very poor boy who lives with his mother and little sister in a run down hovel They used to have a middle class life with a healthy father but he fell off a dike and hurt his head Comatose he is of no use to the family who must rely on poor Hans for any income he can provide The Silver Skates are the prize to be rewarded to the fastest boy and girl in the Dutch speed races on the frozen canals Hans really wants those skates but his love of family comes firstAlthough Hans Brinker is the title character much of the book is given to the journey of a group of local well to do boys who skate through the towns providing a narrative of the various Dutch museums Dutch traditions and Dutch food for the reader It all eventually comes back to the little poor family and the uest for a happy endingI really enjoyed reading this book and its various descriptions we Americans who after all are homeopathic preparations of Holland stockAND The Dutch have always been forced to pump for their very existence and probably must continue to do so to the end of timeThe frightening possibility of being flooded in the middle of the night is never forgotten here as the tragic floods of the past are mentioned There's also the tale of the Rasphouse which was a cell for lazy prisoners Into this tiny space would pour a steady stream of water and the prisoner would have to pump constantly to keep himself from drowning Very interesting Mostly I loved the family spirit and the steady get through the day background which also permeated my own parents 'Little and often soon fills the pouch' was a motto for my mother that is don't get seduced by the fast American lifestyle just live the simple life and save for the future I like that My klompen still go out every December 6th albeit with Flemish not Dutch tokensAs Samuel Butler versed A land that rides at anchor and is moor'dIn which they do not live but go aboardBook Season Winter frozen waterways

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Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in HollandIn un piccolo paese dell’Olanda tutti aspettano con ansia l’imminente gara di pattinaggio Soprattutto Hans. I'm reading this to decide if it gets to stay with me or not I have a very very bad or maybe good habit of buying books I haven't read because I've heard they're good Or I want to read them Or they're on sale This was one such book 'Hey everyone has read Hans Brinker I should too'Thus far I'm really liking it so maybe it was a good thing I bought it several years ago and am just now getting around to itSeptember 20 2009 I finished Yes it took me much longer to read than normal but I only read it when I was upstairs with nothing to do which pretty much never happensI really enjoyed this book It was sweet and nice and gentle but didn't feel all girly and foofy I think my boys will like it You learn a lot about Holland and about history along the way The story plot is interesting and the characters intriguing There isn't a lot of character development but you still get a pretty good feel for them and most of them are just such good decent kind people that you love them even if you don't know much about themI think we'll read this when we study Holland And it will get to stay with me