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The Science of Yoga review ↠ 100 Ñ A lead science writer for The New York Times—and lifelong yoga practitioner—examines centuries of history and research to scrutinize the claims made about yoga for health fitness emotional wellbeing sex weight loss healing and creativity He reveals what is real and what is illusory in the process exposing moA lead science writer for The New York Times and lifelong yoga practitioner examines centuries of history and research to scrutinize the claims made about yoga for health fitness emotional wellbeing sex weight loss healing and creativity He reveals what is real and what is illusory in the process exposing moves that can harm or even kill Five years in the making The Science of Yoga draws on a hidd. This is a good introduction book to the science of yoga related activities I recommend yoga enthusiasts to read it This book is not perfect maybe far from it but it gives you precautions about yoga activities Yes there are discussions about benefits of yoga but I believe if you have heard the benefits from many other sources In my opinion the heart of this book is on risk parts as we can read on Fit Perfection Risk of Injury and Healing chapters Those chapters have a lot of research materials that we can check later Unfortunately Divine Sex Chapter and Muse Chapter on later reward parts of the book are not researched as deep as previous chapters Especially Divine Sex filled with information that unrelated to Yoga directly and then without satisfying conclusion for me author just end the chapterI like the epilogue and viewing current state early 21st ce as in Yoga 25 phase I have similar feeling could not define the idea of phase Thanks to this book I have one less irritating thoughtBut even with the flaws I still rate this book as 5 star for the warning value Too many cases even from my personal experience where yogi and yogini focus on the reward blindly without considering the risks or following every yoga lessonteaching without proper criticized mind This book can open your mind with modern yoga world

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En wealth of discovery drama and surprising fact to cut through the fog that surrounds contemporary yoga and to show for the first time what is uplifting and beneficial and what is delusional flaky and dangerous At heart it illuminates the risks and rewardsBroad describes yoga as a burgeoning global industry that attracts not only curious scientists but millions of true believers and charismatic h. Yoga books are mostly two categories colorful instruction manuals or text based on ancient or modern philosophy Personal anecdotal narratives abound but what about something to analyze the objective experiences Naturally yoga is not about objective experiences it is largely a personal experience outside of pure fitness realm Yet given how yoga is being marketed would it be worthwhile to uantify the things that we can objectively measure such as various health acclaims measurable through biomedical measures Subjecting yoga to such examination does not negate its other aims or claims it simply asks for the evidences where evidences are producible and potentially information Very few books are evidence based or scientifically based But this is a serious book aiming exactly at that to search and examine the body of evidences on various yoga claims The author also makes valuable judgment of the uality of the studies such as a controlled double blinded large sample study with clear objectives and measurements is better than a ex post observational study with a few individuals and vague uestionnaires He pointed out where science can have some answer no yoga does not increase your metabolism it actually lowers it but also the area we still don't have a clear picture such as impact on creativity The most shocking part is about yoga injuries Injuries in yoga is a taboo issue; it is something the sufferers often have to endure silently without uestioning the basic premises of human physiology largely because yoga is supposedly to be healing and safe for everyone In addition as yoga is marketed toward the urban affluents such as in cities like NYC DC etc yoga is combined with a keen direction toward aesthetics and fitness No wonder the competitive spirit is sold along with yoga in such settings Yoga injury is just another sport injury people push too hard on their bodies something goes wrong just like anything else The label of yoga is not going to prevent us from tearing our muscles or tendons or pushing our bones or joints out of their own limitsThis is a very well researched book for anyone interested in yoga

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The Science of YogaUstlers He takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of unknown yoga that goes from old archives in Calcutta to world capitals of medical research from storied ashrams to spotless laboratories from sweaty yoga studios with master teachers to the cozy offices of yoga healers In the process he shatters myths lays out unexpected benefits and offers a compelling vision of how the discipline can be improved. 25 stars This book started out very strong and then took a long graceful smoking flaming nosedive Broad started off very skeptical digging into the science and laying out for me exactly what was true and what was not with regard to Yoga's most famous claims—the abilities to stop the heart and to increase oxygen intake primarily He even explained the different scientific journals and schools that did studies on Yoga their types their sources of funding and what that meant for the credibility of each one I greatly appreciated this I thought the fiery passion with which he debunked The Complete Idiot's Guide To Yoga was great if a little weird The first two sections of the book Health and Fit Perfection were pretty darn good and useful and informative and after that each section was progressively worse than the last In Moods the facts were kind of all over the place and not as well presented Risk of Injury all but neglected the common Yoga injuries and instead focused on the relatively minute risk of stroke—and yet pretty much failed to advise the reader on how to avoid this risk The Healing chapter was pretty terrible in that it focused on two individuals who use Yoga to heal one successfully and one less so Let's hear about the science of it eh And if there isn't any then why is it in this book The Divine Sex chapter was TMI in my opinion Some people's ability to think off should've been mentioned briefly in the Mood section and left at that I really didn't need to spend that much time hearing about it Kundalini is a weird little fringe Yoga cult that i frankly don't care about And here again Broad didn't actually discuss the science of it How do they do it What's the benefit Why should i care Even after that chapter i was yet again surprised by how awful the Muse chapter was There was nothing even remotely scientific about this chapter Broad made a very weak argument that Yoga stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and therefore probably definitely makes people creative And then he talked about a group of people who get together to share their god awful poetry that Yoga inspired them to write Yikes And finally the book explodes in a great plume of flaming wreckage as the author declares in the Epilogue that he doesn't think science can tell us anything meaningful about Yoga I can only assume that this is the reason that he never once even mentions the whole concept of prana; he must think it's some mystical thing that science knows nothing of Well if it affects our physical body then science should be able to study it if it exists—period I had high hopes at the outset of this book that it would take a strictly scientific approach to Yoga but it wandered way off track It failed to advise me on how to make my Yoga practice better failed to entice me to practice Kundalini and failed to even begin to explain to me what the heck all that chakra bullshit is about I'd say it's uite disappointing