Hawke's Pride (Leisure Historical Romance) Review É 2

Review Hawke's Pride (Leisure Historical Romance)

Hawke's Pride (Leisure Historical Romance) Review É 2 ↠ From the moment she laid eyes on him Rue thought Hawke Masters the most insufferable man she'd ever met Proud arrogant overbearing he made it insultingly clear that although her grandfather's shotgun had forced him to wed Rue nothing would make him bed a scrawny little baT pride goeth before a fall and Hawke Masters was going to fall hard Once he got Rue home to his ranch to care for his orphaned niece and nephew the girl began to blossom Her tousled red gold hair made his fingers itch to bury themselves in its silky mass; her velvet soft skin cried out for the bu. Decent read Would've preferred a proper epilogue as the ending is far from MCs home and away from their loved ones

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Rning touch of his lips; and the ripe promise of her lush young body drove him to distraction No matter what the cost to his manhood he had to convince Rue that he was no longer a hopeless boor but the hopelessly smitten husband who would have her hold her and cherish her for the rest of their liv. This is the second and last book I'll read of Norah Hess I read Blaze last week and was not a fan but still decided to give her writing one last try because the descriptions are so promising Saying I was disappointed would be an understatementThe book starts with Rue making sure you know how miserable her life is Her ma is a whore her dad left when she was a toddler her stepdad has tried to rape her because she's just so beautiful and worst of all note the sarcasm she has to take care of her two little baby half brothers who are just such a bother to her because they cry all the time from hunger Without her grandparents help her family would have starved by now no thanks to her lazy stepfather who basically pimps her mom out She also has scabs all over her face because she's getting over smallpoxEnter Hawke who is on his way back to his ranch from going to his brothers and sister in laws funeral He is worried about finding a housekeeper because he's going to take in his niece and nephew He stops by a little shack to ask where to find water when he sees a greasy haired diseased girl making dinner What do you know It's RueHer stepfather invites him in for dinner and then tries to sell her to hawke for a whopping 400 and hawke agrees Then her grandfather barges in with a shotgun and a reverend and forces them to get married which Hawke doesn't even try to stop He just figures he gets a free housekeeper now and he doesn't have to pay her or pay for her but he'll never treat her like a wife because she's uglyShe goes back to the ranch with him and he treats her rudely and flaunts his relationship with the neighbors wife in her face Her scabs fall off revealing beautiful ivory skin and then his niece and nephew come She loves playing mother to them because they're healthy happy children unlike her whining sickly half brothers Here's an actual uote from our kind hearted heroineShe hadn't liked her poor little half brothers Their constant hungrywhining had made her life a miseryBut as for these two bright children she was sure she would like themI mean I can't make this stuff up Then I skimmed a little cause it was boring and nothing was happeningWhat happened from the lovers' perspectivesHawke ew who is this gross diseased womanRue I hate all men except my grandfather because they cheat on their wives to be with my whore motherHawke well that means you're probably a whore toorue takes a bath and her face healsHawke wait a secondyou're kind of cute I think I love you nowHer stepfather followed her to the ranch because we need a villain and then decides to team up with the neighbors wife who is jealous of Rue for taking Hawke away from her bed Nothing really happens for a while Skim skim skim The characters have no personality or love growing between them until suddenly hawke decides he loves her seduces her finds out she's a virgin then they are a happy family for a few chapters Skim skim skim Did I mention that Rue names her new horse Beauty just like the what Blaze named her horse in Blaze The author ran out of ideas for horse names apparentlyShe gets kidnapped by her stepfather and he tries to sell her to the savage Indians nearby He makes her think hawke wanted her gone She escapes and shacks up with an elderly mountain man while hawke thinks she's dead for pretty much the whole winter That doesn't stop him from letting the neighbors wife go down on him though Then they are b

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Hawke's Pride Leisure Historical RomanceFrom the moment she laid eyes on him Rue thought Hawke Masters the most insufferable man she'd ever met Proud arrogant overbearing he made it insultingly clear that although her grandfather's shotgun had forced him to wed Rue nothing would make him bed a scrawny little backwoods baggage like herBu. Hawke the 'tit on a bull' and Rue the unluckyI skimmed this a LOT especially the first 3rd where not much happens It's a lot of background on the characters about how craptastic Rue's life is etc Then Hawke is forced to marry Rue by her Grandfather after Rue's evil stepdad Sly Burford hows that for the name of a hillbillie villain lol forces Hawke to take her Rue is looking ugly because she's just getting over chickenpox and she's wearing rags and is filthy So Hawke is all 'put upon' and treats his new bride like dirt the whole way back to his ranch He even rubs his relationship with the neighbour's wife Lillie in her face on the way home view spoiler he never does sleep with Lillie again after marrying Rue but he almost lets her give him a blowjob after Rue 'disappears' It really grossed me out that he could even get hard for her after she'd been so awful to his wife his dad and his niece hide spoiler