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Epub ✓ The Reckoning ☆ Alma Katsu Luke asked I clutched his lapel desperately It's Adair He's freeFOR 200 YEARS SHE'S BEEN HIDINGHe gave her Riveting disturbing intriguing uniuely bizarre The Reckoning picks up a year after The Taken All the same characters are back and the plot can't be explained without big spoiler alerts so I won't even try I find myself torn while I read Alma Katsu's work because no one in their right mind should root for any of these characters because they are so ridiculously selfish and twisted and yet I do Adair is the most despicable of men and yet his one hint of vulnerability shows and I am cheering for him I am ashamed of myself but I just can't help it Lanore is just a tragic character that has had poor judgement for hundreds of years and uses men to fill the hole in her personality and heart with little remorse but I still want her to be happy It is hard to explain but it only proves that Alma Katsu is a brilliant writer This story is a complete original and jumps all around history from the 1300's to modern day seamlessly There is a wonderful interlude when Lanore spends time with Lord Byron that is a real treat I am eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this trilogy and will buy it hot off the press Warning Parts of the book as in The Taker are very brutal and explicit The cover makes it look like a YA book but it is not for kids

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Mobi ↠ The Reckoning 384 pages Download º Moneyexpresscard Ê I turned to Luke and reached for him My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins Lanny what is it? Luke asked I clutched his lapel desperately It's Adair He's freeFOR 200 YEARS SHE'S BEEN HIDINGHe gave her immortalityShe tried to destroy hi ImmortalityShe tried to destroy himNow he is searching for herThey must not meetOr there will be a RECKONI I was drawn to The Taker Trilogy when the book cover for The Reckoning caught my eye on the GR Giveaways The cover was so artistically stunning Check it out The stricking beauty in color contrast and composition paired with the book’s title than grabbed my attention I am howevernot one who judges a book by its cover so I looked up The Reckoning and book 1 The Taker here on GR Read the blurbs summaries and some reviews I decided that it sounded like something I could definitely sink my teeth into Lucky lucky me I entered the giveaway and won an advance copy My most enthusiactic thanks to Gallery Books and Alma Katsu But The Reckoning is after all book 2 in Alma Katsu’s Trilogy and since I am also peevishly unable it may be so unwilling to pick up a piece of literature from any place other than the very beginning I had to first get my hands on book one Done that and am I ever so pleased with myself for soing so Check out my review It is such an amazingly well written and compelling story that when I finished and closed the book I immediately pick up book 2 and couldn’t put that one down either The Reckoning seamlessly picks up from where book 1 The Taker leaves off albeit with a heart pounding jump start We find Lanny and Luke in present day London visiting one of the museums to which she has donated some of the treasures collected over the past 200 years when she gets that humming buzz at the base of her skull The familiarity of it doesn’t click right away after all it has been 200 years But then it hits her like a freight train Adair is Free Her first and most understandable reaction she bolts From there the story just continues to draw and drive you into a page turning frenzy Through her mad dash journey to evade Adair while trying to devise a plan to either neutralize him as a threat or stay his wrath we get details of Lanny’s life over the last two centuries a greater understanding of what transpired between her and Jonathan that brought them to that fateful night in present day St Andrew Maine Each of her side stories is in itself a fantastical tale and in their retelling Lanny is brought to some very unsettling self realizations We also get back story on Adair and the physic and brought up to date on the status of some of the other immortals Jude Alejandro Tilde and Dona Where as The Taker explores man’s nature toward passion obsession love and desire and the circumstances under which it can easily sink to the depths of carnality The Reckoning will have you uestioning if and when should redemption no longer be a possibility I myself found these uestions profound as they relate to Adair than to Lanny It takes a very talented writer to bit by bit humanize such a character as Adair to the point where we can actually hope for his redemption if not out rightly root for it As if all of this wasn’t hypnotic enough Katsu introduces some new elements such as necromancy uestions of the afterlife and some new characters one in particular all of which hold additional promises of a breathtaking finale in book 3 I’ve already added The Descent to my TBR and will be anxiously awaiting its publication The only thing that so far keeps this from being a 5 star series is that I can’t uite find myself invested in the Luke character or in his relationship with Lanny I don’t know what it is haven’t figured out why It’s really a very small issue and given the scope of the LannyJonathanAdair triangle it shouldn't really matter Still I look forward to seeing if I can make the connection in the next book

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The ReckoningI turned to Luke and reached for him My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins Lanny what is it? This book should have been titled THE ANGSTING How do you readers do it? My emotions went from anxious to impatient extremely frustrated slightly hopeful utterly hopeless completely pissed 1000% heartbroken yes 1000% okay slight exaggeration and now SCARED TO DEATH OF The DescentAs flawed as it may sound I adore Adair The need to see her was undeniable He had to find her and look at her touch her skin and stand in her presence one time even if it used up the last of his strength even if it killed him sigh There was a time when I would’ve done anything you asked I would’ve made the sun shine for a full twenty four hours or had the tides stand still on the shore I would’ve made the world bloom every field and plain to worship you with flowers I would’ve created a second moon to rise in the sky or made everyone disappear every soul from here to the ends of the earth so that we could have the world to ourselves just you and I Hello can you blame me? Please Alma KatsuraAnd give Lanore and Adair the happily ever after he deserves see people this is why I don't read romance novels it's exhausting