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The Last Kingdom Summary ë 6 Â BBC2’s major Autumn 2015 TV series THE LAST KINGDOM is based on Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling novels on the making of England and the fate of his great hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg The Last Kingdom is the first book in the seriesUhtred is an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth century Northumbria Orphaned at Covers his true allegianceThe Last Kingdom like most of Bernard Cornwell's books is firmly based on true history It is the first novel of a series that will tell the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants and of the enemies they faced Viking warriors like Ivar the Boneless and his feared brother Ubba Against their lives Bernard Cornwell has woven a story of divided loyalties reluctant love and desperate heroism In Uhtred he has created one of his most interesting and heroic characters and in The Last Kingdom one of his most powerful and passionate nove. Actual Rating 45 StarsTHIS WAS THE MOST FUN VERY BLOODY LOTS OF BATTLE WOULD RECOMMENDWeird thing I noticed upon rereading I could’ve sworn Uhtred’s phrase was “Fate is inexorable” But on this read through the narrator said “Fate is all” and “Fate is everything” Now I’m wondering if the phrase has been edited in the audio version

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BBC2’s major Autumn 2015 TV series THE LAST KINGDOM is based on Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling novels on the making of England and the fate of his great hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg The Last Kingdom is the first book in the seriesUhtred is an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth century Northumbria Orphaned at ten he is captured and adopted by a Dane and taught the Viking ways Yet Uhtred's fate is indissolubly bound up with Alfred King of Wessex who rules over the only English kingdom to survive the Danish assaultThe struggle between the English a. 199 on Kindle today 6 10 17BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListEVERYONE SHOULD COME RIGHT ALONG AND READ THIS BOOKSERIESME THINKS THERE'S GOING TO BE SPOILERS♣♣♣♣♣I am Uhtred son of Uhtred and this is the tale of a blood feud It is a tale of how I will take from my enemy what the law says is mine And it is the tale of a woman and her father a king He was my king and all that I have I owe to him The food that I eat the hall where I live and the swords of my men all come from Alfred my king who hated me↓This story begins long before I met Alfred It begins when I was ten years old and first saw the Danes♣♣♣♣♣ I thought this book was magnificent I heard about if from some friends on GR awhile back and have the series listed in my notebook to read but it was put by the wayside like so many other books Then one night I got to see an episode of The Last Kingdom on BBC with my best friend while we were on the phone and he said the books are better I'm like What Books and he proceeded to tell me about the books I already heard about and have listed in my handy notebook I promptly put the first book on my Christmas Wish List and my friend promptly bought it and here we are a book that I have missed out on for so long I loved it I loved it I loved it I have the second book on the way and hope to get the rest SOON I find some books very hard to read or understand and get lost in translation I was afraid that would happen with this book but that is not the case No I can't remember all of the names or how to spell them but I do that in any book what I mean is I wasn't lost I understand all the author was trying to convey I think this author is brilliant in the way he writes a story I loved learning some of the history even though some of the characters are fictional it's still a wonderfully told story This only makes me want to read into the history that is factual in the book anyhoo moving on When Uhtred was ten years old the Danes came and attacked England Uhtred and his family had a fortress in Begganburg The Danes took some places around Uhtred's home Then some peeps and Uhtred's father all got together to duke it out with the Danes at a place called Eoferwic and things didn't go so good for the Saxons Uhtred lost his father that day and was taken by the Danes Uhtred was made a son of Ragnar the Fearless for his heroic effort in trying to attack Ragnar You have to love that NOW YOUR MY SON AND GET THE HELL OFF MY HORSE ↑Uhtred grew to love Ragnar because he was kind to him taught him things was proud of him when he did great things He was so unlike Uhtred's real father who seemed to be a cranky non caring father ♣♣♣♣I liked Ragnar I liked him so much than I had liked my father I should by rights be dead yet Ragnar had saved me and Ragnar spoiled me and he treated me like a son and he called me a Dane♣♣♣♣♣Uhtred grew up learning how to fight and he was so smart this boy was so very smart and he was even smarter as he grew He seemed to know what to do and say from a small child There is a female character in the book I loved her name is Brida She wasn't a Dane either but she lived with them and grew up with Uhtred They were best friends warriors lovers She is fierce in the book and I like her I have to mention that Uhtred gets his own sword made and names her Serpent Breath He says in the book that he still has her and this is him telling this as an older man Uhtred also helped make his own saxe which he called Wasp Sting bec

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The Last KingdomNd the Danes and the strife between christianity and paganism is the background to Uhtred's growing up He is left uncertain of his loyalties but a slaughter in a winter dawn propels him to the English side and he will become a man just as the Danes launch their fiercest attack yet on Alfred's kingdom Marriage ties him further still to the West Saxon cause but when his wife and child vanish in the chaos of the Danish invasion Uhtred is driven to face the greatest of the Viking chieftains in a battle beside the sea There in the horror of the shield wall he dis. An outstanding novel set in England during medieval times in the year 866 AD The author introduces real historical figures; Guthrum the Unlucky Ubba the Horrible and Ivar the Boneless all fearless Dane warriors’ intent on taking over the English kingdoms They arrive in their magnificent ships outfitted with rich colorful shields finely carved prows sterns with ominous dragons and serpents and mastheads painted with bold eagles A frightening sight for many townspeople who flee their homes trying to avoid the slaughter they knew would come The story centers on an English lad Uhtred of Bebbanburg a fervent believer in the spinners of fate As he follows the destiny he feels he cannot avoid Uhtred is eventually caught between his loyalty to his country and unexpected love for the Danes An incredible read