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Download â eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¼ Naomi Klein To South Africa Russia and Ira At the core of disaster capitalism is the use of cataclysmic events to advance radical privatization combined with the privatization of the disaster response itself By capitalizing on crises created by nature or war Klein argues that the disaster capitalism complex now exists as a booming new economy and is the violent culmination of a radical economic project that has been incubating for fifty years. It's 2007 and Naomi Klein builds a rather convincing argument about modern governmentalcorporational trendsI've personally never seen it laid out so baldly but after having read several dozen of political books perhaps an euivalent number of documentaries and a lot of otherwise independent research into the topics herein I'm willing to concede that she has a very valid pointWhat is the pointModern economics theories are used to lay out a rather obvious plan of mass looting They're constructed as laissez faire Chicago School of Economics which looks great on paper letting the invisible hand of Adam Smith regulate all markets In practice putting it into effect under the heading of Democracy or Liberation or whatever they want the big heads of the Chicago school are backed with the CIA big corporation interests and a single additional theory that makes the whole thing gel togetherWhat's this extra theory It's simple They believe as they have learned from their lessons in briefly earlier psychology research that the best way to heal a patient is to first break their minds and bodies starting them out on a tabula rasa and then rebuilding from the rubble So many have uoted the belief that the only way to get real change is after a disasterNever mind that the original torture victims in McGill college that underwent sensory deprivation LSD PCP punctuated with ECT and blaring noise did not come out of the experience uite sane Most of them never recovered But THIS was the original study that they based their first great experiment on Export the school of thought to Chile and when it didn't uite take destabilize the government assassinate Allende and install Pinochet On Sept 11 1973 They used shock and awe destroyed infrastructure and people went hungry and were terrorizedGuess who got a Nobel Prize in economicsIt's worse The dictatorship was atrocious but the big corporations were given leave to move in and rape the economy loot anything of value while allowing Pinochet to take the lion's share turning him into an Oligarch overnight A decade later Chile once sporting one of the most impressive resumes of a growing and happy populace could barely stand on its own But the corporations got RICHJump ahead to Russia right as Communism is going defunct The same Chicago school economics of Free Market offers them a deal Businesses will loan expertise and open market doctrines and massive loans but be sure to destabilize everything first When enough blood is on the ground and people are terrified starving and giving up everything they ever owned then offer them a deal they can't refuse Capitalism on a plate that promises everything that the European nations and America has to offer since Communism is dead When democracy is offered but capitalism is competing capitalism beats anything Enter a capitalism backed coup corporate sponsorships everywhere and a promise that our new leader will be able to make himself and a handful others into some of the top 30 ranked richest people in the world opening up Russia to free trade on a scale never seen before the only way to keep it going is by looting the population And it did What was the number 14 million homeless children Think about that At least under communism there WAS something like a middle class Now it's only the super rich and the survivorsCLEARLY this is an AMAZING outcome for the Chicago School Companies got rich The stock market had a field day supporting the victors Everyone was shaking everyone else's hands Except for the rest of the 99% of course They went hungry A reported 50000 AIDS victims exploded into 15 million over the space of a couple of years Clearly everyone was having a partyBut the rich got richer Remember what happened during the Ira War part 2 Privatized war with every single aspect of the war delegated to private companies except for the troops themselves 90% of every contract went into overhead contractors subcontracting up to four times until there was no longer any money left for doing the work And easily if you look back on the actual work for the reconstruction either it was not completed in 85% of the cases or what did get finished was at half capacity after a year ALL work and workers were brought in from the outside Corporations tried to set up McD and Walmart unloaded big screen TVs on the streets that were lined with rubbleShock and Awe Come on The purpose is to drive them all into a permanent state of helplessness or create an environment of terrorism Against them But heck as long as we can brew terrorists this way each one wanting to get revenge or at the very least JUSTICE for this travesty 650000 dead For Oil For the free market For the freedom of a hoard of corporations to come swooping in and install a Free Trade Zone where profits just kept comingLet's ignore for a moment that every cabinet member in the presidency at that time had vested and current interests in the very same corporations that made the most money on Ira Or that America inflated its debt many times over to pay for the graft looting and amazing incompetence while leaving the door open to keep ALL of the contractors out of the legal crosshairs of ANY country while walking away with astounding paychecksIgnore the fact that most invasions if they're NOT there to loot will actually set aside troops to protect national heritage There is a lot of proof that the national museum holding artifacts thousands of years old was specifically excluded from that protection list which is why troops sat by and watched as so many truckloads of priceless artifacts were spirited away Later even now only 20% have ever been recoveredWe can add Hurricane Katrina to the list The same contractors for Ira came in to help out taking government money pulling the same exact crap and then leaving the job almost completely undone We're talking BIG money too But look on the bright side All that land can now be cleared out to build new condos Tons of companies swooped in to reclaim the land And they did And a lot of them were linked intricately to the SAME people who were supposed to REBUILD for the original inhabitantsSorry folks couldn't do the job You're gonna have to find a new place to live My brother here wants the land for his new McDYep first you need to have a disaster If you don't have a disaster make one If you can build compounds and Green zones and make sure you give enough fodder to create a simmering cauldron of hate that you can regularly call on to rise up and smash down with your brand new war machine And make sure it keeps on simmering too right ISIS We need a reason to keep getting the latest euipment to protect our super rich bunkersIt's great economics as long as your real intention is to get extremely rich It's not good economics if you want long lasting sustained prosperity It's the looter's creed Make situations you can profit from Make sure you always negotiate from the ultimate position If that means making sure the rest of the world has a foot on its neck then that's all for the best That's GOOD NEGOTIATION TACTICSLaissez faire to these guys means taking away all the safety nets They're the same ones gutting social security social protections and basic food and health for the poorest people in our first world nations They want no government or to turn all governments into shells with no power to do anything They've stated this creed a million times They want social darwinism at its worst Keep everyone so shock and awed that they can take everything Absolutely everything Let's judge an idea not on its stated ideal Let's judge an idea based on its actual practice If this wonderful ideal says it works best after a disaster flawlessly re establishing the free hand of the market then by their own writings we should have seen a flowering of cooperation self interest coinciding with everyone else's self interest and a natural growth of blanket prosperity that effects everyone involved It's pretty I've read many great books on the Chicago Style of Economics and loved them But let's look at the ACTUAL FACTS of its implementation There has never been a free hand of the market The big banana corporation pressured America to secure its economic freedom America got it's most famous laissez faire economists to embark on a campaign assisted with a ton of money integral CIA support and a bunch of extra vultures hanging in the wings smelling blood in the water When the blood splashed and buildings with the elected government were murdered all the looters moved in Of course back in the day it was all ideological garbage Sticking it to the communists bringing in democracy Ignore the fact that they just bombed a democracy and Pinochet the dictator came in got rich and entered a very profitable loot cycle with the outside vultures It begs the uestion If each and every time they bring in the Chicago School of Economics they always bring the same result then maybe we ought to uestion their motives MaybeI'm just waiting for other enemies of this paradigm to get their own shock and awe Left leaning college campuses Gay bars All they need is a disaster They can wait for it and exploit it like with Katrina but they're perfectly willing to orchestrate them too And give you wonderfully idealistic reasons why you should let them murder you too Dark right But real You've seen these looters in the housing bubble The banking crisis It's big Very very big You can complain about transgenders in bathrooms all you like but the really scary bits are right here And they can take us all down Eually

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The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster Capitalism Summary Ú 108 Æ In her ground breaking reporting from Ira Naomi Klein exposed how the trauma of invasion was being exploited to remake the country in the interest of foreign corporations She called it disaster capitalism Covering Sri Lanka in the wake of the tsunami In her ground breaking reporting from Ira Naomi Klein exposed how the trauma of invasion was being exploited to remake the country in the interest of foreign corporations She called it disaster capitalism Covering Sri Lanka in the wake of the tsunami and New Orleans post Katrina she witnessed something remarkably similar People still reeling from catastrophe were being hit again this time with economic shock treatment losing their. This was a very illuminating work about how chaotic situations are used and sometimes created as cover for the imposition of drastic economic and political reorganization in vulnerable economies The end product of these actions is a so called free market model as advocated by the Chicago School of Milton Friedman and his acolytes Examples used include Chile China Argentina Bolivia South Africa Russia among others The techniue is for western financial powers to swoop in during a time of financial crisis and refuse to lend a struggling nation any money until that nation agrees to a radical reworking of its economy This reworking is done in a shock with many changes instituted all at once with little or no warning These changes as they are draconian toward the lower classes usually need to be accompanied by severe political repression in order to enforce the transition What we see here is the mechanism of a growing form of corporatist colonialismKlein parallels her examination of the stresses endured by many national economies with a look at actual literal personal shock treatment In the 1950s a researcher named Ewan Cameron did research on his theory that instead of Freudian therapy a effective method of treating mental illness was to erase the patient’s personality using electric shocks Then the blank page would be receptive to reconstruction by the good doctor The shocks caused amnesia and extreme regression Cameron devised a new tool one that applied six shocks at once and even used a wide range of drugs to disorient and wipe clean as much of the patient’s personality as possible Once the subject was reduced to a vegetative state Cameron played them tapes dozens maybe hundreds of times over The CIA took note and launched a program of its ownShe posits a parallel between treatments that serve to erase personality with the economic and political shocks that struggling nations are forced to endure shocks that are part and parcel of the move from a developmentalist economy one that seeks local control and self sufficiency to a globalist economy one in which foreign investment in and ownership of local enterprise is encouraged While I found that at times Klein extended her discourse beyond the reach of her material her analysis of the subject matter is compelling her linkage of different forms of shock personal political economic illuminating and the applicability of her work to the current economic disruptions frightening Despite its subject matter this a compelling and relatively fast read It should be mandatory reading for anyone concerned with politics economics world affairs or current eventsEXTRA STUFFAugust 4 2011 the following article has particular relevance not only for the international implementation of TSD but to its application within the USA It is an interview with Dr Michael Hudson a guy who has been ahead of the curve for a long time on the roots of current economic atrocities June 18 2012 Joe Nocera's NY Times column on how ALEC based programs are gutting democracy in Rhode Island

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The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster CapitalismLand and homes to rapid fire corporate makeovers The Shock Doctrine retells the story of the most dominant ideology of our time Milton Friedman's free market economic revolution In contrast to the popular myth of this movement's peaceful global victory Klein shows how it has exploited moments of shock and extreme violence in order to implement its economic policies in so many parts of the world from Latin America and Eastern Europe. I only got about ¼ into this I don't like the shifty way Klein argues her points I felt like I was being propagandized rather than educatedMuch of her main “shock doctrine” argument seems to be just sort of a tightly woven set of linguistic parallels that are meant to suggest causation Something like Hitler had the autobahn built The autobahn allowed drivers to finally race where they wanted to go Hitler crafted what he thought of as the final solution to a race problem So you see highway systems are part and parcel of genocideYou see electroshock is a mostly discredited method of treating mental illness that results in profound disorientation and amnesia Electric shocks are also used to torture people in despotic regimes People recommending against gradual economic reforms have used the metaphor of “shock treatment” to describe rapid all at once changes Ergo these sorts of economists are like torturers trying to mess with our mindsShe also uses the term “free market” — the bête noire of her book — to cover just about any economic circumstance she doesn’t like whether there’s anything free about it or notOn the one hand the free market villains swoop in after disasters to inflict their “three trademark demands — privatization government deregulation and deep cuts in social spending” and on the other hand this often than not gets illustrated with examples like the US paying huge sums of money to such corporations as those who provide various contracting services in Ira You can call that bad but don’t call it “privatization government deregulation and deep cuts in social spending” And certainly don’t call it “free market” anything