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PDF ✓ BOOK Drop City ï T. CORAGHESSAN BOYLE ï TC Boyle has proven himself to be a master storyteller who can do just about anything But even his most ardent admirers may be caught off guard by his ninth novel for Boyle has delivered something completely unexpected a serious and richly rewarding character study that is his mFe love nourishment and a roof over one's head Drop City is not a satire or a nostalgic look at the sixties though its evocation of the period is presented with a truth and clarity that no book on that era has achieved This is a surprising book a rich allusive and nonsentimental look at the ideals of a generation and their impact on today's radically transformed world Above all it is a novel infused with the lyricism and take no prisoners storytelling for which TC Boyle is justly famous This book is fuelled by flower power Sadly I prefer books which are run on rocket fuel so this one did not deliver enough blast for my buck This is the third TC Boyle book I've read and although I keep meandering back for I'm still yet to understand why Two tales make up the central thread of Drop City Like two parallel spinal cords they prop up the floppy central core of the book The first spine is the flacid soaked in acid hippy fuelled hurrah of Drop City Most of the people residing in the collection of yurts tree houses flop houses and tents are a fairly reprehensible group of individuals who have a mild work allergy and are so lazy they're happy to live in a green and pleasant land surrounded by their own chickpea laden bowel eruptions People When you are content to camp in fields of your own shit it is probably time to have a little word with yourselves By stark contrast the second spinal cord propping up the book is one of ice and iron The residents of Boynton Alaska are survivalist self sufficient and living off the skinny of the land Alaska has very little fat Life is hard and if you can catch it then you can stew it eat it or wear it Those who choose to live along the 30 mile river are spikier than snow shoes and harder than a frozen sliver of moose jerky You know at some point the peace and love lives of the dippy hippies of Drop City are going to collide entwine enmesh and embed in the peace but a lot less love filled lives of the trappers hunters and self sufficient men on the 30 mile but it is just a matter of waiting and maybe tie dying a few t shirts until the story ponderously climaxes The two parallel tales finally collide where and when you might imagine and hippy v trapper hijinx ensue The hippies generally come out of it all looking half arsed self absorbed and clueless Kind of inexplicable kind of predictable but still kind of readable

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TC Boyle has proven himself to be a master storyteller who can do just about anything But even his most ardent admirers may be caught off guard by his ninth novel for Boyle has delivered something completely unexpected a serious and richly rewarding character study that is his most accomplished and deeply satisfying work to date It is 1970 and a down at the heels California commune has decided to relocate to the last frontier the unforgiving landscape of interior Alaska in the ultimate This book is a gas I thoroughly enjoyed it It is hilarious and a great adventure story which you wouldn't expect from a bunch of goofy hippies There are uite a number of books set around 1970 in counterculture milieus that give us the stories of radical political groups who live in suats in the cities and who are busy planning abductions or bomb attacks for the good of mankind Such as 'The good terrorist' by Doris Lessing or 'My Revolutions' by Hari Kunzu Fine books but not hilarious in the slightest 'Drop City' is a far cry from political activism and introduces us to this commune in sunny California where people are just lazing around smoking dope and listening to psychodelic music all day long Exactly like you would imagine the majority of the hippies in sunny communes in California were doing Norm the leader is the leader solely by virtue of the fact that he ownes the property and provides the cash to buy groceries He is a great talker and has no problems getting the girls although he doesn't believe in brushing his teeth or personal hygiene in general and his glasses are all taped up We get to know a wide variety of the people sharing this sunny communal life ranging from very sweet dopeheads bad hippie parents a bit of acid couldn't hurt the kid exploited girls doing all the cooking and offering their bodies in the name of sexual freedom to uite a few genuine assholes They all go on a great big adventure in a great big schoolbus to the far reaches of the USA It remains a really hilarious account to the end and surprisingly enough nothing really dramatically bad ever happens to them but perhaps other people wouldn't agree with me on that So if you are in the mood for reading a truly funny book read this book

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Drop CityExpression of going back to the land The novel opposes two groups of characters Sess Harder his wife Pamela and other young Alaskans who are already homesteading in the wilderness and the brothers and sisters of Drop City who despite their devotion to peace free love and the simple life find their commune riven by tensions As these two communities collide their alliances shift and unexpected friendships and dangerous enmities are born as everyone struggles with the bare essentials of li Full essay can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercomJust like anyone else who is a lover of great books I find myself sometimes with a desire to become a completist of certain authors; that is to have read every book that author has ever written This new series of essays chronicles that attemptSo first a confession that I still have a long way to go before becoming a completist of author TC Boyle; this is only the second novel of his I've read to tell you the truth the other one being The Road to Wellville possibly his most famous because of the 1994 movie version starring Anthony Hopkins Matthew Broderick Bridget Fonda John Cusack and Oh but what a novel Who knew that a contemporary author could paint such a vivid picture of events that happened nearly a century ago in this case the formation of the various health spas in the upper Midwest at the turn of the 20th century which for those who don't know were the groups who accidentally invented our modern breakfast cereals? In fact this is one of the things that Boyle is most known for as an author; for his meticulous and exacting research into whatever time period he is writing about and whatever crazy events were happening during that time period Now combine this with Boyle's ability to effortlessly jump between comedy and drama his masterful touch as a story plotter and a personal writing style that is both uniue and never manages to call attention to itself and you've got yourself one very admired and award winning novelist indeedAnd of the eleven novels that Boyle has now written arguably one of his best known ones is 2003's Drop City mostly because it's about the American hippie movement of the 1960s and '70s of which Boyle was a part of himself in his own youth having gotten his Bachelor's degree in 1968 for those who don't know And yes just like Wellville this novel also features a semi wacky concept to propel the story forward; in this case it's about a group of young people who start their own free love commune at the end of the '60s the aforementioned Drop City which gets its start in California after founding member Norm inherits a large chunk of land from a recently expired relative And yes just like Wellville Boyle uses this semi wacky concept for both humorous and dramatic purposes; to sometimes viciously make fun of how uneuipped most of these idealistic flower children are to actually live off the land while still legitimately admiring their desire to do such a thing and arguing why such a desire is ultimately a good thing that all of us should at least partly aspire toAnd of course this being Boyle the fun doesn't stop there; about halfway through the book in fact the residents of Drop City get tired of all the hassles of being in California the constant police harassment the endless hippie mooches and decide on a whim to move to Alaska instead where Norm has access to yet land owned by a relative a grizzled fur trapper uncle who has recently retired and moved to Seattle And thus does Boyle get the chance to expand the story even further by introducing the existing population of that small Alaskan town as characters themselves and by hopping back and forth between the two groups' storylines until the moment the hippies actually get to Alaska and the plots suddenly mergeIn fact