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Summary The Battle of Midway ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ There are few moments in American history in which the course of events tipped so suddenly and so dramatically as at the Battle of Midway At dawn of June 4 1942 a rampaging Japanese navy ruled the Pacific By sunset their vaunted carrier force the Kido Butai had beDevastating Japanese attack and describes the key events leading to the climactic battle including both Coral Sea the first battle in history against opposing carrier forces and Jimmy Doolittle's daring raid of Tokyo He focuses throughout on the people involved offering telling portraits of Admirals Nimitz Halsey Spruance and numerous other Americans as well as the leading Japanese figures including the poker loving Admiral Yamamoto Indeed Symonds sheds much light on the aspects of Japanese culture such as their single minded devotion to combat which led to poorly ard planes and inadeuate fire safety measures on. Excellent military history of the Battle of Midway Author avoids the trap of taking sides doesn't call US victory a miracle' doesn't say we won because of democracy or being braver than the Japanese Just a straightforward analysis of a military battle in which one side had radar US one side had advanced warning of the other side's intentions thanks to code breaking US one side was dropping 1000 pound bombs vs one side that had 500 pound bombs etc Extremely detailed analysis of the key players on both sides the context in terms of the larger war for example the US strategy was that the European theatre took precedence in terms of resources Lots of vignettes of individual soldiers who flew into certain death Particularly riveting is a scene in which the Japanese conduct a war game exercise and the Japanese officer assigned to take the American side offers up a scenario in which the US detects the Japanese attack on Midway Island and launches a powerful strike against the Japanese fleet Of course the Japanese after Pearl Harbor believe the US fleet incapable of such an attack and shrug off this possibility Their plan is to attack Midway lure the American fleet from Hawaii into the open ocean and systematically destroy the US fleet And of course the Japanese officer predicted exactly what happened

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Their ships that contributed to their defeat The author's account of the battle itself is masterful weaving together the many disparate threads of attack attacks which failed in the early going that ultimately created a five minute window in which three of the four Japanese carriers were mortally wounded changing the course of the Pacific war in an eye blinkSymonds is the first historian to argue that the victory at Midway was not simply a matter of luck pointing out that Nimitz had eual forces superior intelligence and the element of surprise Nimitz had a strong hand Symonds concludes and he rightly expected to w. The Battle of Midway by Craig Symonds is an excellent addition to the Pivotal Moments in American History series This book provides a critical look at the time between Pearl Harbor and just after the Battle of Midway where America was finding its way against the combined fleet of the Japanese Navy The book includes a discussion of Pearl Harbor and its impact on naval operations as well as the Doolittle raid that followed Some time is spent on the Battle of the Coral Sea as well as the victories of the Japanese navy in the Philippines and elsewhere in the Pacific to Indian Ocean The books primary focus is on the destruction of the Kido Butai the combined fleet of carriers that the Japanese had put into battle Although outnumbered in carriers the US carriers had some advantages in terms of armor and firefighting systems that would prove important when the Japanese believe they had sunk carriers that could return to active duty uickly Symonds does an excellent job covering the successes and the failures on both sides of the war at Midway and easily sells the reader that this was the turning point in the Pacific forcing the Japanese onto the defensive Overall a very well written narrative and one of the best books in the series

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The Battle of MidwayThere are few moments in American history in which the course of events tipped so suddenly and so dramatically as at the Battle of Midway At dawn of June 4 1942 a rampaging Japanese navy ruled the Pacific By sunset their vaunted carrier force the Kido Butai had been sunk and their grip on the Pacific had been loosened foreverIn this absolutely riveting account of a key moment in the history of World War II one of America's leading naval historians Craig L Symonds paints an unforgettable portrait of ingenuity courage and sacrifice Symonds begins with the arrival of Admiral Chester A Nimitz at Pearl Harbor after the. This is a good overview of US Naval operations in the Pacific from the time Nimitz takes command of the Pacific Fleet in December of '41 thru the Battle of MidwayDr Symonds does a good job of laying out the problems Nimitz had with both the Japanese and dealing with Adm King and the Washington establishment and how he dealt with themI felt the author has a reader friendly writing style and I was never bored or felt that he was overwhelming me with detail At the same time he does not gloss over important factsAs for the tone of the book It seems that he is trying to make the point that a miracle did not happen at Midway The results of the battle were the result of decisions that were made and actions taken by both the Americans and the Japanese In some respects he defends Nagumo's decisions during the battle He takes the position that Nagumo's decision to rearm his aircraft was logical and flowed from information Nagumo had at the time In some respects he throws the blame for the disaster onto Yamamoto both is a strategic and tactical senseHe also takes a look at how differences in doctrine lead to the way the battle was fought The fact the Japanese did not move air groups from carrier to carrier lead to the Japanese being down 1 carrier at Midway while the Americans mixed and matched the Saratoga's Air Group was embarked on the US carriers bringing them up to strengthOn the American side Symonds also offers a defense of the actions of Cmdr Ring CHAG who took the Hornet's bombers and fighters on a trip to nowhere view spoiler he basically blames Mitchner CO of the Hornet He ualifies that opinion by saying we will never know for sure because the all the After Action Reports from the Hornet are missing hide spoiler