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Pdf Æ Fast Food Nation The Dark Side of the All American Meal ¼ Eric Schlosser Artful mix of first rate reportage wry wit and careful reasoningSchlosser's myth shattering survey stretches from California's subdivisions where the business was born to the industrial corridor along the New Jersey Turnpike where many fast food's flavo Oh America When will you wise up?In 1998 the seed of Fast Food Nation appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine Schlosser's expose has since been expanded to a book and then a movie and still international love affair with fast food continues The latest edition also contains an afterword addressing 'mad cow disease' or bovine spongiform encephalopathy In it Schlosser accomplishes the almost Herculean task of weaving together the birth of the fast food industry the growing connection with car and highway culture the growth of kid targeted marketing McDonalds and Disney were early leaders the developing connection between the industrialization of our food and family farmers particularly chicken potato and beef the anti union connection and the development of the engineered food product I liked it than I thought it would; expecting a didactic cardboard entree I was provided with a seven course mealHe shows true journalistic roots by beginning sections with a human interest angle from the beginning with Carl Karcher Carl's Jr and Richard McDonald to the potato kingpin JR Simplot to a Colorado rancher fighting to protect his ranch against enroaching suburbs to a union representative fighting for safer conditions in slaughterhouses If there was any weakness in the book it would be the challenge in bridging the stories from the individual to the larger philosophical and systemic issue I understand the human face helps a reader create meaning but for me it occasionally felt contrived particularly in the international settingsFor me there was an especially powerful moment of revelation when Schlosser points out the drawback of dealing with corporations not local ownersThe nation's meatpacking firms on the other hand have proven themselves to be far less committed to remaining in a particular community They have successfully pitted one economically depressed region against another using the threat of plant closures and the promise of future investment to obtain lucrative government subsidies No longer locally owned they feel no allegiance to any one place Doesn't that just about sums up the state of industry in the US? The only times a corporation can't cut and run is when it depends on a highly skilled workforce It's one reason the create jobs political platforms make me a little crazyI found myself wishing this was reuired reading It's not that I'm opposed to fast food; I'm opposed to a lack of informed choice Full disclosure should include understanding some important points from Fast Food Nation1 Flavor experts are utilized to create the optimal taste combination that hits our salty fat sweet spot Thus chicken pieces contain an average of 30 different ingredients of which salt has been added in at least three different steps and an artificial strawberry shake contains over 28 ingredients 2 the industry has been key in fighting against food regulation and testing even when known outbreaks of Ecoli in school lunches have killed children 3 the burger is sourced from cattle feedlots where 75% of the pre cooked meat contained microbes normally found in fecal material4 companies specifically target children so that they can manipulate their parents into taking them against parents' better judgement5 potatoes and chicken come from marginalized farmers who are basically one step up from indentured workers buying raw ingredients from the company and selling the 'grown' product back to them and insulating the company against risks such as weather crop failure or disease6 companies target teens and non English speakers as workers because they are less liable to demand 'rights' or 'living wages' and still the company gets a tax break for 'training' 7 absolutely positively there is no way to eat healthily at McDonald's with the exception of a side salad no dressing fruit and yogurt parfait 52 oz grilled premium chicken classic sandwich apple slices and egg whites You may be healthy in spite of the food but not because of the foodAgain not saying I condone the choice I have my once a year Shamrock shake and an intermittent fry craving proving just how great childhood marketing is and the lure of salty sweet carb goodness Less than 5 stars is because for me the journalistic style over reached especially on the section on the German McDonald's both in Eastern Germany and the one near Dachau as well as Gorbechev speaking at a Las Vegas convention of franchise owners But overall it was an excellent book entertaining and insightful Reading it gave voice to my intuitive feeling that there is something rotten in the system Cross posted at

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Fast Food Nation The Dark Side of the All American Meal Mobi Æ 399 pages Download Ä Eric schlosser Ú Fast food has hastened the malling of our landscape widened the chasm between rich and poor fueled an epidemic of obesity and propelled American cultural imperialism abr Rs are concocted Along the way he unearths a trove of fascinating unsettling truths from the unholy alliance between fast food and Hollywood to the seismic changes the industry has wrought in food production popular culture and even real estate back cove This I feel is now a classic book in the 'wrongs going on in the food making world' Although this is from 2001 I feel many of the revelations are still true unfortunately It is US centric yet at least some of the facts appear worldwide depending sometimes on the country But it did make me feel wary about eating fast food if I was traveling in USThis book of 3 years of research talks about the industry of fast food and its conseuences on people animals and nature There are notes and a bibliography at the end and two afterwords The city of Colorado Springs and some other places near it are the example centers for many stories withinThis is not a story merely of dangers within food and on treatment of animals but also on people suffering because of it Some of the people are given here as examples of this and one is left with great sadness after reading their fate I will now go on to list the chapters The book is divided in two first part talk mostly about the business and people behind the counter the second part focuses on food and global businessview spoiler 1 Beginnings history of many fast food companies including the influence of car culture and looks of each place 2 Getting to the kids Disney's involvement advertising the toys 3 The staff in US often teens part time unskilled low pay; causing dropping out of school sometimes; the stricts rules unpaid overworking lack of unions violence in the workplace 4 Being a franchisee incl history rules success not guaranteed conflicts with the franchiser Subway esp bad 5 Potatoes french fries how it is done how farmers suffer esp smaller where the good taste comes from 'natural flavor' not necessarily healthier than the beef tallow used before Here we find the often uoted ingredients list for stuff in strawberry milkshake long and hair rising 6 Cattle business here we find ranchers suffering just like the potato farmers above small plots merging into bigger ones Similar is also going on with poultry growers Some ranchers commit suicide like the example of Hank here 7 Meatpacking industry workers often illegal sometimes immigrants often illiterate and unaware of any rights; high turnover rate usual lasting time 3 months; creating poverty and crimedrug ridden areas around; the smell from feedlots the shit; history from urban to rural away from unions 8 Health risks of workers in said industry from 'knife cut scars' to 'DEATH'; the working conditions are dangerous especially because of the speed demanded; many accidents go unreported and injury reviews are often falsified; abusive supervisors especially for women who get verbalsexual abuse also from male workers; especially bad for sanitation crew who work with chroline mixed hot water poor visibility heath hit with water by other workers falling risks etc Later the author tells us that while the places he reported about were bad it was worse in Texas 9 Contaminated food you might refrain from eating when you read this chapter the ecoli salmonella listeria The meatpacking systems' lax food safety pratices does not help What bad can be introduced in the meat besides those mentioned many but especially SHIT Children being vulnerable also through school food which gets cheap meats Feedlot issues worn out dairy cattle all the shit around what they eat other animals incl cats and dogs The industry goes for denial inspection avoiding recall avoidinghiding The meat also can end up in the home freezers 10 Fast food globally rise of obesity less use of traditional food agricultural production imports advertisement for kids spying on protesters Global conuest especially post Cold War causing protests Epilogue 1 Different ways of raising beef; Conway's Red Top closed in 2012 and In N Out still going strong; what good influence can come from McDonald's power; what even the ordinary consumer can do Epilogue 2 added after first prints on Mad Cow from feeding other animals to cows same sort of feeding happens in other places poultry hogs pets zoo animals Reaction to the problem not addressed well at first This shows that contaminated food appears in other countries too; although US has avoided serious Mad Cow stuff who know what will happen? Also addresses reaction to the first prints of the book hide spoiler

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Fast Food Nation The Dark Side of the All American MealFast food has hastened the malling of our landscape widened the chasm between rich and poor fueled an epidemic of obesity and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad That's a lengthy list of charges but here Eric Schlosser makes them stick with an As God as my witness I shall never eat another hamburger as long as I shall live That's what I said after reading this book Then the phone rang It was my friend who wanted to go grab a uick bite at Wendy's I had a cheeseburger I never looked back babyIt's not that this book paints the fast food industry in a wicked horrible light It doesn't become a witch hunt this isn't Hey you know Elie Wiesel is right Nazi's are real sons of bitches which is what I expect most people think after reading Night I've never read it myself I just expect people think that after reading said book though to be honest most people probably think that already unless you're Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but it's not all puppys and flowers either Really it's rich old white men looking out for themselves and who else are they going to look out for?It's been a few years since I've read the book so I could be wrong about this but I'm going to say this book isn't even as harsh on the fast food industry as Supersize Me A film which I refuse to see because Duh Eat nothing but fast food for a month and you're going to get sick? Who was shocked by this movie? No but you don't get it it's how sick he was and how fast That's usually the opposing argument I get I still say Duh I'm going to make a movie where I shoot up heroin three times a day for a month or smoke seven packs of cigarettes a day for a month or hit myself in the head with a hammer five times a day for a month and see what happens I really want people to say Man I knew that hitting yourself in the head with a hammer was dangerous but who knew how dangerous it could be I mean he was brain damaged by the second day I'm never hitting myself in the head with a hammer again But I digress this isn't about film this is about booksIt's a pretty good book for the history lesson on how fast food got started and how the industry has done a good job screwing everyone from farmers to fat kids to illegal migrant workers to small business owners to who knows who else And just when you start to think Man screw fast food the author himself says he still eats fast food then you think I sure do like them McDonalds fries Then you hear about the newest Halo 3 tie in at Burger King where not only will your fries be wrapped in a Halo 3 themed package but your soda will come in a Halo 3 cup?? So what so what if the meat might be tainted with the fingers of an illegal or so what if the farmer who sold the slaughtered cow can barely aford new boots dammit I want it my way and I want it my way now Plus there is this one part of the book that talks about how some fast food companies will donate money to schools in exchange for advertising space or a spot in the cafeteria and let's be honest what would you rather have fat smart kids or fat dumb kids? Smart thin kids isn't an option this is public school we're talking about hereIt's a light romp through the dark underbelly of the fast food world It'll learn you but good and it certainly gave me pause right before I went out and got a #4 supersized with a Dr Pepper cause Dr Pepper rulz