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Katherine Book ☆ 576 pages Download ¿ Moneyexpresscard Þ Amazing Ebook, Katherine author Anya Seton This is the best favorite book isbn 9780340839881 format Paperback and others 576 pages and has a text language like English Est favorite book isbn 9780340839881 format Paperback a A detailed and rich novel with the author showing a flair for the English language and a deep understanding of medieval English history Colourful wording and a balance between passionate scenes and descriptive tracing of the events of the life of the incredibly interesting and beautiful Katherine SwynfordOne may have to reread parts but if you focus you will find this a rewarding historical page turner and understand why after 55 years it is still a best loved classic of historical literatureThe author meticulously researched her sources and even for minor characters used where she could those mentioned in the chroniclesHence we definitely do gain an insight into the lives of royalty and nobility as well as the ordinary people of the England of that timeKatherine Swynford was born from a humble background the daughter of a herald While her older sister Phillipa gained a position in the royal court Katherine through her beauty and charm beguiled the powerful nobleman John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster father of Henry IV and ancestor of most of today's royal family through his eventual marriage to Katherine his long time paramourKatherine is first pressured into marriage to the boorish and brutish knight Hugh Swynford She gains the friendship and gives her loyalty to Blanche John of Gaunt's first wife After the deaths of Blanche and Hugh so begins the passionate liaison between the flame haired beauty Katherine and the charismatic Duke of Lancaster and player in the power of England's politics of the time John is haunted by malevolent slander of being a changeling while he determines to revenge himself on those behind this false charge Katherine of course was dogged by the charge of the time often levelled against beautiful and passionate women of harlotryBut instead of marrying his love Katherine john married the Spanish princess Constance of CastileOnly years later did the lovers meet again after much pain and turmoil and spend three years of marriage before John of Gaunt's deathCovers events such as the Black Death and the rebellion of the time led by Wat Tyler during the reign of the boy king Richard IIWe also get to meet characters such as John Chaucer married to Katherine's sister and the mystic Nun St JulianA great work of literature well worth the effort

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Nd others 576 pages and has a text language like Englis Solid engaging historical fiction about the mistress of John of Gaunt who was the ancestress of the Tudors Rich with period detail The part that makes me knock the rating down is the horrible passage wherein Katherine becomes a guilt ridden Christian who repudiates her own happiness It was such a jarring disconnect and so typical of everything I loathe about Christianity that it spoiled the book for me It's hard to imagine a moral and spiritual about face of this magnitude and swiftness Now I wonder about the accuracy of this passage Luckily Alison Weir has just come out with a book about Katherine which may answer my uestion

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KatherineAmazing Ebook Katherine author Anya Seton This is the b This book is both a spiritual coming of age tale and a hauntingly beautiful love story Anya Seton wrote some other good books but make no mistake — this is her masterpiece Katherine is based on the true story of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt from 14th Century England John a younger son of King Edward III was one of the richest and most powerful men of his day His marriages were strategic alliances — but the great love of his life was Katherine the humble orphan daughter of one his father's heraldsKatherine grows from an love struck teenager into an intelligent and aware heroine over the thirty year course of the story John has moments of arrogance but is also capable of tender acts of sweetness — He should join Rhett Butler and Mr Darcy on the list of sexiest men in literatureThe couple's relationship develops slowly over the first half of the book but the payoff is well worth the wait The last page of this story always makes me sigh Katherine is the kind of novel that sucks you right in to its time and place If you're anything like me you're going to want to rush out and find out the true story behind it when you're done because you just can't let it go