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A Matter of Time Vol 1 A Matter of Time #1 2 kindle ✓ Kindle Edition å mary calmes å Vol 1 Books One and Two Jory Keyes leads a normal life as an architect’s assistant until he is witness to a brutal murder Though initially saved by police Detective Sam Kage Jory refuses protectiveJory’s life is in real jeopardy especially after he agrees to testify about what he saw While dealing with attempts on his life well meaning friends who want to see him happy an overly protective boss and a slowly unfolding mystery that is much sinister than he could ever imagine t 45 HEARTS Confession I am a Jory Keyes and Sam Kage virginRelaxI am Jory virgin no longerI have already considered myself part of the Calmes guild so to say I love her words don't care what anyone else has to say about it She's my crack and I will huff it whenever I want Her words give me just what I want hot alpha vs a matyr ish lovable less dominant man It's like coming back for your favorite treat each timeNow I understand the Jory references to all that come afterNow I get the Sam Kage comparisonsI've read the prototypes Bathed in the Calmesian springs of yummy manhandling twirled in the peacoat wearing I see the light and everything is coming out JoryHow in the world did he get so far in life? It must be pure luck because he's just too fearless to be good for his health He doesn't follow any logical rules doesn't think when it comes to the important life threatening stuff and yet still comes out with his life But there's something saint like and magical about him that drew me to him He's a magnet damn it I'm not going to feel his neck and touch his face like everyone else in the book did that's hella creepy and if anyone did that to me they're looking to get crotch punched Seriously what's up with that? Random people just touched him like he was the second coming But I'm drawn to the foolhardy twink He should not be alive with all the silly yet dangerous situations he gets himself in Joryhe's just so Jory He witnesses a murder and instead of being traumatized or fearful of retaliation he goes to a club and sucks a dick Why not? And you get alpha detective Sam Kage who is straight and kind of a jerk to Jory in the beginning falling under Jory's spell Throwing Jory against surfaces grabbing and just being so handsythat I liked I was in a mood for an alpha main character who was possessive and borderline obsessive and I got that with Sam But his struggle with his attraction to Jory an out and proud gay manthat was real And that is what sold me on this story Behold the mighty powers of JoryI'm not rehashing the plot because this is MM romance staple right here If you haven't read it you totally should I usually dislike following the same couple in a series but I will be following these two for however many times they break up and get back together again Both are martyrs who think it's better to be apart to save the other at different points in their relationship Both are foolish for one another I have a feeling this is going to be one long and arduous fucking ride to their HEA Book #7 is going be released later this year and now I get why Mary Calmes loves Jory because there's something about him Fuck it I'm cosigning with this series Long live Jory and Sam May these two crazy kids finally get it together

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He young gay man finds himself getting involved with Sam the conflicted and closeted detective And though Jory may survive the danger he may not survive a broken heart Don't miss A Matter of Time Vol 2 Books Three and Four 2nd Edition Previously published by Club Lighthouse Publishing 375 StarsI'm folding and finally starting this seriesand now that I've read the first books I don't even know what to say?This was one of the most scatterbrained stories I've ever read yet so completely addicting It was over the top and unbelievable but I just couldn't put the book down The plot in a nutshell Jory witnesses a murder Detective Sam Kage was working on that case Jory should go in protective custody but he's all Naaah I'll be alright All of a sudden Sam starts showing up everywhere Jory is bit stalkerish but we'll go with it One thing leads to another and the detective and our darling Jory end up in a uasi relationship Now that's the main plotbut please keep in mind that there are approximately 7642 other things also going on Let's discuss Jory Jory is beautiful breathtaking gorgeous enthralling captivating phenomenal engaging marvelous charmingok I'm all out of words and I don't want to look in a thesaurus for words to describe how unbelievably AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL Jory is to everyone in this book But here's the thing if you asked me to describe him I couldn't give you than he's got brown eyes and blondish hair That's it that's all I've got But everyone and I mean EVERYONE absolutely LOVES him I just don't understand why everyone was obsessed with him He was sweet and kind but he was also obtuse and selfish rude and self involved and at times a downright jerk That's right Joryyou could have handled the Nick situation better and not turned the poor guy into a crazy desperate mess And what the fuck is up with everyone constantly touching him?? And leading him around by the neck? He's a grown ass manlet him walk on his own for fuck's sake Moving on to Detective Sam Kage Well he was one hell of a hot and cold asshole I wish we got some of his POV but alas I know that is not Mary Calmes's way Some were not fans of Detective Kage but he worked for meYou could tell he really cared for Jory he just didn't know how to deal with it all the time He's overwhelmed with these new feelings for a man and afraid of what that means for his career his family and the future he thought he wanted But at the same time he can't fight his feelings for Jory Jory makes him feel so muchsometimes too much You're the first and only man I have ever been in bed withI knowIt's something lemme tell youAre you sure this is what you want?Stupid uestion It's all I wantHow come?'Cause being in bed with you it's differentHow different?Like I always figured it was supposed to feel I have never wanted anyone like I want you Jory I don't even think people are supposed to feel like this He's so conflicted with everything But I have to say he could be so tender and sweet with Jory You really saw how Jory balanced and settled him But let's not forget the man is also a brute and has a possessive and passionate side too He was a great balance of all for me Things aren't easy for these twonot by a long shot When times are good they're greatbut when the outside world and reality come crashing inthey can be oh so bad This is one hell of a bumpy ride Put on your seatbelt and enjoy I had never ever been crazier about anyone else Sam Kage was the man of my dreams; it was too bad that being with him always became a nightmare Now if you don't mindafter the ending here I'm off to dive headfirst into book 3 I CANNOT believe this book ended the way it did

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A Matter of Time Vol 1 A Matter of Time #1 2Vol 1 Books One and Two Jory Keyes leads a normal life as an architect’s assistant until he is witness to a brutal murder Though initially saved by police Detective Sam Kage Jory refuses protective custody he has a life he loves that he won’t give up no matter who is after him But 3 Stars I’m having an internal battle of two strongly contrasting opinions The first involves total bafflement and a reoccurring mantra of “what the shit just happened?” The second is reminiscent of a typical fangirl response sounding a bit like “ERMIGOD I loved this so hard”Because seriously what is this witchcraft? How can I be bitching and moaning at every turn throughout this book trying to decipher what the deal is with everyone loving Jory and Sam when they both displayed several moments of rage inducing behaviour yetYETI couldn’t stop reading regardless of all the nonsensical bullshit I literally went from thisTo thiswithin the span of 5 pages Over and over and over again This keeps happening to me as I explore all these beloved Calmes books It’s like a lovehate thing where my love always overpowers my hate even when my rational self tells me I’m being silly and shouldn’t like them as much as I do Eh Onward to the next storyRe read March April 2019This re read was prompted by a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that maybe I needed to give Jory and Sam's story another go Having stalled in my original series progress back in 2015 after finishing book #4 A Matter of Time Vol 2 I wanted to go back to the beginning this time reading rather than listening to the audio by narrator Paul Morey Although I've decided to keep my original rating of 3 stars I do feel that I enjoyed this experience a lot a second time around I don’t know whether this was brought on by my current chill mood or my now years long exposure to Calmes and the kind of stories she writes or whether the fact I read this myself instead of listening to the audio had any sort of impact on my increased enjoyment whatever it was I really can’t be sure I guess the hows and whys will probably remain a mystery – it just is what it isThe story was still as outrageous and nonsensical as ever but this time I found an appreciation for Jory that I didn’t truly feel before Even against my better judgement the guy really did grow on me He’s still ridiculous in his behaviour acting dismissive and rude to those around him and he’s just way too mystically irresistible for my rational brain to fully accept – but he’s also just this sweet hardworking guy who just wants to be valued and loved by the people who matter to him I definitely can’t fault him in thatSam on the other hand this guy is something else He seems all sexy and intriguing at first glance with his growly possessiveness and his sweetness to Jory behind closed doors but that was exactly my problem – he was only good to him behind closed doors and the rest of the time he was this bossy man handling domineering asshole who treated Jory like a possession instead of a person Every time I thought I was beginning to like Sam and forgive him for something he had previously said or done he went and saiddid something even worse shattering my hopes that his character would grow into someone I could love and root for I still hear that he gets better as the series develops so I’ll hold out hope for now but he has a lot of hoops to jump through as far as I’m concernedFor me this really is Jory’s story I enjoyed following him through his romantic highs and lows through his dangerous encounters with those who wish to do him harm and in his uieter heart warming moments with his chosen brother Dane It’s all mostly OTT and a bit silly but it’s also charming humorous steamy exciting at times and let’s face it it’s addictive as all get out This was a re read surprisingly well worth my time I’ve definitely sparked a new appreciation for this series and I now look forward to finally seeing it through once and for all