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FREE READ ✓ Paiute Princess ´ Popular PDF, Paiute Princess Author Deborah Kogan Ray There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn 9780374398972 48 pages and has a text language like EnglishIsbn 9780374398972 48 pages and has a text language like English. Richie’s Picks PAIUTE PRINCESS THE STORY OF SARAH WINNEMUCCA by Deborah Kogan Ray Farrar Straus Giroux May 2012 48p ISBN 978 0 374 39897 2In 1859 when Sarah Winnemucca was fifteen a decade after the California Gold Rush began silver was discovered in Nevada “They came like a lion yes like a roaring lion“Within weeks thousands arrived from the nearby California goldfields and from distant places The boomtown of Virginia City sprang up In their uest for sudden wealth miners overran the Paiute hunting lands and recklessly chopped down the piñon trees for mine supports “Winter that year was unusually long and bitter Many Paiute froze to death Others starved Desperate and angry bands camped outside Virginia City eating the white man’s garbage Talk of war against the invaders began“Sarah father and aged grandfather pleaded with their people to keep the peace So did her cousin Numaga known for his bravery As the tribe’s designated war chief he elouently argued in council against going into battle“’Your enemies are like the sands in the bed of your rivers; where taken away they only give place for to come and settle thereThey will come like the sand in a whirlwind and drive you from your homes You will be forced among the barren rocks of the north where your ponies will die; where you will see the women and old men starve and listen to the cries of your children for food’“Sadly every word he said would come true“The bloody battles of the Pyramid Lake War of 1860 ended in defeat for the Paiute Before the year was over the United States Army had built Fort Churchill on the Carson River and many of the tribes had been moved onto a reservation at Pyramid Lake”Lies betrayals greed and politics would force the steadily diminishing population of Northern Paiute people to relocate again and again Amidst this tragedy there lived a native woman who as a child learned to read and write English as well as Spanish and then grew to employ it to speak her mind about the atrocities inflicted by the white menHer birth name was Thocmetony but one of her grandfather’s white friends called her by the name Sarah In PAIUTE PRINCESS THE STORY OF SARAH WINNEMUCCA authorillustrator Deborah Kogan Ray utilizes her subject’s letters and autobiography the first autobiography written by a native woman along with news articles and government records to tell the story of this young woman with a gift for learning languages who first saw white people at age six during the Gold Rush and grew up to be an activist educator and voice for her peopleThis is one of those true stories that made me want to puke I once again take comfort in knowing that all of my ancestors were still engaged in eking out an existence in Europe whilst these nineteenth century American soldiers miners and settlers in the West were busy destroying the Northern Paiute’s lands slaughtering their people and worse As Sarah wrote“After the soldiers had killed all but some little children and babies still tied up in their baskets the soldiers took them also and set the camp on fire and threw them into the flames to burn them alive I had one baby brother killed there” This rich picture book biography for older readers – a story that reveals one of those not so honorable sides in the making of America story is made even valuable thanks to the inclusion of additional information about Sarah’s work an author’s note timeline and a bibliographyRichie Partington MLISRichie's Picks

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Any interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others. My husband refuses to read books or watch movies about the treatment Native Americans I already know that it is a hard sad story This book about Sarah Winnemucca the daughter of Chief Winnemucca and grand daughter of Chief Truckee two leaders among the Northern Paiutes is no exception While there are glimmers of hope throughout the book the story of how the white settlers miners ranchers military and government agencies treated the Paiutes is full of unfairness greed theft and sorrow Sarah Winnemuuca response to the destruction of her people's way of life is what is remarkable Unlike Pocohantas and Sacagawea she did not deal with white men who needed her help for their survival She became educated despite the prejudices of the time She worked hard and became a decorated scout for the US Military She bravely entered enemy camps and freed her people She fund raised built schools and dealt with a wide range of people to achieve her goals She spoke her mind and solved problems creatively She worked for peace and justiceThis beautifully illustrated book will provide parents and teachers with a means to introduce the role of women in American history the impact of westward expansion and an well crafted biography Kids who like to read stories about bravery and overcoming obstacles find this book inspiring

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Paiute PrincessPopular PDF Paiute Princess Author Deborah Kogan Ray There are m. Deborah Kogan Ray whose many picture book biographies include such titles as Wanda Gág The Girl Who Lived to Draw Dinosaur Mountain Digging into the Jurassic Age and To Go Singing Through the World The Childhood of Pablo Neruda turns her attention in this newest offering to the story of Sarah Winnemucca whose 1883 Life Among The Piutes Their Wrongs And Claims was the first autobiography to be published by a Native American woman Winnemucca or Thocmentony meaning Shell Flower as she was known in her own language witnessed incredible changes in her life from her early childhood in her people's homeland in Nevada before the coming of the white man she was born around 1844; through her atypical education learning to speak English and to read and write thanks to the far sighted wisdom of her grandfather Chief Truckee; to the eventual confinement of her people on a reservation after a period of forced exile in Yakima Washington A dedicated activist for her people Winnemucca gave hundreds of speeches on their behalf worked as a translator and scout for the United States Army sometimes to win concessions for her people and founded a short lived school for Paiute children incorporating the kindergarten methods of one of her patrons Elizabeth PeabodyHaving read and enjoyed Winnemucca's autobiography a number of years ago when it was an assigned text in one of my college courses I was very excited to discover that Deborah Kogan Ray planned to release a children's picture book about her The text heavy narrative here is most informative giving a full picture of Winnemucca's long active life I was particularly impressed that the less palatable aspects of the story the almost constant record of wrongs done to the Paiute people by white settlers were not neglected or glossed over I did wonder a bit at the title chosen I understand that Winnemucca was sometimes billed to white audiences as Princess Sarah but since the Paiute had no tradition of royalty themselves would have preferred something like Mother Sarah the name by which she was known to her own people Leaving that aside this is an excellent work which will serve to introduce young readers to a fascinating figure from American history one that deserves to be better knownThe claim is sometimes made that Sarah Winnemucca was the first Native American woman author to be published but I believe that that honor goes to Jane Johnston Schoolcraft Bamewawagezhikauay in Ojibwe whose stories and poems began to appear in print in 1815