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EBOOK Ó EPUB Table 21 ê ¸ T. RAFAEL CIMINO ¸ It’s New York City December 1999 As one millennium ends and another begins an erratic chain of events unfold that could change the face of the Italian Mafia forever In the turmoil a vacuum is created when one family falls creating an unprecedented void of power and a subNg New Year celebration a personal battle with renal cancer and the rigors of police life When an old friend appears in his office to ask for help in locating the missing starlet he is then reluctantAs the clock ticks and precious time runs out the city is turned upside down in a desperate attempt to find that which is lost and answer uestions that have been a mystery for over a generation In the end secrets will be revealed alliances will be forged and friendships will be betrayed Table 21 will have you guessing to the last page who will live to see the new millennium and who will no Table 21 is a powerful Godfather meets Crash tale set in 1999 turn of the millennium New York City Roman Sabarese the owner of the Evangeline's the hottest eatery in Tribeca is faced with an urgent crisis; Zoe Greene a new to the A list actress and personal friend has gone missing At the same time his father the Don of New York Organized Crime sits in a Connecticut Federal Prison awaiting trial As Roman's world spins out of control and to make matters worse Manhattan comes unglued as it encounters the biggest party in the world As two million visitors descend on the city Roman and his crew fight against time to find Zoe and return her to safetyTable 21 is wonderfully written and has an ending I never saw coming This is a powerful story of love conviction and in the end a triumphant spirit that trumps age old threads of hatred and bigotry

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It’s New York City December 1999 As one millennium ends and another begins an erratic chain of events unfold that could change the face of the Italian Mafia forever In the turmoil a vacuum is created when one family falls creating an unprecedented void of power and a subseuent struggle for control of the underworldRoman Sabarese is the owner of Evangeline’s the hottest restaurant in Tribeca He’s also close with an A – list television star who adores him After a tawdry cover story in a popular celebrity tabloid a spotlight illuminates the fact that Roman is the son of an indict First thank you to the author for signing this I collect my signed books and keep them so that was a nice surpriseAbout the book I was a little leery entering for this I don't like to waste my wins so I tend to be a little selective when entering on FirstReads I could tell this was self published or something of the sort and uite frankly that scares meThere's a whole lot of people out there who want to be authors The problem? They can't tell a story Or construct a sentenceBy nature I'm a pretty nice person so I don't like to be mean I can be though and I feel it's my right as a reader to review honestly so I can get past it and get mean if I have toI didn't have to here Cimino can write He can even tell a story The countdown isn't something done all the time and sometimes it's not even done well by an established author so that was a nice touch The characters were damn near flawless It wasn't the most realistic story I love realisticness I think this is another made up word of mine? But that's okay I like it but I also wasn't expecting that so it ended up not matteringEditing and this is important folks the editing is done well I'm not going to say there are no mistakes but I will say that none popped out at me And that leaves me one very happy readerI'd read another book of Cimino's without a second thought providing the description is interesting to meI'd suggest not passing this up it's truly one of the good ones

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Table 21Ed Mob kingpin and therefore heir presumptive to his father’s vast criminal enterprise that commands the Tri State areaZoë Greene is young attractive and enjoying rave reviews in her role on The Prosecutor a prime time network television series While on hiatus from her show for the New Year holiday she visits the restaurant where she worked her way though college After a uick dinner with her friend Roman and among the frantic holiday crowd she disappearsCaptain Stan Fitzgerald is the decorated head of the NYPD’s First Precinct in Lower Manhattan His hands are full with the upcomi I received this book from the First Reads giveaway Thank youThis mystery is full of suspense It documents the 99 hours before the Millenium and takes place in Manhattan The story centers around the lives of two main characters Zoe Greene is a famous actress who got her start in her college days working and waitressing in Tribeca's popular restaurant Evangeline's The restaurant is run by Roman Sabarese who is the son of a renowned Mafia godfather Roman's father is in a federal prison awaiting sentencing Zoe is half African American living with her Jewish mother Her father was killed in Vietnam She disappears after last being seen in Evangeline's Tracing her whereabouts is what Ramon and his goons are doing In chasing down leads to her disappearance murders are committedI do not want to give away any of the plot but suffice it to say this novel is full of suspense and reads with fluidity You will be intrigued to find out what happens at the end I especially liked this story as I had just visited New York City a few months ago and recognized different areas of Manhatten that were mentioned The story also reminded me of another favorite New York mystery writer Linda Fairstein Her mystery series also take place in New York in fact one of her stories has an underground subway scene in it tooAn enjoyable and easy read