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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You kindle ï 400 pages Ê moneyexpresscard â An engrossing epic American drama told from four distinct perspectives spanning the first major wave of Irish immigration to New York through the end of the Civil War   Four uniue voices; two parallel love stories; one sweepConnection and embark on a tumultuous path to freedom      All four lives unfold in two beautiful love stories which eventually collide Written in gorgeous language that subtly captures the diverse backgrounds of the characters and interspersed with letters journals and dreams this unforgettable story rendered in cinematic detail is about having faith in life's great meaning amidst its various tangl This novel currently only in audio book form has several creative twists going for it First of all there are four main characters whose lives start out as different as can be and eventually the story comes together in one narrative Secondly the audio book format the four main men and women Ethan Micah Marcella and Mary each have their own narrator and some of these narrators bring their characters to life see review of the narrators below Then there is the format of the book The story is often told as though the action is happening to you then you discover that which puts you behind the eyeballs of the person whose portion of the story it is at that moment Fourthly the story arc covers a fascinating time in history from The Hungers of Ireland and death and emigration of its people to slavery in the south to the art of photography and the beginnings of baseball to the Civil war and its aftermath including the discussion of suffrage for blacks and womenFinally the novel uses letters journals and dreams as well as the storytellers themselves to carry the plot forward Peter Troy has thrown a lot into this debut novelI am a fan of books where you get to know the characters and care about them Here too the novel succeeds wellI felt the book was weak in an important area the four central characters were very twenty first century in their attitudes opinions and way of communicating Marcella especially was up to date in her views on women's rights Women of that period who believed in women's rights would have had some uirks or at least ways of dealing with the opinions of those around them Supposedly Marcella was from Spain but she seemed like a very modern American in fact the only character with no trace of her cultural background or speech patterns of the four I also felt that the book made the characters a little too successful and superior to other human beingsAs for the narratorsEthan McOwen by John Keating whose Irish brogue was always apt RATES 4 out of 5 starsMicah Plowshare by Adam Lazarre White whose deep voice and pleasant way of speaking made Micah the strongest character in the book RATES 5 starsMary and Gertie by Allyson Johnson whose accents and voices brought the South to life RATES 4 of 5 starsMarcella by Barrie Kreinik She may have been the celebrity choice for narrating Marcella but I am convinced she was a mismatch What a joy a Latina would have been in the part especially with Marcella's couettish ways Barrie Kreinik's voice came across as an actress enjoying herself doing a role It was a jarringly modern voice among all the others RATES 3 of 5 stars

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An engrossing epic American drama told from four distinct perspectives spanning the first major wave of Irish immigration to New York through the end of the Civil War   Four uniue voices; two parallel love stories; one sweeping novel rich in the history of nineteenth century America This remarkable debut draws from the great themes of literature famine war love and family as it introduces four unforget I've come across a number of reviews and book discussions that reflect the point of view that anything less than a tragically sad ending to a story somehow diminishes its importance in the literary arena I don't agree While I wouldn't say that the ending of this novel is necessarily a happy one it is definitely a perfectly beautiful conclusion to a book filled with many moments of anguish sadness and injustice The story is about the despicable treatment of slaves the starvation of The Hunger during the famine in Ireland the wounds the death and the killing during the Civil War In spite of all of this the story manages to be about the joy that people discover when they find loveFour narratives alternate the stories of Ethan an Irish immigrant Marcella a Spanish transplant estranged from her family Micah a slave from South Carolina separated from his family and Mary a slave from North Carolina The story of how their lives will connect and their paths will cross is nothing short of gripping This is in essence two love stories that captured my heart and my imaginationOne of the lovely things that is present throughout is the love of books and the desire to read Ethan’s sister Aislinn shared her books and her love of literature with him and one of the most moving scenes in the book is just before Ethan leaves for America He says goodbye to Aislinn as he sits by her grave and reads Shakespeare Mary the young slave girl having suffered abuses sits uietly in the corner while Miss Juss is being tutored and learns to read and also to speak French Micah’s mother teaches him to read from the Bible and he loves the poetry of the PsalmsThe immigrant experience and the Civil War certainly are major parts of this novel as are the amazing love stories but the horrific suffering and injustices of slavery are particularly gut wrenching Micah’s feelings at one point are so powerful What he'd been happiest to leave behind was the subjugation Of himself The need to present himself as less than a man” What a powerful description Their stories and what these characters endure and how they eventually cross paths is an amazing one and I highly recommend it

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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You Table characters Ethan McOwen is an Irish immigrant whose endurance is tested in Brooklyn and the Five Points at the height of its urban destitution; he is among the first to join the famed Irish Brigade and becomes a celebrated war photographer Marcella a society girl from Spain defies her father to become a passionate abolitionist Mary and Micah are slaves of varying circumstances who form an instant I know I knowIt sounds like a cliche´ but indeed this book will stay unforgotten and deep buried in my heart and that for a long long time Characters so vividly depicted that you cannot but care about them;A story grippingly told and saturated with honesty and truthfulness;As background the American civil war full of fascination and sufferings with his legendary battles and charismatics leaders;A wonderful narrated novel beautifully shaped with awesome prose full of evocative colorful and vivid picturesPeter Troy has achieved with his first novel and story a remarkable narrated family saga and almost epic in his scope to enclose a world full of strong and dominant emotionsIn May the Road Rise Up to Meet you you have depicted three persons and his fate full of tragedyEthan McOwen and his family escape from the Great Hunger an Irish Famine to the new worldMicah a slave escape too but from slavery and inhuman treatment at a Christmas Eve and must pay a horrendous price forAnd then we have Marcella Arroyo a young girl from the Spanish high society which will become a convinced abolitionist in the new world and then having to face the disdain from her familyThe fate and the path trough life of this persons with his diverse eventful and peculiar experiences are interweaved masterfully in this epic historic novelFrom the beginning to the end an exuisite fresh novel from a new author you must and will keep watchingI loved it to the very uttermostFolks I'm happy so near the end of the year have come across this beautyMy full recommendation with five starsDean;D