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Read Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í The Barnes Noble ReviewJ R Ward's third entry in the fabulous Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series Dark Lover Lover Eternal is all adrenaline all the time starting from page one Again we are back in Caldwell NeA small arsenal Not even his twin Phury can understand Zsadist's obsession with finding the beautiful Bella an aristocratic civilian abducted six weeks earlier by the evil Lessening Society When Zsadist finds Bella and he does she has been traumatized by her abduction and feels safe only with him Their subseuent passionate romance is undeniably one with issues Zsadist's past as a blood slave humiliated and sexually abused for centuries has left deep scars Bella's abduction fills. Oh My God I'm not even sure I can convey the complete absurdity of this book Any description I try to make is typically interrupted by my own peals of laughter at the general ridiculousness andor groans of immense pain The hero Zsadist yes he is actually named that is a self proclaimed misogynist Yayz Profoundly psychologically damaged after several years of torture abuse and slavery at the hands of an evil female vampire he spends most of his time moping about feeling angry and hating his gignormous penis for causing all this trouble He likes to beat himself to get off but then he hates himself for getting off Then he falls in love with Bella and moans a lot about his evil sperm how dirty he is and blah blah blah Meanwhile our heroine stands placidly by of course feels compelled to love him despite his faults of course and gradually tames the beast within after several rounds of rather rough sex of course We also get some lovely flashbacks to Zsadist being tortured and abused of course Seriously this reads like the worst of fan fiction AUs brought together The other male leads have names like Vishous Phury and Rhage and this is not supposed to be take as comedy andor irony Also the solilouies where Zsadist is hating on his penis are pretty amazing Also the universe ZOMG it is so freaking complicated Vampires Vampire slayers Vampire protectors Vampire drug addicts Seriously there are guide books sold to help readers understand this universe Clearly this is the romance industry's version of Anne Rice and Laurel K Hamilton Clearly it has been very successful as a crossover money maker But really really WOW

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The Barnes Noble ReviewJ R Ward's third entry in the fabulous Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series Dark Lover Lover Eternal is all adrenaline all the time starting from page one Again we are back in Caldwell New York where a deadly street war continues between the Black Dagger Brotherhood a band of six vampire warriors and their enemies One warrior Zsadist is perhaps the fiercest; with his scarred face and shaven skull he looks like the Grim Reaper if the Reaper were packing. 5 Fuck I love Z Stars II can't get clean I don't want you to get dirty too He lifted his wrist and blood oozed down from his forearm See Look at the dirt It's all over me Inside of me ZSpoilersFirst read 2014 Reread 3262017When I was She cleared her throat When I was in that hole in the ground I thought of you I wanted you to come for me I knew you could get me out His brows went down even though his lids were lowered I thought of you too You did His chin moved up and down and still she said Really Yeah Some days you were all I could think of Bella and ZOMG OMG OMG Can I please give this book than 5 stars I just want to say that Lover Awakened is one of my top 5 favorite books of all times I can't get enough It's one of those books you read straight through and then when you finish it you wish you could delete it from your head so you can enjoy discovering it all over again I loved Z so much And as much as I loved Z I loved Bella too I don't know how JR Ward does it but she somehow writes these books that bring to life this exciting dark and sexy world filled with heroes that I fall madly in love with When you pick up one of the books in this series it looks like a normal book but when you open and read it it wraps around your heart and lives in your mind long after you finish it This series is just amazing and this book is my favorite of the seriesIf you don't want to be with me fine Just say so But don't hide behind wanting to protect me You think I don't know the sex would be rough with you Is that why you want it he asked in a dead voice You think you only deserve to be hurt now after the lesser She frowned Not at all But if that's the only way I can have you then that's how I'll take you He ran his hand back and forth over his skull trim hoping the friction might get his brain to work I think you're confused He looked down at the floor You have no idea what you're saying right now You arrogant bastard she snapped Z's head shot up Well that was slap in the ass number two Excuse me Do us both a favor and don't try to think for me okay Because you're going to get it wrong every damn time Bella and Z He wanted to see her eat After the sex after he came inside of her he wanted to have her eat food he'd brought her and he wanted her to take the stuff from his hand Hell he wanted to go out and kill something for her bring the meat back cook it himself and feed her until she was full Then he wanted to lie beside her with a dagger in his hand protecting her as she slept ZMy God I ached for Z Zsadist was so tortured scarred totally badass and sexy as hell The first time I read this book Z crawled into my heart and he has lived there ever since He was just such an amazing and deep hero Something that really made me mad in this book and the two books before this one was the way everyone treated Z All the Brothers including Z's own twin Phury acted like he was a ruined nonredeemable crazy evil pos Everyone always jumped to bad conclusions about him and no one really cared for him I don't feel Phury really loved him To Phury Z was just a burden It pissed me off so bad the way Phury especially treated him Z was so left out and all alone All the flash backs into Z's past and reading how he felt

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Lover Awakened Black Dagger Brotherhood #3Him with the need for revenge Still this is not just a tale of passion between two strong characters; it is also the tale of the two brothers Zsadist and Phury who were separated at birth and their subseuent history As in earlier books Ward adeptly draws the reader into the drama of the secondary characters like John a young vampire pre transition and his search for self and family and the human cop Butch We trust all will have their own book in the series some day Ginger Curwe. “I was dead until you found me though I breathed I was sightless though I could see And then you cameand I was awakened” This is the best of the series Zsadist is a real tortured hero What he has been through shatters my heart And Bella she is a savior of this broken man She has fire in her heart especially when he tries to push her away she resists That's why I love her That's why I love this book so damn much “He knew he was being overbearing as hell but he couldn't help it He was a bonded male With his pregnant female There were few things on the planet aggressive or dangerous And those bastards were called hurricanes and tornadoes” I cried many times while I was reading Z has a soft heart if I stare hard enough He think he was broken by his former master so he doesn't deserve anything “She is beautiful than I have words for And last night I was blessed beyond measure to serve her” JR Ward mastered this book immaculately from the start to the end She slowly built my anticipation for this book in the previous ones My hope was too high before reading this and she didn't make me down even a little Lover Awakened is beyond perfection It's a masterpiece It's a jem It's everyting I could have asked forhttpsgooglhPuahO