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The Little House CollectionThis nine book paperback box set of the classic series features the classic black and white artwork from Garth WilliamsThe nine books in the timeless Little House series tell the story of Laura’s real childhood as an American pioneer and are cherished by readers of all generations They offer a uniue glimpse into life on the American frontier and tell the heartwarming unforgettable story of a loving familyLittle House in the Big WoodsMeet the Ingalls family Laura Ma Pa Mary and baby Carrie who all live in a cozy log cabin in the big woods of Wisconsin in the 1870s Though many of their neighbors are wolves and panthers and bears the woods feel like home thanks to Ma’s homemade cheese and butter and the joyful sounds of Pa’s fiddleFarmer BoyAs Laura Ingalls is growing up in a little house in Kansas Almanzo Wilder lives on a big farm in New York He and his brothers and sisters work hard from dawn to supper to help keep their family farm running Almanzo wishes for just one thing his very own horse but he must prove that he is ready for such a big responsibilityLittle House on the PrairieWhen Pa decides to sell the log house in the woods the family packs up and moves from Wisconsin to Kansas where Pa builds them t I read this series when I was in fourth gradeso it was many many years ago However the story has not left my mind I absolutely adored these books and I'm sure I would love them just as much if I re read them I remembered feeling as though I was with Laura's family during every journey they went through It's a fascinating story and a true one at that I'd recommend that everyone reads this series at least once in their life

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Heir little house on the prairie Living on the farm is different from living in the woods but Laura and her family are kept busy and are happy with the promise of their new life on the prairieOn the Banks of Plum CreekThe Ingalls family lives in a sod house beside Plum Creek in Minnesota until Pa builds them a new house made of sawed lumber The money for the lumber will come from their first wheat crop But then just before the wheat is ready to harvest a strange glittering cloud fills the sky blocking out the sun Millions of grasshoppers cover the field and everything on the farm and by the end of a week there is no wheat crop leftBy the Shores of Silver LakePa Ingalls heads west to the unsettled wilderness of the Dakota Territory When Ma Mary Laura Carrie and baby Grace join him they become the first settlers in the town of De Smet Pa starts work on the first building of the brand new town located on the shores of Silver Lake The Long WinterThe first terrible storm comes to the barren prairie in October Then it snows almost without stopping until April With snow piled as high as the rooftops it’s impossible for trains to deliver supplies and the townspeople including Laura and her family are starving Young Alma I read these as a young girl and loved them That's about all I remembered about them though So I decided to read them again and I'm so glad I did Reasons I loved these books1 They are clean and wholesome2 They teach responsibility and hard work3 They teach about gratitude and being happy with what you have instead of looking elsewhere for happiness4 FAMILY is emphasized and taught to be an important part of society Laura's family is warm loving and kind5 After reading about all of the work that went into obtaining honey cheese eggs grain meat oats and butter I'm grateful that I can make a uick trip to the grocery store and spend my time doing other thingsI enjoyed every character in this series I especially loved Laura and grew to admire her throughout the series She always wanted to be outside enjoying nature She wasn't big on sitting around for any extended amount of time She was strong willed and opinionated yet well mannered and feminine when needed She was a true pioneer and worked hard for everything that she achieved in her lifeI also enjoyed the fact that there was a strong father figure in these books who loved his girls and taught them to work for their dreams I was annoyed with the fact that he continued to uproot his family but if he had uit the first time around and everyone else had too then we wouldn't have the good country that we do todayThis book isn't politically correct in some places and it gave me a taste of what it was like to live back then I'm grateful to be living today but there are so many things to be learned from these great peopleI better stop now before this gets too long I'm going to buy all of these books because I will be reading them again and again and again

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Read eBook ✓ The Little House Collection µ Boxed Set Ë moneyexpresscard Ä This nine book paperback box set of the classic series features the classic black and white artwork from Garth WilliamsThe nine books in the timeless Little House series tell the story of Laura’s real childhooNzo Wilder who has settled in the town risks his life to save the townLittle Town on the PrairieDe Smet is rejuvenated with the beginning of spring But in addition to the parties socials and “literaries” work must continue Laura spends many hours sewing shirts to help Ma and Pa get enough money to send Mary to a college for the blind But in the evenings Laura makes time for a new caller Almanzo WilderThese Happy Golden YearsLaura must continue to earn money to keep Mary in her college for the blind so she gets a job as a teacher It’s not easy and for the first time she’s living away from home But it gets a little better every Friday when Almanzo picks Laura up to take her back home for the weekend Though Laura is still young she and Almanzo are officially courting and she knows that this is a time for new beginningsThe First Four YearsLaura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder have just been married They move to a small prairie homestead to start their lives together But each year brings new challenges storms sickness fire and unpaid debts These first four years call for courage strength and a great deal of determination And through it all Laura and Almanzo still have their love which only grows when baby Rose arriv I absolutely ADORED these books as a little girl I just finished revisiting each book in the series and I think I enjoyed them even as an adult It's a wonderful look at American life in the Midwest as the first pioneers settled in what was then unknown territory I loved hearing about their adventures as they traveled from one new settlement to another and of all they overcame along the way It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with the Ingalls family who are each filled with such optimism strength and spiritOf course as an adult some things struck me a bit differently than as a child As much as I still adored Pa for his sense of adventure and obvious love of his family I did uestion some of his decisions as he risked his family's lives moving them to one new location after another The descriptions of the Indians also made me cringe a little especially in Little House on the Prairie I had to remind myself that those were the times; that the new settlers feared Native Americans and Native Americans feared the new settlers Pa does remind his family that the Indians are just the same as anyone else and that they only want to be treated fairly and given rights to their land There is also a sense of compassion for them as they are later driven from their territory Still it all made me a bit uncomfortable As did some of the stuff on women's rights such as when Laura tells Almanzo she doesn't feel women should be given the right to vote But again this was the late 1800s Things were uite different then Overall this is a wonderful collection of books with a lot to teach about early American life and the importance of family honor values and perseverance